Free Keto Staples Recipe Book (Free Keto Meatless Recipe Ebook)

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Free Keto Staples Recipe Book (Free Keto Meatless Recipe Ebook)

free keto staples recipe book, free keto meatless recipe ebook

If you are even a little bit interested in faster and easier weight-loss, you may have heard of the popular ketogenic diet (also called keto, low carb, HFLC or LCHF).

And since I am also always looking for new healthy and effective ways have an easier time with weight management, I tried this slimming method for sugar detoxing. If you haven’t seen my testimonial on the Dr. Axe’s website, you can check it out HERE!

What I found is that the low carb high fat diet plan (if done correctly) can truly transform your lifestyle, your weight, your physique, and eating habits! One of the cool side effects of this diet plan, which I am really happy about, is that my taste buds changed and now I am much more prone to maintain a healthier nutritional plan! I started craving healthy low carb foods which I have never thought about, like eggplants, boiled eggs, sauerkraut, etc.!

But if we put aside the benefits of this weight loss diet (which is also excellent suitable for diabetics, after consultation with a doctor, of course!), I must say that there are few setbacks.

First off, there is one big misconception about the keto diet. And that is it is not the same as the Ducan’s plan or the Atkin’s diet (I made a full comparison between these nutritional regimens in my book The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan). One of the main differences is that you do not need to become a meat grinder on the LCHF diet! I think that is the largest mind block for most people who are afraid of consuming too much meat. Oh, just one more thing to add here, in my book The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan, I explain in detail how to follow this diet plan and avoid the most common health concerns related to it, such as gout and hyperuricemia, constipation, keto flu, high cholesterol, etc.

And one of those methods is simply adding more healthy low carb vegetarian meals to your daily menu (usually packed with the essential Omega 3 fatty acids), such as eggs, fish, high quality dairy products (like Bulgarian yogurt which is packed with probiotics!), leafy greens, all kinds of keto-friendly veggies and nutritious fruits packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals!free keto staples recipe book, free keto meatless recipe ebook

But since most of us are living hectic and busy lifestyles, we want our food to be healthy, easy, and quick to prepare! So, I have the solution you have been looking for! I give you my top 10 FREE keto vegetarian recipe collection!

I give you my most favorite quick and easy (usually made within 30 minutes)  keto meatless recipe ebook free of charge for you to start your effortless sugar detox plan right now!

This free ketogenic meatless recipe ebook will give you simple meals you can tweak or scale up to fulfill your family’s needs for nutrient dense food which is low in sugar and zero processed ingredients!

You can grab this keto vegetarian recipe collection free of charge if you simply fill out the following form! As a special bonus, you will get all my other freebies for a healthier lifestyle – how to gently detox your body without any pain or starvation using the Ayurvedic approach, tasty desserts with better white sugar substitutes, yummy smoothies and other natural DIY remedies for a stronger immunity, etc.! Be quick because I am not sure how long these free recipe guides will be available! I am seriously considering removing some of these in the near future!

And, of course, make sure you check the tick box “I agree”, if you wish to stay tuned and receive all my latest low carb recipes and upcoming promos and updates!

If you liked this delicious and easy free LCHF meatless recipe collection, you can find my weight-loss plan for women in “The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan”!free keto staples recipe book, free keto meatless recipe ebook


The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan” is your guide for a faster, easier, and healthier weight-loss!

Achieve your desired healthy weight without starving or exhausting workouts!

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-> and so much more!

Drop the extra pounds, restore your gut health, and quit dieting with “The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan”!

free keto staples recipe book, free keto meatless recipe ebook

Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and articles!

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