Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 1)

I am not going to lie – I like the idea of eternal youth and beauty. But when most of us reach (or are close to reaching) their thirties, we tend to look at our bodies for signs of age more often. And, sure enough, we find them. Maybe it’s the tiny wrinkles on the side of the eyes, or more commonly – A GREY HAIR! And now, we cannot look at the mirror without focusing on that little bugger. And you hear a quiet but terrifying voice: “Brace yourself! You are getting old!” We start making assessments about what we have managed to achieve so far. Or our mother’s constant inquiries: “When are you planning to get married?” or “Where are my grandchildren?”

Ugh, it’s the grey hair’s fault! If it wasn’t for it, I would be happily enjoying my life without the need to think about the responsibilities of life! I’m kidding; I am just too vain and want to look good!
The thing that bugged me out throughout these years was the fact that my grandmother’s sister’s hair never turned grey!

I thought that was impossible! How come I am still twenty-something and my mane has already started fading? So, I have been researching the topic of reversing grey hair or at least keeping its natural color for as long as you can. Is it achievable? And if so, how to do it? Turned out there are ways to accomplish this impossible-at-first-sight idea. And there are people actually succeeding in this!

Grab your Reverse Gray Hair Meditation!
Here are the pointes I have found for returning hair’s natural color and vibrancy:

Proteins for reversing gray hair


Seafood contains lots of proteins and microelements essential for our hair.

The word itself in Greek means “of great importance” and this applies especially to hair. The main reason why hair (and nails) becomes brittle is the lack of proteins in one’s diet. It is logical since hair is mainly made if proteins such as keratin. This is why if we have some sort of problems with our “fur”, the first thing we need to look at is our food intake. Well-known protein sources are lean meat and egg whites. But there are many good underrated sources of plants and bees. Here are some suggestions – legumes, quinoa, sprouts, hemp seed, nuts, algae such as spirulina, and the indispensable bee pollen. Bee pollen is so beneficial for humans that it deserves a whole article, but I will save this for later.

Minerals for reversing gray hair

The important minerals for the hair and nails are silicon, sulfur, copper, and zinc. We need to make sure we absorb them with the food intake (I am not a big fan of supplements, but sometimes it is a good way to provide nutritious compounds). You can find sulfur in Brussels sprouts, beans, eggs, cabbage, fish, garlic, turnip, and wheat germ; other foods that contain these minerals are oysters, potatoes, cereals, legumes, lean meat, mushrooms, sesame and pumpkin seeds, beef liver, shrimps, mustard etc. Pay extra attention to green vegetables. Also don’t forget the silicon-containing plants – apples, brown rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, grapes, flax seed, and peppers and so on. Do you feel overwhelmed already? Wait, there is more!

Fighting inflammation for reversing gray hair

Inflammation in the body (especially in the hair follicles) can cause a lot of problems like dandruff, hair loss, premature graying and so on. So, it would be extremely beneficial for the whole body to include anti-inflammatory substances in our diet. Here are some good suggestions – turmeric (of course), cod liver oil (or fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel), colostrum, beetroot, green vegetables (again!), ginger, cold pressed olive oil, whole grains, and nuts.

Body detox for reversing gray hair

Accumulation of toxins in the body is one of the main causes of many diseases and discomforts. Regular detox has many benefits – weight loss, clean skin, better complexion, more energy, stronger immune system, improved mood and more. complete body cleansing
So, by eliminating as many toxins as we can, we help the body make stronger, more vibrant and naturally colored hair. There are a lot of detox methods available and you just have to pick the one that is most suitable for you. You can make a three-day a month fruit juice cleanse; one day a week raw fruit-and-veggie day or detox teas day etc. If your lifestyle does not allow regular detoxification, try at least to have an early dinner (not later than 18 o’clock) and drink water and tea for the rest of the evening. Or vice versa – use the first hours of the day when the body naturally cleans itself and drink fresh fruit/vegetable juices or detox tea. Also, I would recommend drinking as pure water as possible – filtered, reverse osmosis, distilled or pure spring water. Don’t forget about the toxins that we absorb through the skin by applying crèmes, lotions, gels, and so on. Use bio cosmetics or make them yourself to be sure what exactly you put on your skin.

Another helpful thing to help the mane repair is placing a water filter in the shower for chlorine and other toxic substances in tap water tend to damage the hair.
Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will explore more ways to return hair’s natural color, strength, and shininess.

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