Low Carb Sesame Tahini Bread


Today’s Low Carb Sesame Tahini Bread recipe is for anyone who follows the gluten-free or the Keto diet for one reason or another!

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Here’s how to prepare your own healthy diet bread!

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Low Carb Sesame Tahini Bread
tahini bread
Course Bread
Course Bread
tahini bread
  1. Start heating the oven to 180° C/ 356° F.
  2. Next, mix the baking soda with the lemon juice, and wait for the chemical reaction to subside.
  3. In the meantime, beat the eggs and mix them with the tahini.
  4. Next, add the lemon juice with the baking soda and start blending the mixture with a hand mixer or a blender.
  5. Start slowly adding the water as you continue to blend the dough.
  6. Add more water, if needed to reach the consistency of a typical cake batter – not too thick, not too runny.
  7. Add the spices and stir again.
  8. Pour the mixture in a baking mold (about 7” x 4”) and cook until fully baked (about 35 minutes).
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tahini bread

Stay tuned for more healthy gluten-free and low carb recipes!

Until next time!
Stay healthy!

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4 thoughts on “Low Carb Sesame Tahini Bread

  • Just tried baking your tahini bread and it is delicious – for the first time everyone wanted to eat their crusts, lol! Curious as to what might be the optimum time to use it? Thanks for a great recipe which we will be making again and experimenting with adding some spices to it too! 🙂

    • Hey, Dianne! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂
      The bread should be good for a few days but it depends on how it is stored.
      I put it in the fridge (not in a plastic bag) but it usually does not last long – I mean we eat it pretty quickly! 😀

      • Hi Milica, We baked it again and this time we lined the dish with baking paper and the bread was more moist than the first time. I took some to the local crop swap and everyone loved it. We have been eating it by itsels, or topped with a scraping of pesto, natural yoghurt and even some native finger lime vesicles. One of the local chefs said I should be very proud of it – I told her about your website and said I only found your recipe. Thank you so much for giving me a dairy/wheat/gluten free alternative that everyone loves! 🙂

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