The Bulgarian Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt is probably the most popular and most beneficial dairy product known to man. But today I want to present to you one ancient variety of this creamy goodness that will not only enchant you with its taste, but also astound you with its numerous health benefits – Bulgarian yogurt. And I am saying this not because I am Bulgarian, but because it is proven that this type of yogurt supersedes all the others by many criteria! Let’s find out why including Bulgarian yogurt in your diet can be the single decision that could radically improve your health and wellbeing!

Bulgarian yogurt benefits

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The most prominent Bulgarian yogurt benefits include:

  1. Boosts the immunity

Bulgarian yogurt benefitsOne of the most prominent yogurt benefits is its ability to supply the colon with beneficial bacteria which are known to boost the immunity and heal the gut. But Bulgarian yogurt is special – it contains a specific type of bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. It is one of the very few beneficial microorganisms that have only positive effects on our colon microflora. And the healthy balance between the good and bad gut bacteria is the key to maintaining a strong immunity!

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  1. Lactose-intolerant friendly

Bulgarian yogurt is very low on lactose – because of the transformation that the above mentioned bacteria cause. If the yogurt is produced with organic pure goat milk, the amount of lactose is even lower. This makes it a perfect healthy meal for people with lactose intolerance and respiratory issues. You can read more about the wonderful benefits of goat milk in the following article:

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  1. Heals many gastrointestinal issues, including severe diarrhea.

Legend has it that the French king Francis I of France was suffering from a serious case of fatal diarrhea – leading to extreme dehydration. Thankfully, he was advised to start a special diet consisting of regular consumption of traditional Bulgarian yogurt. And lo and behold – not long after that – the illness was cured. Since then, Bulgarian yogurt gained a lot of popularity throughout Europe. Now it has its loyal fans all the way to Japan!

  1. Excellent for weight loss

Bulgarian yogurt contains lots of easily digestible proteins and low amounts of carbohydrates. This makes it excellent for achieving a healthy and slender body! It is also suitable for diabetics and people with high cholesterol levels.

  1. Promotes anti-aging and longevity

The Bulgarian yogurt benefits do not end here! The famous Russian scientist and founder of the modern immunology, Ilya Metchnikoff, found one of the main reasons people develop illnesses and age faster – intestinal auto-intoxication. On the other hand, he found that the probiotics in the Bulgarian yogurt tend to inhibit the growth of the colon bacteria that stimulate this auto-intoxication. As a result, Bulgarians and the people from the Russian Steppes, consuming large amounts of traditional yogurt and kefir, have longer and healthier lives.

  1. It is a perfect prevention tool for osteoporosis

Bulgarian yogurt supplies us with a plethora of nutrients – Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, F), and minerals (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Cobalt, Zinc, Nickel, etc.). These essential compounds make this dairy product excellent for nourishing the body, building its immunity, and preventing from various diseases like osteoporosis and even cancer!

Bulgarian yogurt has only one downside, so to speak. It is made from a rare type of probiotic that cannot be found anywhere else except Bulgarian air. So, you have to make it on your own, or import it directly from our country. I prefer the first option, because you have full control over the ingredients and you know exactly what you eat! To achieve this, you only need to acquire the bacteria and you are good to go!

And do not worry, there are special starter packs with Lactobacillus bulgaricus that will help you prepare this priceless yogurt very easily in the comfort of your own home! Check them out HERE!

Stay tuned, because next I will share with you how to actually make your own Bulgarian yogurt!

‘Till next time!
Stay healthy!

Bulgarian yogurt benefits

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