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How to Make Your Own Organic Flower Water

  How to Make Your Own Organic Flower Water   As you may have probably noticed, I am a huge fan of natural living, clean eating, and all kinds of eco-friendly stuff. I have been avoiding using harsh cosmetics for quite some time and I am always on the lookout for any toxin-free brands or Read more about How to Make Your Own Organic Flower Water[…]

sunburn treatment

Natural Sunburn Treatment

Ah, summer is almost here and I cannot wait to hit the road to the beach and relax with a smoothie and a good book in my hands! But as we know proper preparation for the sunbathing season is a must to preserve our healthy skin and young appearance! (You can check out two of my favorite Read more about Natural Sunburn Treatment[…]

homemade hair treatment hair loss

Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a serious problem- not just for our appearance, but for our health as well! Certainly, there are loads of anti-hair loss products on the market. But most of them are either ineffective or packed with artificial toxic ingredients that only make things worse! So, here is my suggestion for a natural organic Read more about Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss[…]

pimple home remedy

DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy

Looking for a non-toxic natural acne remedy? Fear not! With the help of essential and carrier oils, we can significantly improve our skin condition! And remember – by using natural skin and hair care, we help decrease the toxic imprint on our precious beautiful planet! DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy Ingredients: 1 1/2 Tbsp. Peach Read more about DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy[…]