How to Deal with Herniated Disk (Part 3)

In previous articles I shared some tips about nutrition and exercising, now it’s time for medicating. 🙂

  1. Pain control – having a slipped disk means dealing with very strong pain. When the disk itself is protruded, the jelly-like content leaks and starts to press the nerves coming out of the spine. This is a very delicate situation where the nerve can be damaged by the disk and it can lead to numbness.

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    So, to prevent this from happening, the nerve sends a strong signal to the brain that something is going on down there, and the brain interprets the signal as almost intolerable pain. Usually the
    pain also signifies that nerve is inflamed. This is why the doctors prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to soothe the pain. As I already said in the previous article, these meds are very strong. Sometimes the pain does not go away for days, and you are not even able to move your body. (The muscles around the problem area are blocked to prevent from further nerve damage.) That is why pain and inflammation control is very important. You can stick to your prescription, of course. But I decided to look for different option since the pills were harming my stomach. Here are my suggestions:
    – Homeopathy – the one homeopathic remedy that I use to relieve the inflammation is Hypericum perforatum It is extracted from the well-known herb St. John’s wort. Whenever you feel that your nerve is agitated take 5 granules. These substances are extremely diluted and work very gentle on our bodies. So, it is most likely that you will need to take the Hypericum many times a day. Try to leave at least 30 min intervals between each dose. It is almost impossible to overdose with homeopathic medications. Plus you get a bonus – this remedy when taken regularly boosts our mood and helps with mild cases of depression.You may also go to a homeopathic specialist that can make a special program according to your needs.
    – Turmeric – as you may recall, this spice is very good at soothing all kinds of inflammations. Damaged nerves from a herniated disk do not make an exception. You can take the Golden milk daily or just include 2 tsp a day of the turmeric paste in your diet (the recipes are here).

  2. Massages – healing substances can be absorbed not only through ingestion, but also through the skin. We can help our inflamed nerves by applying salves or medical crèmes. There is an abundance of brands on the market. Here I will mention a couple of homemade ideas:

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    – Clove oil – mix a few drops with 20 ml carrier oil and massage the problem area.
    – Comfrey, honey & Vaseline – grind some Comfrey roots. Then mix the powder with equal parts honey and Vaseline. Apply before going to bed on clear skin and cover with woolen cloth. Let it sit overnight. Be careful with Comfrey – it should not be used for long periods of time!
    – Magnesium oil – Magnesium is a very important mineral for us and especially for our nervous system. Unfortunately, these days most people have Magnesium deficiency. Fortunately, we can  supply it through the skin (it absorbs better than ingesting it). Apply daily – you can freely cover larger areas with this oil. It also helps with cramps, exhaustion, muscle strain, different skin issues, diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations and many more!

  3. Contrasting showers
    One of our main goals when dealing with herniated disks is to improve the blood flow to the problem area. The exercises for the back are one way to achieve this. Another option is through contrasting showers. The procedure is not very pleasant but definitely has its benefits. Start slowly – for just a couple of minutes a day during shower. Slowly adjust the temperature of the water so the body won’t be shocked too much.  And one more thing – this applies also to exercising – Do not do this procedure if the nerves are inflamed! The low temperature will agitate them even further.
    Should you have any doubts or resistance towards contrasting showers, just skip them.

This is it for now. I hope the information above will be useful to you. I wish to all that suffer from this, a quick and painless recovery!

If I find out any other tricks or tips on the subject, I will share them with you ASAP.

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