Homemade Cough Syrup with Honey (Homemade Sore Throat Syrup)

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Homemade Cough Syrup with Honey (Homemade Sore Throat Syrup)

Homemade Cough Syrup with Honey, Homemade Sore Throat Syrup

Winter is almost upon us and the usual suspects begin to emerge – colds, the flu, bacterial infections, and annoying coughs. While the former can be treated successfully for a couple of days, the cough can be quite persistent and stubborn to eradicate. Usually, this is the last symptom that goes away.

So, I thought I should share my favorite natural homemade sore throat remedy to help with this unfortunate situation. But before we begin, do remember – this is a complementary DIY sore throat remedy! Consult with your doctor or pediatrician before applying this remedy! Also, since this turnip cough syrup contains honey (or maple syrup), it may not be suitable for diabetics or those with an insulin resistance. Turnip juice is also not recommended for people with sensitive digestive systems, ulcers, pancreatitis, etc. Consult with your medical specialist for a suitable remedy!

Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, let’s see how this homemade cough syrup recipe can be useful for us!

Does this homemade cough syrup work?

Homemade Cough Syrup with Honey, Homemade Sore Throat Syrup

Image source: Milica Vladova©

Of course, I can only speak from my own experience and I must say it is quite positive. Last year I had a serious case of a persistent dry cough which was ruining my sleep and causing a constant headache (from all the pressure), and anxiety. So, I decided to try and test this DIY sore throat syrup I kept hearing about – the black turnip cough syrup.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have black turnips at my disposal, so I used a couple of white ones which do not produce such a strong spicy flavorful juice. But still, I could still feel the immediate soothing effect of the remedy. I guess the black turnips would be much stronger, but also – not suitable for kids and those with sensitive stomachs.

So, white and red turnips would be perfect if you are trying to make a DIY cough syrup for toddlers.

I also combined this homemade cough syrup to remove phlegm from the lungs with my other favorite natural and effective sore throat remedies:

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How to make homemade cough syrup?

The process of making this amazing homemade cough syrup without ginger is very easy and straightforward!

All you need is a couple of turnips (preferably black), and some raw organic honey. If you wish to make a 100% vegan cough remedy, just substitute the bee product with maple syrup or molasses. Please, avoid using white sugar and use it only as a last resort.

Now, cut the tops of the turnip bulbs and carve out medium sized holes inside the tubers. Next, place some hone inside the craters (do not fill to the top), cover with a tissue or a plate to avoid any pests or dust from infiltrating the remedy, and leave them for a couple of hours. Through the process of reverse osmosis, the honey will draw the turnip juice out into the crater and you will have a sip of a true natural cough elixir.

Homemade Cough Syrup with Honey, Homemade Sore Throat Syrup

Image source: Milica Vladova©

Empty the tubers, and repeat the process until the turnips dry out or go bad. Carefully observe the veggies for any signs of rotting or mold.

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