Three Herbs for Faster Metabolism

Slow metabolism is such a pain in the butt. Even with a healthy diet, if body’s metabolism is sluggish, we gain weight. Or at least that annoying extra weight just refuses to disappear. Thank God there are natural and easy ways to help our bodies absorb nutrients and energy properly!
One of these ways is through herbal teas and decoctions.

Here are the top 3 herbal metabolism boosters:

Dandelion – you may recall our old friend the Dandelion for its liver cleansing properties. And since the liver is the main working bee that is responsible for the metabolic processes in our bodies, everything that helps that organ boosts the metabolism, too.

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And as you know, in Mother Nature everything has more than one beneficial use. Dandelion roots are no exception. The plant also helps us regulate the blood pressure, fights cancer development, detoxifies the cells, stimulates the digestion and the bowel movement. It contains a lot of antioxidants that slows down aging. If you have any inflammations or kidney problems, Dandelion tea will be a great assistant for achieving better health and overall wellbeing. This herb is also effective for regulating the blood sugar and insulin levels, which makes it a great diet addition for people with (or with a predisposition to) diabetes. I haven’t finished, yet! It has bactericidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal properties, and it can be used to heal many kinds of skin issues (like eczemas or ringworm).

Please note that there is a chance for allergy to the plant. If you are allergic to ambrosia, chrysanthemum, calendula, chamomile, yarrow or daisies, it is very likely that you may be also allergic to dandelion, too. Taking this plant is not suitable for pregnant women. And if you take any prescription medications, contact your physician before applying dandelion.
Preparation: boil 2 Тbsp of dandelion herb in 500 ml water for about 5 min. Then strain and divide it into 3 parts. Drink each part of the decoction half an hour before meal for at least one month.

Tribulus – this herb has many benefits for our bodies, not only speeding up the metabolic processes. It is also known for its strong adaptogenic properties (helps our bodies to recover from daily stress). Tribulus also strengthens the immune system and regulates the blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension, because of the cholesterol plaques, this is an excellent herb for you. Women who have problems with reproductive hormones secretion should also consider including Tribulus tea in their lifestyle. Consequence of the above mentioned issues is low libido and this plant is famous for helping people improve their intimate lives.
Keep in mind that Tribulus is a very potent herb and should be taken in proper quantities. Also it is not suitable for people with stomach or kidney inflammations, pregnant women, and small children.
Preparation: Boil not more than 2 Tbsp Tribulus in 500 ml water. Let the decoction sit overnight, and then strain. Drink the tea 3-4 times a day on an empty stomach.

Stinging nettle – this plant is very powerful when it comes to health benefits. Stinging nettle tea alone can help us detox and cleanse the blood.

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It also contains serotonin that can heal the nervous system and relieve everyday stress. And you know that stress hormones are directly related to blood sugar levels and gaining weight.

Other cool ingredients in stinging nettle are carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B2 and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). This precious herb is suitable for treating liver and gal issues, flu and colds, rheumatism, gout and hemorrhoids. And don’t forget that by drinking this tea regularly, you can make a perfect combo and retrieve your natural hair color (if you have grey hair, of course).
Preparation: Put 1 Tbsp of stinging nettle in 250 ml boiling water and let it sit for 20 min. Strain the tea and drink at least 20 min before meal.

You can choose your favorite herb to boost your metabolism quickly and easily. Other option is to make a blend with 2 or all three of them. Just keep the amounts according to the dosage described above. The fact that these are natural plants doesn’t mean they should be underestimated!

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