Why I Am Going To Teach My Kids to Meditate

Have you thought about teaching your kids to meditate? We all know what great power this spiritual tool holds for us. But for now we are still mainly considering it as an enlightening and stress relieving tool for adults. Why can’t we include this sacred practice in our kids’ daily fun routines?

Having a child is surely a challenging task. We plan and plot what values we want to teach it, what kind of person we want it to grow up, how we can prepare it to deal with life’s experiences, etc. So, here it is the one thing I will surely want to teach my kids in the future. The one simple thing that can make a huge difference – meditation.

teach kids to meditate

Meditation develops the natural kids’ creativity/ Image source: Fotolia.com

Here are my WHYs:

Mediation clears your mind

No need to tell you how overwhelmed we are with information, technology, and virtual interactions! This TMI (too much info) syndrome can makes us feel anxious and dependent on our social media accounts and various online apps. Not to mention the good old TV full of all kinds of shows, and the Netflix revolution which infected us with the “binge watching” virus! 😀 This high level of mental stimuli simply cannot be processed by our minds and we lose focus. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is observed in small children as well. Now they have tablets and smartphones from an early age and the motivation to do  their daily chores , or to simply interact with their peers diminishes. Sadly, this affects their natural creativity as well. So by teaching them to meditate even for a short segment of time can significantly improve their focus, clarity, and natural creativity.

Meditation boosts your immunity

The last thing we want is to see our precious offspring get sick. Thankfully there are countless safe and healthy ways of improving our kids’ stamina. The good news is that meditation is one of them. It has been scientifically proven that even 10-15 minutes of calming our overactive minds boosts our natural defense system! Why not install this healthy habit in our children’s daily routines? It can be simple, fun and effective. Plus, you do not need to spend more money on equipment or fancy toys. This could turn out to be a refreshing quality time with our kids. If you want to further stimulate the natural immune system of your family,  get your free pdf report full of recipes! – > 10 Powerful Immune Boosting Recipes

Meditation reduces stress

Before you think that the next generations are too small to experience stress, think again. Just take a look around and see what the media is constantly blasting – violence, terror, and explicit content. The video games industry is another part of the problem – now it is considered normal to watch people die rather than how they are being born. 😀 All jokes aside, even the simple change of environment like going to school can be  perceived as traumatic to the child. Another important part is our own level of stress and anxiety. Kids learn and operate like sponges – absorbing all information and sensations around them. It is a natural survival technique, but more often than not, they experience our own high levels of stress more deeply. Not to mention the ever increasing rates of divorces that impact negatively the children. That is why kids need to have a simple stress management tool at their disposal at any time.

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Meditation develops our intuition

Why do you think Earth and our society as a whole is not doing so well? My answer is – bad decisions. We constantly make all kinds of decisions that shape our future – on an individual and social level. All these years we have been using our supreme gift – the logical mind – to make decisions and the results are far from pleasing. Look at the animal kingdom – it has been doing well following their natural instincts long before humans started walking on Earth. I don’t mean we should give in to our animalistic aspects, but we need a new (or maybe an old and forgotten) guiding system. For me this is the intuition. Although it is still not yet clear how it operates, it gives us true signals of the best course of action. Sometimes we can see the meaning long after the decision has been made – an ability to foresee the future inaccessible to the logical mind. Thankfully, the intuition is a tool available for everyone and we can easily hear its gentle whispering by calming the mind and slowing down the thought processes. If you combine the regular meditation with a healthy diet, your intuition will be even stronger and clearer! So, why not teaching our kids to make better decisions right from the start? Isn’t that the way to ensure a better world – more harmonious, more empathic, and more humane?

How to teach my kids to meditate?

Elena Paige's "Lolli and the Lollipop: Meditation Adventures for Kids"/ Image source: helenpaige.com

Elena Paige’s “Lolli and the Lollipop: Meditation Adventures for Kids”/ Image source: www.superhappykids.com

Teaching kids to meditate can be difficult. Just think about how hard it is for us adults to stay put and

slow down the thought process. The good news is that children are very receptive and learn quickly. If we can manage to present this as a game, the chances of success are bigger. The starting point can be as simple as “try to focus on your breath as much as possible” for a minute or two. Or “try to count from 1 to 5 without thinking of anything else”. Another excellent option is to get some special mediation tools for kids, which are designed to catch their attention and stimulate their imagination and natural creativity! I personally like Elena Paige’s “Lolli and the Lollipop: Meditation Adventures For Kids”. It is a book (ebook or paperback) you can get immediately and start teaching your kids to meditate in a easy and fun way!

I am eager to find out your opinion on the matter! Will you teach your kids to meditate, or not? Do you have any success in the process? Share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below!  

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