Delicious Fig Smoothie to Boost Your Immunity This Fall

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Delicious Fig Smoothie to Boost Your Immunity This Fall

The fall is usually the time when we start preparing for the winter both mentally and physically. As the temperatures naturally drop, we can feel how our bodies become more sensitive to the changing conditions and sadly, they usually are more susceptible to potential bacterial or viral infections.

This is due to the stress our organisms experience as a result of the environmental changes, the fewer hours of sunlight and subsequently – less vitamin D synthesized (this vitamin is essential to our strong immune system), and last but not least – we tend to stay much longer indoors with the AC running and circulating the bacteria and viruses in the air.

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So, it is of upmost importance to start taking care of our natural defense system so we prepare ourselves for the upcoming cold seasons and ensure fewer (if not none) colds and flu infections! Sounds good, right?

And to help you out in this process, I am going to make a suggestion for a very yummy autumn fig smoothie containing powerful immune-boosting ingredients which can be easily found during the fall!

One of these important ingredients is my favorite bee pollen! This is one of the best natural supplements you can include in almost every diet plan! Since there is a lot of info about bee pollen’s extraordinary powers, you can read an entire blog post I dedicated to this awesome substance!

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Just remember, this healthy beverage contains bee products, so in case of a potential allergy, you may need to skip this recipe!

Also, take the bee pollen supplement (or this immune-boosting fig smoothie) for about a month and then, you can take a break for a while before repeating the healing course! 

With that being said, let’s get to the recipe!

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Immune-Boosting Fig Smoothie
fig smoothie
fig smoothie
  1. Simply place all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Homogenize the mixture with the kitchen appliance until you reach the desired consistency.
  3. Decorate with some minced fruits of choice, if you desire. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Note: feel free to substitute almond milk with organic goat milk which is extremely nutritious and packed with essential healthy fats and amino acids!

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Stay tuned for more!

Until next time!

Fig smoothie, This delicious smoothie is one of the yummiest fig recipes and wonderful immune system boosters. Figs are perfect gut health foods for a gentle colon cleanse and constipation relief. Bee pollen is also among the most potent immune boosting foods and powerful natural supplements for women of all ages. This smoothie is the perfect autumn healthy breakfast for flu prevention for kids and adults! #immunesystem #naturalremedies #supplements

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