The Keto Diet Plan Ebook (Keto for Women Book)

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The Keto Diet Plan Ebook (Keto for Women Book)

keto diet plan ebook, keto for women book


Are you looking for LCHF books in English? You want to lose a few extra pounds (or maybe more than a few) but you don’t know where to start!

Look no further! My new energy boosting diet book using the high fat low carb diet plan for effective and quick weight loss is here!

Thankfully, after 18 long years of searching, many trials, and errors, I finally feel I have found my holy grail of losing the extra weight, staying fit, and actually feeling good when looking in the mirror. And most importantly, I have found the way of staying sane throughout the whole process by making some lifestyle changes that would work on autopilot instead of depleting my willpower.

Imagine going into the changing room without any anxiety whether that gorgeous cocktail dress would fit!

Imagine the sigh of relief of throwing away your suffocating body shaping underwear and looking at yourself in the mirror with pride!

I have written this guide as a result of my own experience with this method. I was trying to figure out how to tweak it to fit my own sedentary lifestyle, busy schedule, and feminine nature with mood swings, sugar cravings, and so on, you know the deal. Because as we all know, there is no one size that fits all! Men and women react differently to various diet plans; different body types do not behave in the same manner as well.

So, this is my keto survival guide – how to apply it without going insane or more importantly – without sacrificing your health and wellbeing!

Here’s what I have included in this keto 101 ebook (available as a paperback as well, no worries!)

The different body types

First you will learn the three main body types (ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs) and how they react to food and exercise (especially carbs); why you shouldn’t compare your body type to theirs’ and copy their weight management strategies (this is huge! Imagine Beyoncé trying to be as thin as Kate Moss! That’s a recipe for disaster! 😀 ). But this is not just an endomorphs weight loss guide, it is also an excellent keto for mesomorphs book manual!

How to form your keto habits

I go deep into the habits formation process so you can run your healthy lifestyle on autopilot. One of the most common mistakes when trying to change our diet and exercise routine, is our efforts to rely on sheer willpower! And willpower is exhausting and extremely energy-consuming! That’s why most diets don’t work and most New Year’s Eve resolutions are abandoned soon after! Once you get the basics of creating powerful healthy habits, you can achieve everything!

The nuts and bolt of LCHFketo diet plan ebook, keto for women book

You will learn everything you need to know about the low carb diet plan itself – how to pick the right foods, how to easily calculate your macros, how to create your own meal plan, how to gently start the sugar detox process and handle the keto flu, etc. And to make life easier, I have a FREE cookbook with all my favorite vegetarian keto staples “10 Quick and Easy Meatless Keto Recipes“!  Subscribe to my newsletter and get access to your cool freebies and special surprises==>

Keto and your health

There is lots of controversial information about the pros and cons of this energy boosting diet plan. I will go over the major ones so you can make an informed choice. In this low carb Mediterranean diet book, you will find out how this nutritional plan relates to various health risks such as: high cholesterol, constipation, is there a link between keto and gout, are there any recommended supplements you should add to your menu?

Of course, I will remind you once again to consult with you doctor before starting out this weight loss method. I did exactly that and I encourage you to do the same. Safety first!

A gentler version of the program

As I have mentioned, there are some health conditions for which the LCHF diet plan may be counter indicative. I haven’t forgotten about those people! There is a section dedicated to a lighter version of the diet for those who do not wish to go into the extreme variation but still want to take advantage of the amazing benefits of Banting – mainly, weight-loss and energy boosting! This is especially useful to vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and other people who should follow to certain food restrictions.

Keto cheat days guide

Speaking of lighter versions of keto and loosening up, here’s the best news – you won’t have to give up your favorite chocolate cake for good! Yay! I have included my strategy for adding re-feed days into my weight management program to keep my metabolism fast, my hormones in order, and my sanity intact! Re-feed days are essential for our female bodies, so pay attention! Well, these are technically cheat days, but you will learn the difference between the two and decide which version you prefer and which is more suitable to your lifestyle and temperament!

Keto liver detox

If you are a fan of this blog, you may have probably noticed that I pay a lot of attention to the health of our largest internal organ. It is not only essential to our survival but it is also directly related to and engaged in the metabolic processes in our bodies. So, there is a chapter specifically dedicated to a quick and easy gentle liver detox to help you out on your weight loss journey. If you are interested in this topic, you can check out Complete Body Cleansing (Consult with a doctor first and stay safe!)


We can’t go without it! I have included my favorite simple exercises which (if performed regularly) will speed the metabolism, tone the body, strengthen the muscles and bones, and ultimately help you prevent serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, etc. Chronic lack of physical activity is a huge problem right now! My suggestions are easy to perform at home with just a few or no equipment tools needed! And fear not, even if you are not a fan of working out, with the power of habits, you will turn this chore into an integral part of your daily routines! I have a couple of hacks up in my sleeve to help you out even during the days when you don’t feel like exercising at all!

Oh-Kaaaay! Are you ready?

The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan” is your guide for a faster, easier, and healthier weight-loss!keto diet plan ebook, keto for women book

Achieve your desired healthy weight without starving or exhausting workouts!


  • How can I burn the extra fat without starving myself?
  • How to stop the yo-yo dieting for good?
  • How to build healthy routines on an autopilot with zero willpower?
  • How to support my digestive system and slim down at the same time?
  • How to lose the extra weight without sacrificing my health?
  • How to learn to listen to my body’s needs in terms of nutrition and fitness?
  • and so much more!

keto diet plan ebook, keto for women book


Drop the extra pounds, restore your gut health, and quit dieting with “The Energy Boosting LCHF Diet Plan”!

Note: this LCHF ebook and paperback are available only on Amazon for the time being!  You can grab your copy from the Amazon stores worldwide or get your keto ebook free of charge if you are part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription program!

Stay tuned for more articles on healthy cooking, wellness, and fitness!

‘Till next time!
Stay healthy!

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