The Arthritis and Rheumatism Diet Plan (Part 2)

We continue with our arthritis and rheumatism diet plan.

Here is Part 1, if you missed it ==> The Arthritis and Rheumatism Diet Plan (Part 1)

Learn what else you can add in your diet plan to alleviate the symptoms and fight inflammation!

4. Gelatin

High quality gelatin is an excellent addition to every joint strengthening diet plan. The secret is the contents of this natural food additive. Gelatin is the exact same substance that makes up our joint tissue – the cushion between the bones, so to speak. In time, and with an unhealthy diet, our cartilage connective tissue starts to deplete and the results are rather painful – decreased joint mobility, stiffness, and inflammation. That is why including this substance in our diet is key to maintaining our flexibility and joint health. Add bone broth and homemade Jell-O with high quality gelatin to start  building your connective tissue!

5. Fight arthritis and rheumatism with Omega-3 fatty acids

Consuming Omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for the whole body and for everyone, but it is especially valuable for people with inflammatory arthritis and rheumatism.

arthritis and rheumatism

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We have been taught that fats are not very healthy and should be avoided for optimum health and weight. But not all types of fat are made equal. There are the unhealthy ones (so called trans fats) found in junk food, fried food, and highly processed products. The trans fats do not nourish our organism effectively, and rob it from essential nutrients and promote obesity and diabetes. On the other hand, we have the extremely beneficial unprocessed fats found in veggies, nuts, and seafood. These oils and butters are packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that improve our brain functions, boost the metabolism, build our immune system, promote a healthy weight loss, and of course – fight inflammation. So, if you are suffering from any inflammatory disease, make sure you add plenty of cold pressed oils (extra virgin olive oil, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, etc.), cod liver oil, coconut and cocoa butter, roasted fish and seafood, etc.

6. Water

I know it sounds trait, but a large portion of our bodies is consisted of water, and it is logical that we need lots of this liquid to sustain our health and wellbeing. But how does water relate to healing arthritis? It is simple – aqua helps our bodies nourish the tissues (especially the connective tissue in the joints) and flush out toxins from our system. The thing is that our joints are supplied with less blood and it is very easy for toxins and bacteria to get stuck in these areas. As we start to flush out these malevolent agents and organic waste, our mobility is naturally improved. And this is not just a theory! Many people, who have started regular detox procedures with water and vegetable juices, see significant alleviation of their arthritic pain and discomfort. You can find more information of these detox rituals in my book Complete Body Cleansing.

arthritis and rheumatism

Unfortunately, most of us are chronically dehydrated and drinking more water seems difficult. But there is a very easy solution – my favorite one is the gradual incremental consumption of healthy liquids. Simply start with one additional glass of water per day and slowly increase the amount in even intervals of time. And if drinking plain water is too hard for you, there are countless other options like lemon water, cucumber infused water, herbal tea and tea blends, juicy fruits (melons, watermelons, cucumber, peaches, etc.). And once you start on this path, it will get easier and easier to maintain this new habit – your body will naturally start craving more aqua and you won’t need to push yourself to forcefully drink it!

7. More fiber

Every healthy diet should include lots of fiber-rich and wholegrain foods. Intaking enough water soluble and insoluble fiber is crucial for maintaining our bodies (and minds) in top shape. Although our digestive tract does not break down most of this substance, its consumption is a must. It balances the blood sugar and cholesterol levels, fights constipation and obesity, and counteracts inflammation. According to the Osteoarthritis Initiative and the Framingham Offspring Osteoarthritis, the high fiber diet decreases the risk of developing arthritis by 61% and helps people alleviate the painful symptoms. The high percentage clearly shows that diet does matter, even in severe health cases like rheumatoid arthritis.

So, make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggie (as recommended in the second point), switch from white flour to wholegrain substitutes (brown rice, buckwheat, rye, etc.), add lots of legumes, flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, psyllium husk, etc.

8. Guava leaf extract

Guava is a tropical fruit known for its sour and sweet taste. But the biggest surprise came from its leaves. Extracts made from this tasty fruit’s leaves were proven to have numerous health benefits – from healing diarrhea, and preventing from diabetes, obesity, cholera, and even cancer.

arthritis and rheumatism

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What this diet supplement also has to offer is its acute anti-inflammatory properties. It can help people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism heal the inflammation, sooth the pain, and improve their joint mobility.

The plant can be applied both internally and topically. If you decide to use the guava leaf extract orally, follow the guidelines from your doctor and the instructions of the particular product.

Topically, guava leaves are very easy to apply for soothing the arthritic pain. Simply take a few clean guava leaves and mince them finely in a kitchen chopper or a robot. Cover the affected areas with the paste and bind it with a piece of cloth. Repeat daily until you feel the improvement.

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arthritis and rheumatism

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