diaphragmatic breathing

The Amazing Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Today I decided to share with you the wonders of a really simple daily technique – diaphragmatic breathing – how to do it and how to reap all of its amazing benefits. Let’s begin! What is a Diaphragmatic Breathing and how to execute it? This breathing technique is part of the yoga breathing complex (Pranayama) Read more about The Amazing Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing[…]

essential oil

Easy Aura Cleansing

I have already mentioned the importance of taking care of our auras as much as we do with our personal hygiene. I will try to point out a couple of easy ways to include aura cleansing into your lives. If you don’t want to attract negative or low frequency energies, you can try some or Read more about Easy Aura Cleansing[…]