Want to Learn to Get Up Early (Earlier)? But Why?

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Let’s face it – getting up early is not always that easy. We have all heard about that owls, larks, and hummingbird theories. But does that mean our sleep cycles are predetermined? I don’t like the idea of anything being predetermined for me! Where is my free will? Can’t I change myself if I wanted to? I believe anyone can! I believe we have the power to choose how our lives should be. So, if you are having trouble getting up in the early hours, this article might be of tremendous help!

Why get up early in the first place?

I really wanted to learn how to discipline myself to get up before my usual time. Why? I don’t have to go to work anymore as I did before, so why should I bother – I can laze in the bed till noon? This is a dream come true – ahhh, the soft touch of the sheets, sooo comfy and warn! What is happening to me?! 😀 I know I may have gone insane, but here are my reasons:

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  • More energy and clearer mind – getting up late made me feel more sleepy, tired, and sluggish throughout the day. Sounds illogical, but it’s true. I gave myself a really long period of time to feel what it’s like to be free from the 9 to 5 regime. I thought that if I get more sleep I would feel more refreshed, rested, and productive. Nothing can be fuuuuuuurther from the truth! I cannot stress this highly enough! I haven’t met a single person (including myself) who gets up at noon and feels energized!
  • More productivity and motivation – strongly related to the previous point. I remembered a time when I was able to get up very early and was feeling so good, so motivated and ready for the day! I was able to accomplish more! And to this day, I see more and more evidence of the direct link between productivity and being an “early bird”.
  • More time to plan, organize and grow – my mind still cannot grasp the idea of absence of time. The only thing I know is that we all have these imaginary 24 hours and… they are never enough! 😀 But I have learned a valuable lesson – if something is important, you will MAKE time for it. So, getting up early, especially before everybody else, gives you a bit of time and space to plan and organize your day. Or time to invest in your own growth and self-development. I read somewhere that successful people spend their mornings reading something educational, meditate, visualize, plan, sort their thoughts or simply… preparing their minds and bodies for the day, instead of rushing mindlessly from task to task.
  • Greeting the Sun – this is my personal favorite! I suspect that this is my main motivation to start getting up earlier. Have you ever been awake during sunrise? If you haven’t, my personal piece of advice to you is to try it. At least once, just to see if it gives you a positive feedback. Saluting sunrise is no news!

    Image source: Pixabay

    Almost all ancient cultures (even though they had been many miles apart) share deep affection for the celestial bodies in our Solar system. But the Sun had always been in the center of their rituals. Of course, there are no coincidences! Without the Sun, we cannot exist in our current physical form; our bodies need solar energy to survive. For me, greeting the Sun has a special sentimental value – this is one of the main routines that helped me heal my severe depression a while ago. But this will be in another article.

Just set your mind to get up early, just for the purpose of experimenting, and you will see for yourself if it fits you and your lifestyle. If you have been trying to build this habit with no or little success, stay tuned! I will share what helped me change my sleep cycle completely! It could be of great value to insomniacs, too!

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