FREE Health Books to Read and Review

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FREE Health Books to Read and Review

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A couple of years ago when I started this blog, I had a goal – to share the knowledge I have accumulated throughout the years and help other people live healthier and happier lives!

Blogging is a great tool to do so but I was also looking for other ways to spread this valuable information – ways I could wrap all these recipes and recommendations in convenient packages.

This is where my books come into play and I am so happy I can use large platforms such as Amazon to further spread the word of holistic health and wellness!

Since then, I have published numerous books on various topics like detoxing, creating healthy habits, weight-loss, gluten-free living, vegan lifestyle cookbooks, non-toxic beauty products, etc. You can check out all of my books right HERE.

And I hope I will be able to continue producing more interesting and helpful products in effort to solve your health and wellness dilemmas and improve your vitality and positive self-image!

Unfortunately, I know that sometimes even the smallest prices could be unaffordable for some people who are on a tight budget. And I believe that health information should be available to anyone. Because without health and vitality, how can we pursue our dreams? How can we work effectively to earn more money and secure our children’s future and education?

That is why I decided to make a special offer to all my readers who wish to improve their lives without spending a fortune on ebooks! As of this moment, you have the chance to read FREE health books and start implementing my tips, strategies, and recipes right away!

But as you may know our Universe works in a manner of give and take. The sacred karmic law states that to maintain positive energetic relationships, there has to be some kind of energy exchange. And my proposal is very simple and easy – you read free health books and all I get in return is your precious feedback – an honest review! That’s all!

Sounds good?

Here is what you need to do, if you take interest in this deal. Please read carefully before applying. 🙂

  1. Sign up for my exclusive free health books readers team HERE
  2. When I am ready, I will send you the details of a free promo I have scheduled.
  3. You download the ebook directly from Amazon. You don’t even need to have a Kindle e-reading device. Amazon has provided free apps for mobile phones and computers you can use HERE
  4. After reading the book or a significant portion of it, you can share your thoughts in the form of a review on the product’s page on Amazon’s website. I will guide you throughout the process if you haven’t done this before. 🙂
  5. Once you write your feedback, you are eligible to continue with my next book. And that’s it!

Sign up for my exclusive free health books readers team HERE

Some prerequisites you need to have to be fit for this program:

  • You need to have an active Amazon account eligible for reviews – currently, you need to have spent at least $50 on their website to be able to write reviews.
  • Obviously, you need to enjoy reading ebooks on the topics of health and wellness and to have fun with the process. 🙂

If you think you are a good fit, you can sign up right away HERE!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message through the contact form on the website!

See you on the other side!

Stay tuned!

Until next time!

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