teach kids to meditate

Why I Am Going To Teach My Kids to Meditate

Have you thought about teaching your kids to meditate? We all know what great power this spiritual tool holds for us. But for now we are still mainly considering it as an enlightening and stress relieving tool for adults. Why can’t we include this sacred practice in our kids’ daily fun routines? Having a child Read more about Why I Am Going To Teach My Kids to Meditate[…]

diaphragmatic breathing

The Amazing Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Today I decided to share with you the wonders of a really simple daily technique – diaphragmatic breathing – how to do it and how to reap all of its amazing benefits. Let’s begin! What is a Diaphragmatic Breathing and how to execute it? This breathing technique is part of the yoga breathing complex (Pranayama) Read more about The Amazing Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing[…]


Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we explored the nutrients needed for our body to return hair’s natural color and texture. But these days are extremely stressful for us and as we know too much stress affects negatively our whole wellbeing. Hair does not make an exception. So, in Part 2 I will share some ideas how to Read more about Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 2)[…]

homeopathy PMS

PMS Cured for Good (part 2)

In part 1, we discovered the main causes for PMS and some natural tools to get rid of its unpleasant symptoms and to restore perfect hormonal balance. Here we continue to explore other helpful ways to heal Premenstrual Syndrome: – PMS cured with Homeopathy: 1. Folliculinum – take 10 granules of Folliculinum 9 CH on Read more about PMS Cured for Good (part 2)[…]