Sugar-free Raspberry Winter Jam Recipe

Sugar-free Raspberry Winter Jam Recipe

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In the previous article, I have mentioned homemade sugar-free raspberry jam (or a jelly) to use in the yogurt dessert recipes.

If you are wondering how to prepare this healthy deliciousness, this article is for you!

I will share with you how I make my winter jam without white sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. And in this case, I will be using raspberries, because they are currently in season. So, you can start preparing for winter right away!

Here is what you need for my raspberry winter jam (or jelly):


Sugar-free Raspberry Winter Jam


2 cups Raspberries
Some Pure water
1 1/2 Tbsp. Gelatin
Some Maple syrup – to taste (optional)
Glass jars with screw lid


Wash the raspberries and strain them from any excess water.
Place them in a metal pot along with some water. The liquid can be less or about half of the raspberries.
Heat the fruit mixture and stir well to blend it nicely.
When it starts to boil, take it off the heat to cool down a bit.
Now cover the gelatin with some water and wait for it to bulge up.
Next, heat it in a double boiler while stirring until it becomes transparent.
Consecutively, you can add the maple syrup to the raspberries, if you desire. If you skip the sweetener, the winter jam will become nicely sour. I personally like this taste, so I do not add any maple syrup.
Next, add the melted gelatin and stir well for a bit to blend all the ingredients.
While the mixture is still hot, pour it in the sterilized glass jars and tighten their lids.
Finally, turn the containers upside down to create vacuum.
When the jam is cooled down completely, flip the jars on their bottoms and place them in the fridge.
In several hours the liquid will stiffen and gelatinize.
If you wish to liquefy it – simply warm it to room temperature.

Happy canning!

Stay tuned for more delicious healthy recipes!

‘Till next time!

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