From Boredom to Success (Part 2)

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In Part 1 we have explored a couple of options to keep us busy when feeling bored. And activities that help us grow or just make us feel better. Here are a few more ideas. Enjoy!

Play the Prosperity game – browsing the web for cool stuff could be productive, too. Often when we see something that we really like, but it is absolutely out of our financial comfort zone, we tend to avoid it. But this mind game can help us open our selves to bigger possibilities. Any time you feel bored and you are just looking at items or experiences, try to think of them more as potential realities. Maybe take a minute and visualize them already being in your life. And who knows – one day you might be surprised! I know this from personal experience. 🙂
Games – playing games can actually bring us a lot of benefits. We all know that logical games such as chess, puzzles, sudoku, crosswords etc. help our brains stay active and prevent many diseases (like Alzheimer’s). But I think that every game that gives us a positive feeling is a very good personal investment. Many studies show that when people are happy and feel good, they make better decisions and solve problems much easily. Video games are also a good option. I know they have a bad reputation, but in my opinion, it is quite unfair. Action and strategic video/PC games help us in many ways – just look at the infographic below (click to enlarge for it to be readable).

BenefitsOfVideoGamesI would make just a small suggestion – I would not recommend playing games that involve violence and disturbing images. I think you already know why.
I also noticed something very interesting about playing an interesting game. It works like a form of meditation. Your mind drifts far away from the stressful daily life and becomes calmer and clearer. Many times I have received great ideas or inspirations while playing.
Read – “Duh!”. I know, I know – it is obviously a common way to spend some quality time when feeling bored. But it is worth mentioning anyway. If you have a long (procrastination) list of to-reads, now is the time to start. When it comes to procrastination itself, I always use the small steps method. It usually works like magic. And as soon as you know it, you won’t be able to put the book down (if it is interesting, of course). Reading educational or DIY literature is a very good option to fill your extra time with something useful and self-developing.

Scrap booking a.k.a. the book of possibilities – this is the most childish (and typically female) thing I like to do in my spare time. I cut out everything that catches my eye in a magazine, newspaper or something like that and glue it in a special journal. Sometimes when I feel inspired I even use some color pens and markers to further decorate. This is a very fun way to distract oneself and make yourself feel like a kid again. One day, these images might as well turn into reality. And one more thing… if you haven’t watched the movie “The Last Holiday”, do it!

So, these were my simple suggestions. There are countless ways to transform boredom into productivity, fun, self-development etc. But I want to add some final words about what to avoid:
-> recalling past embarrassing moments;
-> feeling regrets about what you have done or haven’t done;
-> beating upon yourself for whatever reason;
-> “I could’ve/should’ve/would’ve…”
-> recalling people and/or situations that hurt you. Man! Forgive and forget!;
You get the point.

And remember:

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” (Not sure if John Lennon quote or Bertrand Russell)

I am curious what do you usually do when feeling bored?

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