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Healthy Caffeine-free Diet Frappe (recipe)

Healthy Caffeine-free Diet Frappe (recipe)   It’s summer here in the sunny Balkans and the temperatures are rising quickly and mercilessly! Yeah, it would be very nice if we could just get the whole season off and spend it on the beach with a nice cocktail and lots and lots of melons! But here we Read more about Healthy Caffeine-free Diet Frappe (recipe)[…]

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The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Eat?

The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Eat? This week we continue our mission to find out what a healthy ADHD diet plan should look like. In the previous article, we have explained what to avoid, and today we will focus on the positive effects of food! And we start our journey with the absolute must for Read more about The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Eat?[…]

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The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Avoid?

The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Avoid? We are living in a time full of technology and innovations. And it seems that our attention span has significantly decreased while the information overload (and stress) skyrockets! As a consequence, new physical and mental conditions start to emerge – like the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the Attention Read more about The ADHD Diet Plan. What To Avoid?[…]

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Natural Sunburn Treatment

Ah, summer is almost here and I cannot wait to hit the road to the beach and relax with a smoothie and a good book in my hands! But as we know proper preparation for the sunbathing season is a must to preserve our healthy skin and young appearance! (You can check out two of my favorite Read more about Natural Sunburn Treatment[…]

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Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a serious problem- not just for our appearance, but for our health as well! Certainly, there are loads of anti-hair loss products on the market. But most of them are either ineffective or packed with artificial toxic ingredients that only make things worse! So, here is my suggestion for a natural organic Read more about Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss[…]