Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally

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Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally” is the name of my second book I would like to present to you. I wanted to write a piece like this for a long time, because I felt we needed more assistance in ingraining more healthier habits in our lives. In every endeavor, the first steps are usually the hardest. And if we tried to bite more than we can chew, the disappointment is ensured. So, we dive deep into the ocean of endless health info and become overwhelmed by all the stuff we need to do to become more vital, energized, to feel light and refreshed. And questions of confusion start to emerge: “From where to start?”, “How to drink more water if I simply don’t feel like it?”, “Should I eat this, or that, should I add this in my diet, or… oh, look, here it says I need to eat this… ”. I assume most of you felt like this. So, I decided to make myself a summary of some basic principles, and daily habits I would start slowly, gently, and incrementally add to my lifestyle.burn body fat

Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally” aims to walk you through these first steps into cleansing your precious body. We constantly accumulate toxins and organic waste due to our busy lifestyles and polluted environment. This usually results in unpleasant symptoms like chronic fatigue, sluggishness, and lack of vitality and energy; it may even cause some serious diseases and pains.

But what happens when we try to get rid of these harmful agents ASAP? When we jump into deep cleansing right away, we usually experience lots of unpleasant detox symptoms – from severe headaches, to nausea, dizziness, and many more. We may get discouraged or even switch back to our unhealthy lifestyle. I am sure you are well acquainted with the yo-yo effect.

So, how to prevent this from happening? First of all we need to come back to the establishment of daily healthy habits, which will slowly and incrementally build the necessary momentum. When we gradually work towards healthier and cleaner life, we won’t experience those extremely negative symptoms, or they won’t be so harsh. That is how you can achieve a healthier, more vibrant, and slimmer body without putting too much stress on your body and mind.

Here is what you will find in “Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally”:

– How to slowly burn body fat by decreasing the amount of toxic foods and drinks;
– What are the healthier alternatives to white sugar;
– What are the healthier alternatives to GMO white flour products;
– How to breathe correctly and boost our natural cleansing process;
– Which are the best types of pure water to flush out more harmful substances;
– Which drinks and teas are best for our daily detox;
– Which exercises can help us burn body fat and expel more toxins from our cells;
– Daily mini habits, which will gently cleanse your colon (the source of most diseases), and heal or prevent from constipation;
– and  much more…




Here is what a reader said about the book on Amazon:

Jean Grainger for Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally 
Buy this book!
Buy this book – change your life
This is not a diet book like all the others. I’ve lost weight and inches in just a few days – but I’ve done that before with other diet plans. What makes this special is the lovely non preachy, empathetic way Ms Vladova shares her encyclopaedic knowledge of the negative impact sugar and salt in particular have on our bodies.
Buy it.

FireDancer for Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally 
Powerful, holistic detox programme 
This book is a treasure for anyone serious about finding natural alternatives to all the harmful things our bodies crave due to the power and pressure of modern life and unscrupulous advertising techniques. If, like me, you are addicted to the sugar and salt added to any processed foods, this book will help wean you into a more energized, natural lifestyle.
This fascinating book provides an easily accessible summary of all the major ailments resulting from a “convenience-store” lifestyle. Ms Vladova explains each harmful element in sufficient detail that even those who have researched the subject will find something new. Her comprehensive suggestions (again with just the right level of easy-to-understand explanation) to replace these toxic substances and habits, gives every reader a wide choice of alternatives to suit their budget, lifestyle and preferences.
This is so much more than just another diet fad – Ms V’s holistic approach covers so aspects of daily life and outlines good practices which will have immediate beneficial effects.
Using these techniques, my 8-day detox programme resulted in a weight loss of 11lbs, and 5 inches round my waist. What is more encouraging, is that these losses have been maintained 6 weeks later by adjusting my diet and exercise routine according to her advice.

Jan Waters for Healthy Body Cleanse: Gently Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Naturally 
This is a wonderful, easy to read book loaded with lots of important, but simple information!! I recommend this book for anyone
The book held my complete attention. I couldn’t put it down. I am sure you will find some ideas that you can start implementing right away.




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burn body fat




My intention is for you to find all the information and motivation to start your health journey today! And when you are ready, you can go deeper into the subject with specific detox rituals, which can be applied on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. They will be the topic of my next book.

‘Till then… Stay healthy!

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