20+ Luscious Aries Zodiac Crystals to Invite Magic into Your Life

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20+ Luscious Aries Zodiac Crystals to Invite Magic into Your Life


Supercharge your aura with luck, prosperity, and wonders with the mystical power of these Aries birthstones!

And before we get to that, check out what I have prepared for you today!

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The most harmonic Aries zodiac crystals and gemstones
The best books and guides on how to use crystals in everyday life

Let’s dive deep into the magical waters of gemstones! Precious and semi-precious stones, as being part of Gaia, are considered to have multiple beneficial properties for us humans. And these benefits can be observed on every level of our existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

So, if you are an Aries and you wish to add some birthstones into your arsenal of tools for personal growth, this article will guide you into the world of crystals. And not just any crystals, but those who are the most harmonic to your powerful fiery nature. They will bring you peace, luck, prosperity, courage, vitality, and wellbeing!

However, in case you are a representative of a different zodiac sign, and you wish to surprise a beloved Ram, this is the place to be! This list of Aries zodiac crystals can work as a wonderful gift guide to pick something nice, beautiful, and beneficial for their next special occasion – a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day, a wedding anniversary, a graduation celebration, etc.

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OK, let’s get to the Aries birthstones!

The most harmonic Aries zodiac crystals and gemstones

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.


The Citrine stone (also called Citrine quartz) is a beautiful pale-yellow gemstone which is excellent for all representatives of the Aries zodiac sign! The name of this crystal derives from its resemblance to the color of the citrus fruits lemon and orange. So, how is this gemstone helpful to the first sign in astrology – the Ram? Well, as you can see, the color of Citrine reminds us of the bright and warm sun, just like the fiery element of Aries.

This birthstone is also excellent for anyone who wants to improve their general wellbeing, prosperity (Citrine is often called “the Merchant stone”), self-esteem (it is associated with the solar plexus chakra), and stamina. And since Aries is a sign of competition, being active and progressive, these qualities will help all Rams bring their endeavors to fruition!


Red Jasper

This is another great gemstone which would be wonderful for harmonizing the powerful energy of Aries. Even the deep red color of the stone tells us that it is very well connected to the element of fire. Hence, Red Jasper is the perfect birthstone to add to your shrine or unique pieces of jewelry if you wish to add more passion, zest for life, grounding (it is associated with the root chakra), courage, power, and strength of character! If you are an Aries and you are in need for more energy and stamina to manifest your desires, this is the stone to add to your daily life!


Clear Quartz

OK, we are definitely going to talk a lot about different types of quartz stones here. Just like Citrine and Red Jasper, here we have another type of gemstone from the quartz family – the Clear Quartz, also called Crystal Quartz. As you may have already noticed, here we have a completely different energy. This colorless crystal helps us achieve peace of mind and mental clarity and it can be associated with all of the seven chakras.

Even the most powerful and passionate Aries people need time to rest, recharge, and get in touch with their inner guidance and intuition. This is where the Clear Quartz stone shines bright (pun intended!)! Finally, you can also use the energy-amplifying properties of this birthstone (according to Feng Shui) to improve the nutritional value of your food by placing your Clear Quartz somewhere near your cooking ingredients. Nice, huh?



Kyanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones. However, this is not just a cute crystal to add to your handmade jewelry! This precious stone holds powerful energetic properties which can be extremely valuable to all Aries people. There are some varieties to this gemstone, mainly depending on the color. So, here we will be talking mainly about the Blue Kyanite which is associated with the Throat chakra.

This energetic point (the Vishuddha chakra) is not only connected to our speech, but also to our ability to manifest. And that’s extremely important to the active and passionate Ram! So, we need to balance the fiery energy from the Root, the Sacral, and the Solar Plexus, and bring our endeavors to fruition through the Throat. This is where Blue Kyanite comes into play. Remember that every zodiac sign must strive to achieve balance instead of tipping the scales towards one side of the energetic spectrum.



This is probably one of the most popular gemstones known to men, and for a reason! It is believed that it protects us from negative influences and moves our energy from the bottom to the top three chakras of the body. In other words, this is a great birthstone for Aries people to achieve mental and intuitive clarity, to get in touch with their inner guidance, and to recharge their batteries with more peace of mind.

Remember that manifesting our dreams requires not just any action (the thing that Aries are excellent at), but also – we need powerful inspired action. This is what the Amethyst gemstone can help us with – transforming the potent and raw energy from the Root chakra towards the more refined and spiritual energetic points (the Third Eye and the Crown).


Green Aventurine

This gemstone literally means “the Stone of Opportunity”, and what a wonderful precious crystal to have by your side! Aries is a very powerful and competitive sign and all they need is a tiny shred of opportunity and they will jump into action. So, this beautiful birthstone perfectly harmonizes with their energetic character, bringing them lots of luck and good fortune!

And let’s not forget that this precious stone is associated with the Heart chakra! We must never, under any circumstances forget about this important energetic point! This is the neutral point between the energies below and above the belt, so to speak. Being heart-centered can have tremendous positive effects in our life. Anything which comes from the heart and out of love is destined for success!


Faivykyd Aries Crystals Birthday Gift Ideas

Loving the magnificent and luscious gemstones so far? Well, I have something for you (or your beloved Aries) that I think you are going to love – a special set of all these magical stones, specially picked for the mighty zodiac sign of the Ram! If you liked the previously mentioned gemstones, this is your best opportunity to grab them in an elegant package, and to save yourself all the hassle to pick them individually!

Remember, this would make an amazing gift set for any Aries near and dear to your heart! The package contains some hefty pieces of Citrine, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Kyanite, Amethyst, and Green Aventurine, along with some interesting info on the properties of each birthstone. Also, there are some super useful guidelines and instructions on how to best take care of, clean, and charge your crystals. And all of this is beautifully arranged in a stylish gift box!


Blue Onyx

The Blue Onyx (also called Lemurian Aquatine Calcite) is also a great birthstone for any powerful Aries out there. It is an excellent crystal to have for its amazing properties in balancing the yin and the yang energies in our bodies. So, since Rams are frequently moving quickly through life trying to achieve as much as possible, they do need the help of these precious stones to keep them in harmony with the natural flow of life.

The Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is also associated with the Throat chakra and it can help the true representatives of the first zodiac sign to communicate better, to have the strength and stamina to pursue their goals, and to manifest their desires more effortlessly in the correct timing.



Hematite is frequently called “the Iron Rose” for its large contents of iron in its structure. This is probably why the name of the stone derives from the Greek word for “blood” (for our blood also contains some amounts of iron).  So, what benefits do this precious stone offers to the Aries sign?

Well, Hematite is one of the best gemstones for energy shielding against negative influences, setting healthy boundaries, standing up for oneself, balancing the energetic body as well as all areas of one’s life. The Iron Rose is also linked to the Root chakra and it is a wonderful birthstone to have for the purpose of grounding. This is especially valuable for the Ram since they might become too busy acting on their passions to the point of burnout!


Black Obsidian

Speaking of grounding, this is another great option for an Aries birthstone which may help the first zodiac sign tremendously! It is important to note that Black Obsidians are formed in volcanoes, and they are the result of the workings of all the four elements – earth, fire, water, and air. This means that these precious stones are extremely powerful and beneficial for our energetic bodies.

Nevertheless, we can say that these crystals are more aligned with the element of earth and the Root chakra. So, you can use your magnificent Black Obsidian for grounding, balancing your yin and yang energies, and for protection from negativity. In Feng Shui this powerful stone is often regarded as a mighty energetic cleanser and a “cure” for pretty much all life areas!



We haven’t really touched on the Sacral chakra yet, have we? Well, now it’s a good time to do so, because Aries people do need to be in contact with their inner creativity and power! This is what the Carnelian stone is all about – giving us energy, courage, passion, and a general zest for life. So, if you or your dear Ram feels stuck, passive, and uninspired, this is the perfect birthstone to get them back on track, and get in touch with their fiery nature once again!

Also, if you are any type of performer and you need more confidence and boldness to be under the spotlight, Carnelian is here to assist you in your endeavors. That is why it is also called “the Singer’s stone” or “the Artist’s stone”.


Aries Rock Paradise Horoscope Stone Box Set

OK, it is time for another great Aries birthstone set to save all the hassle of collecting them one by one. And, of course, to have something cool and touching as a gift for their special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc. Well, maybe the previous box set didn’t spark your intuition and you want to have something a bit different, depending on the needs of your dear Aries (or your personal needs).

So, here’s my next suggestion – a beautiful and practical Aries birthstone collection containing some of the most powerful gemstones and crystals – Hematite, Red Jasper, Blue Onyx, Black Obsidian, Citrine, and Carnelian. The set also contains some short and sweet descriptions of each stone and its benefits, as well as some clear practical guidance on how to take advantage of these crystals in everyday life! Sounds good, right?


Botswana agate

Let’s get back to our list of cool and luscious precious stones for the Ram zodiac sign in astrology! The Botswana agate is another great gemstone which is extremely beautiful with its natural intricate eye-catching patterns. This is an excellent birthstone for bringing lots of luck, fortune, and prosperity. But that’s not all!

This crystal is also associated with the Root chakra and it has the ability to help us be more energetically and emotionally stable and grounded. And the typical representatives of the Aries sign do need that a lot. Their ruling planet is Mars and it signifies our vital and powerful energy which can be quite immature as well. So, Aries needs to work on and learn how to channel this passionate vigor in a positive way. And Botswana agate can truly help in this regard!


Dalmatian Jasper

Oh, my goodness! Just look at this cutie pie! It does truly look like the sweet patterns of a Dalmatian dog’s fir! I love it! But this precious stone is not just a pretty crystal to display in your home – it is a powerful agent of joy, happiness, and natural child-like playfulness (exactly like a cute Dalmatian puppy!). As I mentioned before, Rams do have this challenge to become mature and stable in their life.

However, this should not come at the expense of getting rid of all the joy and playfulness from their existence. We keep hearing that in order for us to preserve our in-born creativity, we need to often get in touch with our inner child. This is where the Dalmatian Jasper shines bright! And that’s not all either! The stone is considered to be a powerful energy cleanser by absorbing the negativity and transforming it into joy, light, and love. This is due to the containing Black Tourmaline – the dark spots of this cute and pretty birthstone. You will find more information about Tourmaline down below in this list!



Apatite is a wonderful precious stone to have by any passionate Aries! Its name literally means “to deceive” due to its uncanny resemblance to other crystals and stones which may deceive many geology enthusiasts. However, the name should not fool you – this gemstone is amazing to have for its powerful abilities to positively affect our lives! For instance, this birthstone is ideal for any type of manifesting practices – we could say that it is a type of manifesting stone which helps us bring our heart’s desires to fruition.

This is maybe because of its connection to the Throat chakra – the energetic point which is responsible to our communication abilities, natural inner creativity, and the process of materialization. Interestingly enough, according to the system of Human Design, the throat is also considered to be the center of manifesting. So, if these areas interest you, feel free to add this magnificent precious gemstone to your collection and get in touch with your inner guidance and intuitive abilities!


Orange Calcite

As the color of this beautiful gemstone suggests, the Orange Calcite is connected to the chakras below the heart, especially the Solar Plexus and the Sacral. This means that this birthstone will help anyone, and especially Aries people, get in touch with their powerful creativity, confidence, vigor, and passion for life.

So, in case you are a Ram (or you have one that is near and dear to your heart) who feels stuck, lethargic, unmotivated, and uninspired, this precious stone is just for you! It will recharge your batteries and bring back your in-born passion and zest for life! Add more happiness, joy, vitality, and inspiration with the awesome Orange Calcite, no matter how you decide to use it – ingrained in a piece of jewelry, in a shrine placed in your sacred space, on your work desk, etc.



The Amazonite’s alternative name is “the Hope Stone” and I think that’s a wonderful representation of its magical abilities to add positivity into our lives. This magnificent turquoise precious crystal is associated with both the Heart and the Throat chakras which makes it perfect for manifesting the desires of our hearts.

And I think this could be extremely beneficial for the Aries who might be a bit impulsive, trying to quickly materialize everything that pops into their mind. Amazonite can help the first zodiac sign stay balanced, heart-centered, and in harmony with their inner guidance by bridging the powerful energies that come from their lower chakras in a way that is congruent with their spiritual path.


DANCING BEAR Aries Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

Alright, I mentioned the art of manifesting your desires a couple of times, so I think this is a good time to focus a little bit more on the subject! So, I present to you the awesome manifesting kit, specially designed for the mighty representatives of the first zodiac sign! This kit has everything you need to bring to life all your deep wishes coming from the depths of your proud heart! You can use this magical crystal set in any of your manifesting rituals that your intuition nudges you to – the Solar Eclipse manifesting rite, the demanifesting practice during a Lunar Eclipse, any New Moon phase, etc.

Here’s what’s inside this awesome set – a succulent-shaped candle, a Palo Santo smudging stick, and a piece of Selenite for energy cleansing and creating sacred space; a piece of a meteorite to literally wish upon a shooting star; a chunk of Amethyst for some extra good vibes; 8 Aries birthstones to harmonize with the powerful energy of the Ram (Botswana agate, Dalmatian Jasper, Apatite, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Amazonite, and Red Jasper); a beautiful and stylish 18K gold plated necklace with the star constellation of the first zodiac sign;  a practical instruction manual perfect even for complete newbies; and all of this is neatly packaged in an elegant gift box. If you have a special Aries in your life, this is your ideal opportunity to surprise them for their special day (a birthday, Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Christmas, etc.)!


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is probably one of the most beautiful and elegant gemstones known to man. Logically, it is associated with love, harmony, and compassion. And that’s exactly why I think every true Aries may benefit greatly from this crystal in their life! The tropical Ram is very passionate, competitive, and headstrong due to their powerful fiery nature.

So, in order for them balance these powerful traits and tendencies, they can definitely add more gentleness and compassion with the help of the Rose Quartz. I think this could be especially beneficial to Aries women to get in touch with their natural femininity, beauty, and elegance. It is no coincidence that this precious stone has been used in a variety of beauty routines and procedures from ancient times up to this day (definitely take a peek at this awesome Rose Quartz face roller or this anti-aging cold therapy reusable Rose Quartz face mask). 



Pyrite is a very interesting and peculiar precious stone with lots of powers and benefits for the first sign in the zodiac. First of all, it is good to point out that the name of the birthstone derives from the Greek word for fire (pyr). This also signifies that fiery signs can greatly benefit from this gemstone. The second interesting fact about Pyrite, that comes to prove its connection to the fire element, is that it can actually produce sparks when being struck with a sharp piece of iron or another Pyrite stone.

So, how can this crystal be beneficial to Aries people? Well, as everything related to fire, Pyrite comes to help these people enhance their confidence, strength, personal power, and courage to overcome any fears and obstacles. Hence, we can associate this precious stone to the Sacral and the Solar Plexus chakras. So, if you need more boost in these areas, do not hesitate to grab a piece of Pyrite and put it to good use right away! If you need ideas how to do so, down below you will find some interesting and valuable reads to assist you.


Zodiac Horoscope Stones Set by Natural Intuitive

Did you like these last few additions to our Aries sign birthstone collection? If so, here’s how to make your life easier! This next gemstone set is a different variation of the best crystals most suited for the true proud representatives of the first sign in astrology. The collection contains Amethyst Cluster Crystal (pretty much universal for all zodiac signs, a Clear Quartz Wand, a Rose Quartz Stone, a piece of the Pyrite Stone, and the Carnelian Stone.

There is also a very short and sweet description of each gemstone to easily tell them apart and to keep in mind their main benefits. However, what I really do like about this set is the magnificent and elegant wooden gift box! It makes this crystal set perfect as a present for any beloved Ram! I think they are definitely going to love to receive it for their next special day! Lastly, just to give you a better idea of the size of the gift set, here are the dimensions of the box: 4.7” x 3.9” x 1.75”.


KARMABOX Aries Gifts for Women

Here’s another great option for a gemstone collection designed for Aries people by Karmabox! If you are looking for a present for any beloved Ram out there, this is a golden opportunity to bring a smile to their face! The set contains six unique premium crystals in harmony with the powerful energy of the first sign in the zodiac – Red Jasper, Citrine, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Black Obsidian, and Rose Quartz. And when I said “premium crystals”, I really meant it – the precious stones come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know you are getting your money’s worth!

And that’s not all! For the ultimate convenience, the set also includes a special chakra bracelet which has a gemstone that harmonizes each one of the 7 chakras in the human body. The power of the bracelet can be enhanced even further with a few drops of premium high-quality essential oils. And for travelling purposes, there is a cute and elegant velvet pouch to protect the stones from dust and mechanical damage! This is the perfect gift for an Aries person for any occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc.


Black Tourmaline

You may remember Black Tourmaline in my previous suggestion for an Aries birthstone – the Dalmatian Jasper. The dark spots on this cute precious stone are considered to be Black Tourmaline. This is where the Dalmatian Jasper gets its ability to absorb negative energies and purify your living space. So, if you are interested in any type of energy clearing, this is the perfect precious stone for you!

You can use it for personal protection by wearing it as a piece of jewelry or somewhere in your purse while being around other people. And other people’s energy is not the only thing this dark and elegant crystal can fend us from – feel free to use this stone as a protective tool against any type of emissions (including the electromagnetic fields from the electronics in our house or working space).



Selenite is this beautiful precious crystal I briefly mentioned in a previous suggestion on the best Aries zodiac sign birthstones (the gemstone set for manifesting purposes by Dancing Bear). And that’s no coincidence! Selenite is indeed known as one of the most powerful manifesting stones which is excellent for creating sacred space for any kind of materializing rituals, energy cleansing, and getting us in touch with our intuition to receive divine guidance in our path to success. And that’s really important for the Ram.

The first zodiac sign is very competitive and passionate about their goals, and they do have the willpower to pursue their dreams with great vigor and all-consuming energy. This means that any type of gemstones that would bring them closer to their aims are deeply appreciated and held in high regard!



As the name suggests this precious stone can be a wonderful assistant to any fiery sign in the zodiac, including Aries. Its soft yellow-orange colors suggest that this amazing and beautiful crystal is connected to our Sacral chakra – the source of our vitality and creativity. So, in case you need a positive boost for your life force, self-empowerment, optimism, and the ability to create the life of your dreams, this is the perfect crystal for you! If you are an Aries who is feeling a little down, unmotivated, and uninspired, definitely include Sunstone to your daily routines or place it somewhere near to your personal space to take advantage of its magical powers!


Aries Crystals and Healing Stones Set

Alrighty! It’s time for another great birthstone set for our beloved Aries people! Let’s see what the folks from YUXIVCNE have prepared for the mighty and energetic Rams! This gemstone collection is a wonderful variation which includes eight large-size precious stones in harmony with the vibes of the first zodiac sign – Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Sunstone, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and an Obsidian. However, this is just the beginning!

The set also contains an elegant necklace with the sign’s star constellation; a premium chakra balancing bracelet with the help of the Agate crystal; a cute Aries charm which serves double duty as a bookmark; and a beginner’s user guide to help you take full advantage of the amazing benefits of these gemstones. And in case you wish to grab this awesome pack as a gift, there is a greeting card to save you some of the hassle!



You probably feel a bit confused by the color of this precious stone, don’t you? Well, the logic behind naming this crystal “bloodstone” is very similar to the case we have with the Hematite – this dark green quarts contains lots of iron in its structure, hence its association with blood. However, there is more to this! Bloodstone also has these signature red markings on it which can also remind us of specks of blood.

This precious crystal is associated with the lower chakras below the Heart, and it is considered to be an excellent gemstone for enhancing our courage, strength, and stamina in times of challenges and hardship. Bloodstone is one of the best birthstones in the sense of being extremely valuable during childbirth – it can give us the perseverance during this difficult moment in almost every woman’s life. 


Aries Horoscope Healing Crystals Set

I think we covered pretty much all of the most suitable and beneficial birthstones for the powerful sign of Aries. However, I do think that the Bloodstone is definitely one of the best ones in this list. So, if you wish to have a stylish set of gemstones that includes this magnificent dark green quartz, this package is just for you! I saved it for last for a reason!

Here’s what inside this awesome stylish wooden box made of premium pine! The collection contains seven of the best magical crystals which harmonize the energy of the Ram – Bloodstone, Blue Apatite, Carnelian Crystal, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper, and Selenite. There is also a cute and practical leaflet with the most important information on each of the crystals as well as the first sign in the zodiac. And that’s not all! You also get a nifty protection travel pouch for easier and safer transportation.


The best books and guides on how to use crystals in everyday life

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

Don’t skip this section because this is where you will learn how to use these powerful magical gemstones! I have picked some practical and informative books you can grab that will teach you how to put into use these beautiful shiny crystals, and reap their benefits to the fullest! These volumes will be your ideal guides on picking the right precious stones, depending on your needs and goals, charging them, cleansing, and utilizing them the right way!

Don’t forget that these works are also great gifts for any spiritual enthusiasts in your life! For more present ideas in this realm, check out my other practical guide with a ton of more suggestions!

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

This is one of the best books on precious crystals suitable even for complete beginners. If you have no idea what gemstones to pick for yourself and how to best take advantage of their energy balancing powers, this is definitely a must-read! Here in this volume you will learn some valuable and practical information on the most popular and beneficial birthstones you can use in everyday life – their origins, the colors they can be found in, their best placements, the effect you can reap from their proper usage, some suitable combinations with other precious crystals, as well as the chakras they are associated with.


Crystals and Gemstones for Kids and Teens

Birthstones can be wonderful for the younger generations as well! If you have a special Aries kid who is even a little bit interested in precious stones, this book might be a great gift for them! They can learn about the best usages of these beautiful and shiny crystals in a very simple and practical manner – from performing well during a test or a sports event, to managing daily stress while growing up. This book might be the perfect start for a passionate and beneficial hobby. Young people are truly going through many challenges in their adolescence, and they do need all the help they can get!


The Crystal Bible

As the name suggests, this is probably one of the most comprehensive guides on gemstones and crystals. The book features more than 150 precious stones along with photographs and detailed descriptions for easier identification. And that’s not all! We can’t have a New Age type of book on gemstones without their proper usage in balancing and harmonizing our energetic bodies on every level – mind, body, and spirit.

And I know that just having a list of the most popular and beneficial stones is not enough. That’s because we get these precious crystals to serve a certain function. So, Judy Hall gets us covered! There are multiple reference guides inside the book which can show you which crystals are suitable to you depending on the chakra you wish to work on, the body part, or the zodiac sign (this is an excellent gift guide, if you wish to pick some magical crystals as presents for the people close to your heart!).


Crystal Prescriptions: Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection

This is another great book by the aforementioned author Judy Hall. This work goes a step further and covers some specific usages of the precious stones and crystals mentioned in the Crystal Bible. And to put it more accurately, the volume is focused on applying these beautiful birthstones as energetic cleansers for our personal space and work environment.

Moreover, here in this book you will learn some indispensable information on the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui. Feng Shui often uses crystals and gemstones as powerful energetic “cures” that harmonize the flow of chi and bring luck, love, and prosperity. All you need to do is find out where you need to place them and how to charge the stones for a maximum effect!


Wire-Wrapped Jewelry Techniques

Making your own unique pieces of jewelry with crystals is another great way to apply these precious gemstones in your everyday life to reap all the benefits of their magical powers! The pros of using this method are many, and here are few of them! First, you can include the exact birthstones you wish depending on your goals, color preferences, your zodiac sign, etc. Second, you have full control of the ingredients and you can pick only high-class genuine stones.

Third, you can make your own designs and have one of a kind pieces of jewelry to stand out in front of the crowd! Lastly, by making your own fashion items you can put your own intention into the end product, and it will hold your unique energetic imprint. And that’s something you can’t buy on the market!


Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond

My last book suggestion for this article is a bit more loosely related to this topic, but I still think it would be extremely valuable. This could be your perfect guide into the world of modern-day witchcraft to add more magic into your everyday life! If the sacred paganistic rituals is something that deeply interests you, this might be the perfect guide to you! And yes, this work does include the usage of precious stones. The power of crystals and gemstones has been utilized for many ages by our ancestors, and now we have the opportunity to get back to our roots and get in touch with this forgotten knowledge!


Alrighty! That’s all I have for you today on this subject! I hope it was helpful. If so, feel free to share this article or send it to someone who might also benefit from this information. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive other juicy updates and reminders for important cosmic events!

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