gluten free diet benefits

The Gluten Free Diet Benefits

The Gluten Free Diet Benefits The gluten free diet benefits can be numerous. Logically, when we exclude this allergy-causing protein from our meals, we can expect to see huge improvements in our health and wellness. See how gluten can become a major problem in the previous article. What can we expect from eliminating gluten? I Read more about The Gluten Free Diet Benefits[…]

complete body cleansing

Complete Body Detoxification

In book 1 (Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally) of the Detoxification Series, we talked about the basics of a natural and gentle detoxification; how the process works; what the most common modern toxins are and how to decrease our exposure to them. In the Complete Body Detoxification book, as a Read more about Complete Body Detoxification[…]

gentle sugar detox tricks

Gentle Sugar Detox – 5 Tricks to Achieve It

A gentle sugar detox – is it possible and how to do it without going crazy? 😀 Because let’s face it – sugar is everywhere and getting rid of it can be a quite challenging task. And by sugar I mean white processed sugar – stripped from all of its vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Not Read more about Gentle Sugar Detox – 5 Tricks to Achieve It[…]

Gentle Start to Your Body Detox

Body detox usually means harsh procedures that include complete fasting. But these methods are not suitable for everyone. People with low blood sugar and low blood pressure may experience unpleasant and even unbearable symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headaches, etc. If you are one of those people, or you simply feel uncomfortable to start Read more about Gentle Start to Your Body Detox[…]

My 10 Beginner Weight Loss Commandments II

It’s time for part 2 of my 10 Beginner weight loss steps. Enjoy! 6. Thou shalt exercise! – Before you start imagining being tortured in a gym, let me explain. If you have completely forgotten what it feels like to exercise regularly, it will be difficult if not impossible to start doing vigorous training! So, Read more about My 10 Beginner Weight Loss Commandments II[…]