Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe (Low Carb Spinach Quiche)

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Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe (Low Carb Spinach Quiche)

Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche

I am still in the mood for healthy low carb winter recipes with the amazing spinach! If you missed the last one, you can check it out below along with the wonderful nutritional benefits of this seasonal leafy green veggie.

Keto Feta and Spinach Omelette for Egg Haters

Today’s suggestion is a very easy lazy variation of my beloved spanakopita (pastry with spinach). And if you were wondering about its exotic name, keep reading!

Where does spanakopita originate from?

Spanakopita is a traditional Greek recipe which literally means “pita with spinach” or “spinach burek”. But, as most things in the Balkans, various variations of this winter dish can be found throughout the whole peninsula. For example, in Bulgaria we also have a type of spanakopita called “spanchnik” (“spanak” meaning spinach). If you know another name for this yummy fall recipe, let me know in the comment section below!

Is spanakopita healthy?

Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche

Image source: Milica Vladova©

Generally, I would say “yes” – the homemade spinach burek has a lot to offer – vitamins, minerals, microelements, healthy fats, and proteins. But if you are following a diet plan which restricts any grains and pastries (any general weight-loss plan, keto, celiac disease diet regimen, low FODMAP, etc.), the most common spanakopita will not be suitable to you and substitutes have to be made. Just like our healthy easy keto spinach quiche we have today – it is nutrient-dense which satisfies your hunger for hours, vegetarian, 100 % gluten free, keto-friendly, and suitable for easier weight management!

Is spanakopita gluten free?Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche

This traditional Balkan recipe usually consists of spinach, leek, dill, feta cheese, and eggs. Unfortunately, it also calls for using filo pastry which is not gluten-free. If you can find a gluten-free store-bought variation, let me know! And besides, today we will be making a quick easy lazy keto spanakopita without any dough or filo sheets!

Is spanakopita keto friendly?

As I mentioned previously, all ingredients in the traditional spanachnik recipe are LCHF approved, except the dough. So, if you are on the keto diet plan and you wish to have a healthy low carb vegetarian dish, it is best to make your own spanakopita without the filo pastry.

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How to make this low carb easy spanakopita?

For this lazy keto variation of the spinach burek, you will need just a few ingredients:

  • spinach (obviously!) – fresh or frozen;
  • keto friendly flour of choice – I used sesame, but I know some folks do not like the slight bitter aftertaste, so you can substitute with almond flour, coconut, sunflower, pumpkin seed, etc.;
  • eggs – preferably fresh from free range happy chickens;
  • feta cheese – I am a raving fan of Bulgarian feta (sirene), but feel free to substitute with the Greek option, cottage cheese or ricotta;
  • yogurt – here are a few options as well. You can buy Bulgarian yogurt or make it yourself at home. You can use the Greek variation, or try some kefir – homemade or store-bought. Just remember to check the macro nutrients of the product you buy and see if it’s keto-friendly.

For this recipe, I used Bulgarian buffalo yogurt which is super thick, creamy, and with lots of healthy fats (10% fat). But it thickened the batter too much, so I had to add some water.

On the other hand, if your yogurt (or kefir) is too runny, you may need to add some more flour to achieve the desired cake batter consistency!

For exact quantities and detailed instructions – check the recipe card below!

How long to bake the low carb spanakopita?

This will depend on the amount of ingredients you use, the size of the baking pan and your particular oven (all ovens perform in a different manner 😉 ).

Since this keto spinach quiche was a bit of an experiment for me, I made a small batch with the below-described quantities and I used an 11-inch (28 cm) non-stick tart pan which worked beautifully. The keto vegetable quiche only needed 15-20 min baking at top and bottom heat to be fully cooked!

Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche

Image source: Milica Vladova©

What to serve with your keto friendly spanakopita?

You can combine this keto spinach quiche with pretty much anything suitable for your diet plan and needs! I prefer a low carb green salad with some lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar), extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seeds, and some Himalayan salt.

It is recommended to combine nutrient-dense foods (with lots of fat and proteins) with light fiber-rich salads packed with vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

Why is my spanakopita soggy?

You have probably added to much yogurt which was too runny and the consistency was too liquid.

Try to reach a thick mass which looks like regular cake batter and use a wider baking pan. 🙂  

How long will the spanakopita keep in the fridge?

First of all, remember to store it in an air-tight container so it does not soak some unwanted smells from the refrigerator.

If you are not sure whether the dish will be consumed within a few days, try to make a smaller batch. 🙂

I left mine for about 4 days in the fridge at about 5 ºC (41 ºF), heated it in the oven for several minutes and it was perfect!

Which leads us to the next most commonly asked question:

Can spanakopita be reheated?

Absolutely! Well, it is best to eat it fresh and warm, but if you wish to save some for breakfast, you are welcome to do so. I can’t guarantee the taste will be the same, but it is still a wonderful dish to quickly grab and go!

Can spanakopita be served cold?

Yes, if you like the taste. 🙂

If you have any more questions, just write them down below!

Bon appetite!

Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche

Image source: Milica Vladova©


Print Recipe
Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe (Low Carb Spinach Quiche)
Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Low Carb Spanakopita Recipe, Low Carb Spinach Quiche
  1. First, wash the spinach leaves, remove the stalks, and cut it in small pieces.
  2. Next, place the leafy greens in a non-stick pan and heat them at medium temperature. Stir occasionally until you evaporate as much water as possible.
  3. Meanwhile, mix the yogurt with the baking soda and wait a little bit for the chemical reaction to subside.
  4. Also, melt the butter, if you haven't done so already, and crumble the feta cheese.
  5. Next, beat the eggs and blend them with the yogurt, the butter, and the cooked spinach. Use a hand blender, or a kitchen chopper, if you need to.
  6. Then, add the flour and stir again to homogenize the mixture. The goal is to reach the consistency of thick cake batter. Add more flour or some water, if necessary,
  7. Start heating the oven to 180°C (356°F).
  8. Finally, add the feta cheese to the mixture, and pour it in your greased baking pan.
  9. Bake for about 15-20 minutes until fully cooked.

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Stay tuned for more healthy gluten-free and low carb recipes and health articles!

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Stay healthy!

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