Tenth House in Gemini

Tenth House in Gemini – what does it mean when it comes to choosing a suitable profession? We continue the astrology series in finding your best career choice by inspecting the Tenth house, also called Midheaven, or Medium Coeli. The third sign in the zodiac is Gemini, and today we will find out what professions are suitable for people with Gemini on the cusp of the Tenth astrological house. If you are not sure what sign is “sitting” on your Midheaven, read this article first.

Basic Traits of Gemini
The characteristics of the Tenth house will be influenced by the traits of the third sign. In other words, by taking a good look at Gemini, we’ll get a clue of the most suitable career paths. Si

twins Gemini

Gemini – the third astrological sign in the zodiac.

nce this astrological sign is mutable, a typical Gemini is very adjustable person. They can fit in any environment with their built-in curiosity and ability to learn. Generally they are friendly and open-minded people; their

versatility pushes them to gather knowledge and know-how from many areas of life. They are eloquent and masters of communication – verbal, written, or technological. Being naturally witty, they are famous for their strong sense of humor. The typical Gemini person is inclined to the intellectual part of life. Some of the negative traits of the third zodiac sign are lack of focus and persistence. They get easily bored and quickly move to other subjects to investigate often without finishing the previously started projects. They can be very indecisive and feeling lost in all the available information, thus anxiousness may become their constant companion. They also need to learn to pay attention to details.

Tenth House in Gemini
Now we need to translate the above mentioned traits of this zodiac sign into career possibilities. People with Gemini on the cusp of Tenth house have the ability to work in cooperation with others, because of their diplomatic skills. Consider finding a job, which provides a lot of diversity, because you may easily

Technology, writing, speaking, and communicating are Gemini's strong suits.

Technology, writing, speaking, and communicating are Gemini’s strong suits.

become bored. Since Gemini is the sign of communication, you may be an eloquent speaker and people love listening to you, or a journalist, writer, and anything media and communication related. The IT sector is a perfect place for these people – Geminis are usually tech savvy. Another excellent option is the teaching career – it also requires the ability to speak and explain complex matter in more simple language. People with Medium Coeli in Gemini may have 2 or more equally developed careers. This astrological placement may also mean having different professions throughout your career path – simultaneously or successively. Remember not to overwork yourself and burnout!
More info on finding your perfect career path here! Wish you luck and success!

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