Where to Buy Organic Hair Care Products (Organic Beauty Products Suppliers)

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Where to Buy Organic Hair Care Products (Organic Beauty Products Suppliers)

buy organic hair care products, organic beauty products suppliers

You know I am a big fan of natural organic cosmetics and skin care! I like making my own recipes with natural ingredients which are allergy- and eco-friendly – good for the body, good for the Earth!

But this post is not intended to describe the benefits of natural skin care products vs chemical-based ones. I have mentioned them over and over again, and you can check them out in my ultimate DIY beauty recipe collection packed with more than 500 formulas for the whole body and hair!

But, let’s face it – life happens and we are busy getting things done – work, house maintenance, taking care of our children, cooking, cleaning, etc. You know the deal! And unfortunately, we leave self care for last… (sigh)

So, I understand that DIY organic products can be a hassle – it can be a time-consuming and a messy endeavor – from getting the necessary ingredients, to making the product, cleaning afterwards (which usually involves getting rid of greasy stains), and storing them correctly! Ugh!

Being responsible and mindful of what we put on our skin and out into nature takes effort!

So, I decided to give you a simple solution – you can actually buy ready-made bio organic natural cosmetic products easily from the comfort of your home!

If you have been searching for organic beauty products suppliers, look no further! I present to you Pronounce Skincare (also known as the Scratch Mommy brand)!

They offer everything you would expect from an Earth-responsible and natural beauty brand:

buy organic hair care products, organic beauty products suppliers

  • Organic and non-GMO certified goods;
  • Clean and healthy ingredients – in their own words: “you can pronounce every label”;
  • Handcrafted products – produced, packaged, and shipped with lots of love and care;
  • Great customer service;
  • Fast and cheap shipping (may vary depending on your location, of course).

What can you find at the Pronounce organic skin care products website? Where do I start? I think you can pretty much change all your personal hygiene and beauty routine with natural non-toxic substitutes right away! Here are just a few categories you can find in their organic skin care products shop:

  • All kinds of organic skin care salves and other items – foundation, face powders, washes, toners, scrubs, skin moisturizers, serums, lip balms, etc.
  • Organic beauty treatments for the body – body butter, after shaves, deodorants, bug sprays, body scrubs, foot lotions, and more.
  • Organic hair care products that work – Pronounce provides excellent hair serums and beard care packages!
  • DIY beauty products ingredients (certified organic) – if you are still in the mood of making your own cosmetics, you can find lots of the necessary tools and compounds there as well in the Herbal Boutique section! They have everything from carrier oils, emulsifiers, herbs and powders, salts, clays, and containers! Awesome, huh!

Just look at their best sellers list and remember to frequently check their sales page for any sweet deals and promotions as well!

Also, do not forget that you can make awesome organic beauty products gift baskets to send to your loved ones for any occasion! Pronounce have wonderful gift sets for that purpose!

If you are a man and don’t know what to get your partner – no worries, just garb a gift certificate and your lady will have the freedom to choose whatever she likes! Win-win!

Now do you want to see what the customers are saying? Just go to brand’s main page and scroll down to check the amazing rave reviews!

OK, I am out – I am going to grab their bug spray ASAP because the mosquito season is here!

buy organic hair care products, organic beauty products suppliers

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