The Top 3 Herbs for Eternal Youth*

Let’s face it – everybody (or almost everybody) wants to be forever young! We are all secretly looking for ways to slow down the effect of time in our bodies. The mass media is flooded with the next best cream, serum or treatment for mature skin. But here you can find more natural ways to improve your overall wellbeing.
I am going to share with you a simple ancient herbal recipe that will help you maintain your body’s physical health and its vitality for longer period of time. Instead of covering the skin with chemical substances, we will try to help the body release the toxins while conserving its youth for longer.
Here are the 3 magic herbs (I’m going to disappoint you – they are far from exotic):

1. St. John’s wort 

The healing properties of this plant are numerous.

St.John’s wort also known as Hypericum / Pixabay

The containing hypericin helps the nervous system to calm down preventing any forms of depression and anxiety. Regular consumption of St. John’s wort tea increases our overall health and emotional condition. It is also a great assistant for treating stomach ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, nausea, colic, all kinds of heart diseases, high blood pressure, flu and rhinitis.

People taking prescription medications should be cautious when drinking this tea on a regular basis, because the herb can strengthen/weaken some drugs. For example, it lowers the effect of contraceptive pills and amplifies antidepressants’ potency. People with low blood pressure should also be wary.

2. Chamomile

This commonly used herb is very precious for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression. It is beneficial for treating many gastroenterological disorders (you can see just like St. John’s wort that herbs that cure anxieties are also helpful for stomach issues. The reason is that the intestines are rich in nervous endings. You may have noticed that almost everyone under a lot of stress feels tension in the solar plexus area. Chronic nervousness usually leads to gastritis, ulcers, colitis etc). Chamomile tea has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties – drink this tea any time you have any cold/flu symptoms, viral infections, fever or respiratory problems.
Since Chamomile can cause blood thinning, it should be used with extra caution by pregnant women and people with asthma.

3. Immortelle/Everlasting (even the name of the plant suggests its properties)

This herb’s blossom is often used for treating all kinds of problems related to the liver, the gall and the excretory system.

Drink this tea if you have any inflammations of the bile duct, the kidneys or bladder; hepatitis type A; gallstones; edemas, rheumatism; neuralgias; low blood pressure even erectile dysfunction. As you can see, Immortelle is extremely beneficial for the overall detoxification of the body (helping the liver and the kidneys do their job more easily).

The Magical Mixture

anti-aging herbs

Make your own anti-aging tea. / Pixabay

Now, after revealing the (not so) secret ingredients of the “tea for eternal youth”, it is time to prepare the beverage itself. It is very simple – just mix 100 g (6-7 tbsp) of each herb. Take 1 tbsp of the mixture and make an infusion with 1/2 l (4 cups) pure hot water. Let the infusion sit for about 20 min and strain. Drink half of the tea after dinner. In the morning slightly heat and drink the other half after breakfast. You can sweeten the tea with some raw honey, but remember that the temperature of the liquid should not be more than 37◦ C (98◦ F)!
Taken regularly, this herbal infusion will speed up the metabolism and will help the blood, skin and the gastrointestinal tract cleanse more effortlessly.

* Probably the most marketing title I have ever thought of so far. 😀

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