My 10 Weight Loss Rules for Beginners II

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My 10 Weight Loss Rules for Beginners II

It’s time for part 2 of my 10 Beginner weight loss commandments. Enjoy!

6. Thou shalt exercise!

Before you start imagining being tortured in a gym, let me explain. If you have completely forgotten what it feels like to exercise regularly, it will be difficult if not impossible to start doing vigorous training! So, start slowly and most of all do something that feels good to you. For absolute beginners it is best to make a commitment to start at least walking every day – a couple of kilometers is no big deal. Later on, find some kind of movement that is fun to you – this will help you keep exercising, instead of ditching it altogether.

7. Thou shalt eat curd! – Surprise! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Usually I don’t advise people to eat too much dairy. My observations confirm that dairy may really cause skin and mucus conditions. I am not talking you out of consuming dairy, but if you have chronic skin problems or asthma, you can make an experiment and abstain from milk products for a period of time and see what happens. Fortunately, curd and goat milk are good exceptions from the rule. Goat milk curd – even better! Just try not to mix it with other food. You can make it your last meal for the day since curd helps us sleep better.

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8. Thou shalt dine early! – I see a lot of peeps who lose weight just by changing the time of their last meal. So, this one is important. We need to let the digestive system do its job early on, because as soon as we arrive at Morpheus’ land, our metabolism slows down and food is not being digested properly. Again, you don’t need to make rash changes and go to bed starving – just small and easy stretching of the time of the last supper. (pun intended :D)

9. Thou shalt relax!

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You may be surprised how stressed we are these days! We are so used to it that we don’t even consider it. Unfortunately, stress piles up as we keep producing stress hormones on a regular basis. And these hormones are one of the major culprits for weight gain! So, what to do? Chill out! Have fun, meditate, go outside, meet with people, enjoy your hobby, put on some relaxing music and…

10. Breathe! – Our respiratory and cardiovascular systems are tightly connected. You cannot simply make a change in one of them without affecting the other! That’s why scientists (and yogis) know that deep slow breathing can help us boost our metabolism and release stress. How cool is that? One simple thing that can benefit us immensely!

What do you think of my 10 Beginner Weight Loss Rules? Are they easy to accomplish or do you feel overwhelmed just by reading them? Do you have your own little easy healthy secrets?

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Stay tuned for more health, wellness info, and weight loss rules and tricks!

‘Till next time!

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