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Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies (Vegan)

  Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies (Vegan)   You know I am a big fan of the gluten-free lifestyle! This diet plan helped me so much when dealing with my long-term battle with gut inflammation, flatulence, and IBS. To be completely honest, at first I thought the gluten-free trend was just a hype to get people Read more about Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies (Vegan)[…]

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Homemade Vegan Mint Ice Cream

  Homemade Vegan Mint Ice Cream What is summer without ice-cream? And what about vegan ice-cream? If you are suspicious of the most vegan ice-cream products on the market, there is always the option of making your own tasty summer desserts using trusted ingredients! And previously, in this hot season vegan recipe blog series, I Read more about Homemade Vegan Mint Ice Cream[…]

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Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe

Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe   Although we are half-way through summer, I know some people are still working hard on their bodies trying to look their best at the beach. And there is nothing wrong with that – there is no right or wrong time to start taking care of your physique and well-being! The Read more about Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe[…]

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What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?

What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits? If you find the traditional diet plans (which include lots of animal products) too heavy for you, or you have a specific health issue, the vegan diet offers lots of advantages. One does not necessarily need to be a full-time vegan to reap those benefits! Let’s think about how Read more about What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?[…]