Low Libido – How to Heal It Naturally?

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Low Libido – How to Heal It Naturally?

Why do we need a healthy libido?

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Stress overload and unhealthy lifestyle lead to low libido.

Now that we are in the 21st century we can finally talk about our reproductive system more openly. And the libido is an important part of the equation. We cannot procreate life on Earth without it. A healthy libido is a signal that our energetic system is in a good shape and our reproductive hormones are balanced and in a healthy state. If your sex drive is suspiciously low, it means something is not quite right here and it needs some of your attention. Even in the Eastern philosophies, the sexual chakra of our energetic bodies (the Sacral) governs not only our sexuality but our overall ability to bring energy and life force (Chi) into our lives. So, to put it simply, no libido – no energy! That is why I intended to share with you some simple ways we can all use to… stir things up a little bit. 😉

Heal Your Low Libido with Meditation

One of the biggest culprits for our damaged libido is stress. There are mainly two types of stress – negative and positive. Here we are talking about the negative stress – our daily dose of anxiety, pressure, moodiness, depressive and dark thoughts. These companions constantly push our buttons and cause our stress hormones to be regularly secreted, which causes our bodies to be constantly in fight-or-flight mode. And when your system “thinks” our survival is at stake, it does not leave any room for… you know… some romance and sexy thoughts. 😉 This is where meditation comes in. It is the ultimate stress management tool! You can choose whatever relaxing technique you want (SPA treatments, massages, walks in nature, etc.), but meditation is always available and totally free! And that is what it makes it so universal and powerful at the same time. Do not forget about the diaphragmatic breathing pattern when meditating. 😉 A word of caution: you can meditate any time of the day or in any circumstances, you feel appropriate, but remember – meditation should not be performed during driving or operating machinery!

Grab your Reverse Gray Hair Meditation!

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Heal Your Low Libido with Yoga

I have said it before and will keep saying it in the future – yoga is not just stretching our bodies in strange positions. 😀 It is a holistic practice which works on physical, mental, cellular and even spiritual levels. If we use this ancient practice regularly, we can achieve greater health, mental clarity and a deep sense of wellbeing. This does not exclude our reproductive system! There are specific yoga asanas dedicated to boosting our overall energy (Chi) and sex drive. As you can see these two components are tightly connected to each other. What you can start doing right away is commence practicing some hip openers that will boost your libido and gently balance the Root and Sacral chakras! You will get back on the naughty train in no time!

Heal Your Low Libido with Naughty Books

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Boost your libido with… books!

If I ask you the question “Which is the biggest sex organ in the human body?”, what would you answer? The genitals? Nope! It’s the brain! The mighty brain and the two master glands (hypothalamus and pituitary) are responsible for our hormonal balance and healthy sex drive. That is why stress and mental pressure usually hit us between the sheets. So, beside the meditation tool I mentioned in point 1, you can upgrade your sexy arsenal with some naughty books. Why books and not just… uhm… porn? Because there is a huge difference between stimulating your imagination, and passively consuming visual content. Besides, pornographic content has been known to have a detrimental effect on your sex life, if used in excess. On the other hand, books are proven to have a positive effect on our intelligence, creativity, and imagination. Need some directions? Here is an awesome book series, by the talented Lola Jamieson, you can check out: The Very Sexy Series Boxed Set. Books 1 to 5

Heal Your Low Libido by Balancing Your Hormones

 We should not underestimate the physical aspect of the problem. The hormonal issues have become the norm for most people – male and female. And the result is obvious – lower libido, frigidity/impotence and other dysfunctions, even higher levels of infertility! That is why it is so important for us to keep a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, boosting the work of our reproductive system. Don’t know where to start? Fear not! Hop into the section dedicated to relieving PMS symptoms and you will find out all the natural possibilities out there!
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Oh, I almost forgot – I’ve got one little tip for you, especially if you are male. Do not put your laptop on your lap! Yes, it is absolutely counter-intuitive, I mean that is why they are called LAPtops, but trust me – you definitely don’t want to fry your testicles! And don’t laugh! It’s not funny! (trying so hard not to laugh)

Practice, Practice, Practice!

As the old saying goes “Appetite comes from eating” and our healthy sexuality is not an exception! Earlier in this article, we talked about the endocrine system and the importance of proper hormone secretion. And another easy way of stimulating these important glands is to practice. So, my homework for you is to take a simple challenge – try to have sex (or self-satisfy) for the next 30 days (or more). It is the easiest way to get your juices flowing, stimulate your immunity, fight anxiety and depression, balance your hormones, and more…

Stay tuned for more health and wellness information!

‘Till next time!

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