Build Your Immune System Fast

Build Your Immune System Fast: Proven Immune Boosters Having low energy? Getting sick often? Gaining weight easily? All these alarming symptoms can mean one thing – poor immune system. A weak defense system opens the gate for viruses, bacteria, infections, allergies… If not treated on time, this leads to even more serious ailments, such as Read more about Build Your Immune System Fast[…]

Echinacea Angustifolia

I Took Antibiotics! Now what?

In the previous article, we explored the dangers of taking antibiotics uncontrollably. But what happens when we have taken the medications? Remember that sometimes these pills are necessary for our recovery and they can even save our lives in dangerous bacterial infections. We just have to keep in mind that antibiotics kill the beneficial colon Read more about I Took Antibiotics! Now what?[…]

How to Deal with Herniated Disk (Part 3)

In previous articles I shared some tips about nutrition and exercising, now it’s time for medicating. πŸ™‚ Pain control – having a slipped disk means dealing with very strong pain. When the disk itself is protruded, the jelly-like content leaks and starts to press the nerves coming out of the spine. This is a very Read more about How to Deal with Herniated Disk (Part 3)[…]

homeopathy PMS

PMS Cured for Good (part 2)

In part 1, we discovered the main causes for PMS and some natural tools to get rid of its unpleasant symptoms and to restore perfect hormonal balance. Here we continue to explore other helpful ways to heal Premenstrual Syndrome: – PMS cured with Homeopathy: 1. Folliculinum – take 10 granules of Folliculinum 9 CH on Read more about PMS Cured for Good (part 2)[…]

dandelion tone the liver

Simple Ways to Tone the Liver

How to tone the liver naturally? Ah, the liver – the workaholic of the body! The liver is the largest internal organ in our bodies and its condition is responsible for our overall health, vitality and energy. It has about 500 functions – from processing 90% of the nutrients, transforming food into energy and storing Read more about Simple Ways to Tone the Liver[…]