Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we explored the nutrients needed for our body to return hair’s natural color and texture. But these days are extremely stressful for us and as we know too much stress affects negatively our whole wellbeing. Hair does not make an exception. So, in Part 2 I will share some ideas how to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Here they are:


Meditation and relaxation are a big part of the process.

Dealing with emotions – when it comes to emotions it is always Catch 22 – first, you need to soothe the negative emotion around getting old in order to return your natural hair color. I know it sounds ridiculous – the very reason I want to reverse the grey hair is the negative emotion I get when I look at it! But unfortunately it’s true – releasing emotional attachments to our desires is often the most important key to actually achieving them. So, what can we do? Just relax and accept the situation as it is and more importantly – accept your body exactly the way it is. EFT or meditation can be of great use at this point. Don’t underestimate them!

Grab your Reverse Gray Hair Meditation!

Releasing stress – this point is tightly related to the previous one, but it goes even further. Regular exposure to stress is known to affect our bodies on many levels. One of them is the constant muscle tension that reduces the blood flow to the tissues (and hair follicles). This way the hair cannot receive its precious nutrients and starts to fade more quickly. We all know that when we experience a shock or get frightened, it often results in more white hairs on our heads. In other words, finding and applying different stress relieving methods is important not only for the mane but also for our overall wellbeing. Deep diaphragm breathing, taking a bath, walks in nature, dancing, listening to relaxing music or playing games are just some of the countless possibilities to soothe the pressure.

Massage – my absolute favorite recommendation! As I mentioned, releasing the tension of the body is crucial for bringing back natural hair color and making it more vital and healthy. That is why using scalp massage we can help the follicles be more nourished with the increased blood flow. We can include only a couple of minutes of this procedure daily to reach the desired effect. It is best to do it before sleep in order to release the stress that had accumulated during the day. But, any time is better than none. There are also different massaging tools that can help us in this task. You can even make your own custom massage creams with enchanting essential oils and natural oils.
Exercise – another way to increase the blood flow to the scalp is exercising. Not just every type of movement, but mostly neck, shoulders and spine stretching. Stiffness in this area becomes more and more common phenomenon causing pain, spurs even vision deterioration. This is why regular exercises for the muscles of the neck and shoulders are an absolute must for our modern age. Yoga is a perfect tool for achieving spine and joint flexibility and increased blood flow and thus tissue nourishment.

Did you get overwhelmed just by reading? I know it is too much info, but most of these points are extremely helpful for the whole body and overall wellbeing. I think they don’t need to be included all at once. We could start slowly adding healthy habits into our lifestyle and watch the gradual progress. There is also a chance that our bodies need just a couple of changes for it to regain its natural state. And as soon as you know it, your skin will be smoother and brighter, your nails will be stronger, and your hair will be more vibrant, shiny and… naturally colored.

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