vegan diet benefits

What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?

What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits? If you find the traditional diet plans (which include lots of animal products) too heavy for you, or you have a specific health issue, the vegan diet offers lots of advantages. One does not necessarily need to be a full-time vegan to reap those benefits! Let’s think about how Read more about What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?[…]

Bulgarian yogurt

Make Your Own Bulgarian Yogurt

As we have discussed in the previous article, Bulgarian yogurt is made from special bacteria that cannot be found outside Bulgarian air. But that does not mean you cannot make this delicious dairy product on your own at home! Thankfully, with the development of modern transportation and the progress in science, these special bacteria can Read more about Make Your Own Bulgarian Yogurt[…]

Bulgarian yogurt benefits

The Bulgarian Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt is probably the most popular and most beneficial dairy product known to man. But today I want to present to you one ancient variety of this creamy goodness that will not only enchant you with its taste, but also astound you with its numerous health benefits – Bulgarian yogurt. And I am saying this Read more about The Bulgarian Yogurt Benefits[…]

goat milk

Lactose Intolerant? Try Goat Milk!

Maybe you’ve heard that milk products can be bad for us. There are so many people struggling with lactose intolerance, bloating, acne and other unwanted side effects from consuming milk products. Well, maybe we can make at least one exception to the rule and this is goat milk. Goat milk is very different from cow Read more about Lactose Intolerant? Try Goat Milk![…]