ASMR a.k.a. “Head Orgasms” or “Brain Orgasms”

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ASMR a.k.a. “Head Orgasms” or “Brain Orgasms”

If the word “orgasm” brought you here, sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t be talking about sex! But wait! Don’t go! I think you are going to like this! First of all, what does that abbreviation mean? ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. What kind of animal is this? A pleasant one! Have you ever had a very nice tingly, goosebumpy feeling in your scalp? Most people have. Me, too! Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this awesome sensation many times. I remember the first time as if it was yesterday and I really thought it was normal. Turns out not everybody has such experiences, but it’s never too late! 😉
Nobody paid much attention to this phenomenon until recently. Some people discovered there are certain triggers that evoke these pleasant “head orgasms”. Whoever they are, God bless them! 😀

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The ASMR Triggers

For me personally the trigger most of time has been some kind of thought, even a sub-conscious one. Something that suggests unity and divine love, and other pinky, fluffy, New Agey stuff. For example, on my 8th birthday I had to bring some treats to the kids at school. Instead of the traditional boxes of chocolate, my mom decided to buy small cupcakes. They were so unusual, so tiny, and so cute. The other children seemed to like them very much, they were curious and delighted. That’s the first time I had an ASMR. I think the thought of bringing someone joy with such a small gesture had a very positive psycho-somatic impact. Or when I read some book or watch a movie and there is a sentence that really strikes a chord. Or when I go to the hair salon – as soon as the hairdresser starts touching my hair, I kind of zone out and become a zombie in a nirvana trans. I am not walking; I am hovering above the ground… Why can’t I just stay in this bliss forever? Later on, as I started meditating, I found out there were also sound triggers. I have been doing many guided visualizations, and if the voice of the narrator sounds nice and gentle, this immediately caused the meridian response. And the good part was that these sensations became longer and more frequent. A couple of times the feeling even spread throughout the whole body! Niiiiice! Recently I finally decided to do some research on the subject, and to my surprise, I found out it has become a real internet phenomenon! Turns out people found many other ASMR triggers! And here they are:

Scalp massage often evokes ASMR

  • Whispering;
  • Sounds like scratching, tapping, brushing,
    blowing, etc;
  • Scalp massage;
  • Role playing – uuum what?!;
  • Hypnotic-like focus on particular activity,
    and so on.

The Explanation

Actually no one still has an explanation for this – even the scientists. They are just beginning to investigate the phenomenon. I have my own explanation. The word “meridian” reminded me of EFT and the ancient Chinese medical acupuncture. Many people wonder why this blissful experience starts from the back of the head. Well, that’s the energetic point where all meridians intersect! This is why when we massage the scalp, we engage that point and trigger the response. Apparently, the same effect can be achieved with sound vibration. Gentle, soothing noises could be resonating with that energetic point’s frequency, causing a pleasant sensation. The other reason why I think this neurological response is connected to the acupressure points is because of its significant therapeutic results. People all over the world are healing anxiety, depression, insomnia, ect. through this technique. EFT has very similar effects! Cool! Here is a very nice video with quick and witty explanation of ASMR. Enjoy!

I hope scientists will figure this out very soon. It certainly deserves more attention.
Now pretend I am whispering: “Have you experienced Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? What are your triggers? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Stay tuned for more health and wellness info!

Stay healthy!

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