Keto Yogurt Recipe with Berries (Low Carb Fruit Dessert)

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Keto Yogurt Recipe with Berries (Low Carb Fruit Dessert)

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The main keto yogurt recipe ingredients
Keto yogurt toppings and additions
Can yogurt with berries be a keto lunch

Today’s food suggestion is something really yummy, healthy, and low I carbs!

If you are having a sweet tooth and you are wondering what to munch on, this recipe is for you!

If you have no idea what this keto (or low carb) diet is all about and what its benefits are, you can check out my article on the Dr.Axe website.

Keto yogurt recipe with berries, keto yogurt dessert

The main keto yogurt recipe ingredients

This easy yummy recipe consists of just a couple simple components:

  1. Berries

As you probably know, the keto diet is very restricted when it comes to carbs. And some of the few sweet things we can eat are berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. That is why this keto yogurt recipe is focused on these yummy fruits that can indulge your senses without ruining your waistline!

For your information, according to Cronometer (my favorite FREE tool for counting my daily macronutrients and calorie difference) 100 grams of raw strawberries contain merely 5 g net carbs, fresh blueberries 10 g net carbs, raspberries – 4.4 g net carbohydrates, mulberries – 8 g net carbs. So, you choose which ones you prefer according to your needs and preferences!

If you are not sure how to use the HFLC diet plan for weight-loss and the whole topic of net vs total carbs, and calculating your daily calories deficit confuses you, you can check my detailed guide on using the ketogenic plan for weight management specially designed for women’s health!

OK, back to the recipe!

In today’s low carb fruit dessert I have used my favorite homemade raspberry jam which is very easy to make! The recipe is right here: Low Carb Raspberry Jelly (Raspberry Jelly without Pectin)

But if you do not have one prepared beforehand, no worries! One simple variation is to simply use fresh mashed berries of your choice (or defrosted frozen berries).

Or you can grab from some of the best store-bought suggestions like these below!

Sweet Strawberry Jam by Good Good
Nature’s Hollow, Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam Preserves
Stevien Jam No Added Sugar
Skinnygirl Sugar Free Preserves

  1. Cinnamon

For this keto yogurt recipe I have added one more special ingredient – cinnamon. This unpretentious and common spice is extremely powerful and super beneficial to your health and wellness.

It speeds the metabolism, lowers the blood sugar level (excellent for weight management for the endomorphic body types), and has acute anti-septic and anti-viral properties! Definitely something to add to our daily menu!

If you are fan of the Indian spices, you can definitely add more aromatic additions, like nutmeg, cardamom, or vanilla!

  1. Gelatin

I like my desserts wiggly! 😀Bolognese Zoodles Recipe for Weight Loss, How to Preserve Zoodles

So, I often add gelatin to my sweet creations (such as this awesome no bake raspberry cake). Gelatin is a very simple ingredient but it should not be underestimated! It supports the connective tissues and keeps our joints and bones in top shape!

But, remember – gelatin is an animal product, so if you are following any type of strict vegetarian or vegan diet plans, you need to substitute this compound with other options.

These can be agar-agar powder, chia seeds, golden linseeds (since they are much more chewable and digestible compared to the regular brown flax seeds).

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  1. Yogurt

I have put the most important part for last.

Oh, yeah, I come from the land of yogurt and this dairy product is sacred here, so it must be put on a pedestal! 😀

Yogurt is packed with healthy probiotics which strengthen your immune system and heal the gut! Here’s a little more about probiotics: Building the Immune System with Probiotic Gut Health Foods

BUT! It is extremely important to have high quality product for this keto yogurt recipe to reap all the benefits!

And here you have two main options – make your own low carb yogurt or buy a ready-made product which saves you time and effort!

Here are a few pros and cons of each choice:

  • Pro: By making your own yogurt at home you have full control over the ingredients you use. You can choose organic high-fat milk from a local farm which has not been infiltrated with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, etc. Do not worry, making yogurt is not that hard, especially if you have your own yogurt maker and quality starter. This starter can be used for vegan yogurt as well, and for fermenting! See recipe: How to Easily Make Bulgarian Yogurt at Home (With or Without a Yogurt Maker)
  • Pro: You can choose whatever type of milk you prefergoat milk (which is very low on lactose and it can be suitable for lactose intolerant folks; plus this type of dairy is closest to human breastmilk, so it is much more digestible by our intestines), buffalo (contains higher amounts of fat which makes homemade yogurt extremely creamy and tasty – excellent for LCHF followers), sheep, etc. It’s a wonderful way of adding more probiotics to our healthy diet plans!
  • Pro: You can also make your own vegan yogurt using coconut milk, almond milk, sesame seed milk, etc. My recipe for whipped low carb coconut yogurt is right HERE, and you can also check the FREE guide for the other vegan options created by Bacillus Bulgaricus – you receive it as a gift with your first purchase of their products!
  • Con: Well, probably the only downside to making your own fermented probiotic dairy at home is the time and effort involved!
    We all know that life nowadays is much more dynamic and busy – there is so much to be done and there are so many tasks to be completed. And we all know that there is nothing better than having a ready-made healthy diet-friendly snack at our disposal at any time! Especially when we are at work and there is no time to think about healthier options! Speaking of yummy and beneficial office snacks I always picture Terri Crews and his hero in the Brooklyn Nine Nine series and his favorite yogurt snack! 😀
    Top low carb yogurt brands are White Mountain, FAGE, Chobani plain yogurt, Two Good, Siggi’s plain yogurt (or skyr), etc.

Keto yogurt recipe with berries, keto yogurt dessert

Keto yogurt toppings and additions

For me this recipe is yummy as it is, but I know some people want to experiment and tweak this formula to suit their preferences.

By adding more healthy stuff to this delicious low carb yogurt dessert, you can make yourself the perfect breakfast recipe to substitute the usual cereal which is packed with sugar! So, here are some suggestions!

  • Nuts

Adding chopped walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts, macadamia, pecans, etc. is a great way to increase the amounts of fiber and vegan protein to your delicious treat! If you can use raw ones, it is even better. Just remember to soak them beforehand to remove the growth inhibitors to make them more easily digestible! Remember that peanuts are actually legumes.

  • Seeds

Pumpkin seeds (I always keep them when I am making my annual pumpkin puree winter preserve), sunflower seeds, sesame, hemp seeds, chia, linseeds, etc. are some great options as well! These additions are not only super tasty, but also packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and other unsaturated fats.

  • Protein

Adding more proteins to our daily menu is a super smart way to improve our macronutrient count. By increasing the consumption of amino acids (in the recommended dosages) we help our bodies recover and regenerate tissues more quickly, we feel less hungry, and we naturally speed the metabolism which ultimately helps us with our successful weight management!

Of course, to achieve this by merely consuming more protein-packed foods is not always easy to do, especially for those of us who do not like to eat meat all the time!

So, here are a couple of options:

  1. A regular keto-approved protein powder, such as this one. This is one of the top rated options which also has some cool additions like collagen peptides, MTC oil, and a super nice chocolate flavor. Yummm!
  2. A vegan low carb friendly powder for those following a strict vegetarian or a vegan diet plan. The same brand has this plant-based option just for you!

Can yogurt with berries be a keto lunch

 You know I am referring to this recipe as a dessert, an afternoon snack or a breakfast idea, but can this be a low carb lunch as well?

Technically, yes, but I personally wouldn’t rely on just yogurt and berries to support me throughout the day.

Remember that the main idea behind the LCHF diet plan is consuming enough healthy fats which will sooth our cravings and give us the necessary energy for our bodies to function properly.

It is totally up to you to experiment and see how you feel! If your tummy is rumbling with hunger soon after your yogurt lunch, you can try adding something else to your menu and leave this low carb fruit yogurt as an afternoon treat!

I personally would choose something much more satisfying and preferably with a bit more proteins as well. I have some interesting suggestions for you in that regard below:

Keto Feta and Spinach Omelette for Egg Haters
Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe (Low Carb Spinach Quiche)
Low Carb Pizza Recipe (Gluten Free Pizza Recipe)

Keto yogurt recipe with berries, keto yogurt dessert

The recipe:

Print Recipe
Keto Yogurt Recipe with Berries
Keto yogurt recipe with berries, keto yogurt dessert
Course Desserts
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 20 minutes
Course Desserts
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 20 minutes
Keto yogurt recipe with berries, keto yogurt dessert
  1. Cover the gelatin with some lukewarm water to bulge up.
  2. Next, heat it in a double boiler until it melts and becomes transparent. Leave it aside to cool down.
  3. Mix the yogurt with the jam and the cinnamon, and blend them well. When the temperature of the gelatin is close to the yogurt’s, add it to the dairy mixture.
  4. Stir well to blend the ingredients.
  5. Pour the mixture into 2 dessert cups (mine were with 140 ml capacity) and place the cups in the fridge for about 20 minutes to set.

Nutritional info according to Cron-o-meter

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Bolognese Zoodles Recipe for Weight Loss, How to Preserve Zoodles

OK, that was all for today, lovely people!

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