Bee Pollen – One Natural Supplement to Rule Them All

Super foods are so popular right now! The market is flooded with exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables, powders, and so on that can give us precious substances for better health. And I am glad! I am happy more and more people open up themselves to the world of the healthy and natural lifestyle! Apart from the fact that these beneficial supplements can be a bit pricey, they can be even unavailable for certain areas. Is there one simple diet addition that can make a big difference? Yes, there is! And it is ridiculously easy, fast, and not at all expensive. I love combos!
I present to you…. (drum roll)… The Mighty Bee Pollen! Ta daaa!

Bee Pollen – the absolute all-in-one natural

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When I started researching Apitherapy (healing with bee products), I was so amazed by the benefits of bee pollen. They were so many, my head started to spin! 😀 If I have to add one supplement to my diet, it will be this one! Of course, varied diet is indispensable, but if you want to give yourself a boost, I believe bee pollen is certainly an easy way to go. It has almost everything – carbohydrates, wide variety of vitamins, minerals, natural hormones, enzymes, and… Surprise! Surprise! … Proteins! Who would have thought flower genitals were so nutritious! LOL
And this is not all! Bee pollen has been recognized for its anabolic effect (growth of body mass). What do you think is the amount of proteins in it? It’s 40% – 22 different easy digestible amino acids. Mind-blown! I wonder how many fitness addicts know this… And to all women reading this, don’t worry, you won’t become bulky! 😉
Having trouble with digestion! Worry not! As I already mentioned, bee pollen has plenty of enzymes (amylase and catalase), so your intestines will be extremely happy with this diet supplement! Or maybe you suffer from intestinal dysbiosis (excessive pathogenic bowel bacteria)? Again, this precious bee product comes to the rescue!  It has a natural antibiotic that attacks the harmful microorganisms and helps the beneficial ones to thrive.
Bee pollen is also rich in lecithin, which speeds the metabolism, especially for burning fat. You can also find large quantities of Selenium. This microelement is so important, but most people have chronic deficiency. Its benefits are broad and range from strengthening the immune system to dexofying the body from heavy metals (such as Plumbum and Vanadium). It also supports the cardiovascular system and the thyroid. Another very significant compound in bee pollen is Rutin – it strengthens the small blood vessels protecting all highly vascularized tissues (like the retina).
Is there any part of our bodies bee pollen cannot help?

Intake and dosage
If we want to make the best out of bee pollen, we need to be consistent. For full benefit, it should be taken for a period of 2-3 months daily. This can be done twice a year during spring and autumn – when our immune system is most busy actively fighting against viruses.
For small children (3-5 years old) the dosage is 5-10 grams bee pollen daily;
For children aged from 6-12 years old the recommended amount is 10-15 grams;
For adults – 15-20 grams daily intake;
For people currently suffering from health issues the dosage can be even higher – 30-40 grams.

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