Natural Swollen Tonsils Remedies (+ Purulent Tonsillitis)

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Natural Remedies for Recurrent Tonsillitis in Adults (Tonsillitis Home Remedies)

swollen tonsils remedies, tonsillitis home remedies



It’s cold outside and unfortunately, the most common illnesses are visiting more often than we would like to – colds, the flu, bronchitis, and of course – tonsillitis with white spots and its very serious variation – purulent tonsillitis (tonsillitis with exudate a.k.a. peritonsillar abscess). Yuk!

It’s painful and sometimes very hard to treat!

I must admit, ever since I was a kid, every winter I got several of these unpleasant conditions! And every time I was following the doctor’s orders to the letter which usually included lots of strong medications such as antibiotics.

And we all know what this leads to – weaker immune system and the disease comes back around pretty quickly which leads to recurrent tonsillitis after antibiotics. The simple reason is the detrimental effects of antibiotics on our natural healthy intestinal flora (the probiotics) which are responsible for more than 80% of our immunity.

You can read all about it in my previous post right here => The Dangers of Antibiotics

But don’t get me wrong – I am not against antibiotics! I am against irresponsible and too frequent usage of these medications for conditions which do not require them.

But in case you have to take them (listen to your doctor’s advice on this), you can use my ultimate after-antibiotics recovery program to build your immunity back to normal! Check it out here => The Ultimate After Antibiotics Restorative Program

Speaking of immunity, before listing my top 3 natural swollen tonsils remedies, I have to remind you of the first step you need to take when dealing with almost any kind of disease – building your natural defense against the viruses, bacteria, parasites, and environmental conditions!

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Can tonsillitis be cured without antibiotics?

Once you get the basics, you can move to my favorite tonsillitis natural remedies (including tonsillitis with cough) I use every time these important lymph nodes start swelling.

Let’s see which they are!

  1. Saline solution

The saline solution is probably one of the best natural swollen tonsils remedies for treating tonsillitis in adults which is very easy and cheap to make! You may have heard of the wonderful antiseptic and antifungal properties of salt which make it a wonderful tool for fighting bacterial infections such as purulent tonsillitis!

All you need is a cup of clean filtered water mixed with 1 tsp. ground salt and 1 tsp. baking soda (optional). It is best to use pink, Himalayan, Celtic, or sea salt, for they contain loads of healthy minerals and micro-elements, but table salt also works well, if you do not have the above-mentioned.

After you make the solution, simply take a sip and gargle for as long as you can tolerate and spit it out.

Repeat the procedure as often as you can or need to. Once every hour is a good rule of thumb. Shake the solution before each use.

Just one important reminder – saline can be a bit harsh on the tooth enamel so make sure you gently rinse your mouth with water after each procedure as you try not to swallow the liquid and wash away the solution from the throat!

This will prevent your teeth from any damages or sensitivity! 😉

  1. Homeopathic swollen tonsils remedies

I love homeopathy! No matter if some people may say it’s pseudo medicine and it’s not effective. Recently I remembered that it was actually a doctor who pointed me to homeopathy to treat my weak immune system and frequent cases of the flu! If some medical professionals see the benefits of these natural remedies, who am I to judge? And more importantly – my own experience proved their incredible effectiveness!

Of course, keep in mind that homeopathy is a complimentary treatment for tonsillitis remedies for adults. If you have an emergency or any pressing and concerning discomforts, please consult with your doctor or visit the emergency instead of self-medicating!

Natural healing should not be accompanied with lack of common sense, I believe! 🙂

There are two major combined homeopathic remedies for tonsillitis – one is developed by the German company Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, and the other one – by another German company named Deutsche Homoopathie-Union. Here they are:

  • Angin Heel
    Angin Heel is a combination of several single homeopathic swollen tonsils remedies such as Apis mellifica, Arnica montana, Atropa belladonna, and more. It is designed specifically for common tonsillitis and peritonsillar abscess. You can apply this remedy as a shock treatment during the first 2 hours of the discomforts taking 1 tablet every 15 minutes.

Then, you can continue with the regular administration of 1 tablet 3 times a day until the lymph nodes come back to their normal state.

If the disease worsens, consult with a doctor immediately!

  • Tonsillotren
    Tonsilotren consists of other very effective substances such as Atropinum sulfuricum, Mercurius bijodatus, Silicea, etc. You can test them both and see which one works for you best. I personally prefer Angin Heel and it never failed to sooth my symptoms as quickly as 2 hours.

Just remember three things: when taking homeopathic remedies, you should not have any taste in your mouth – avoid eating, drinking, and smoking at least 30 minutes before and after administrating the tablets.

Homeopathy works best when the treatment is prescribed by a qualified physician who will take note of your particular case and medical state. This medicine is not based on one-size-fits-all approach  typical for the common allopathic treatments. Keep that in mind! 🙂

Also, in severe cases of purulent tonsillitis (if you see any white spots of pus on your tonsils), it is best to go to your doctor ASAP and avoid self-medicating!

  1. Cottage cheese poultice

Say whaaaat?

Yup, you read that right! Organic cottage cheese is one of the most amazing natural tonsillitis cure without antibiotics. Unfortunately, it is not very popular, especially in the western world.

And the more bizarre thing about it is that no one really knows how it actually works! At first, I was quite skeptical. I mean, how the heck coagulated milk can help my lymph nodes heal and detox? But my curious mind had to test this, and lo and behold – it worked like magic.

At this point, I am not interested in the mechanics of this natural purulent tonsillitis remedy, but it would be great if modern medicine could find its secret!

For the purpose of this article, I am only going to show you how to apply it at home and you can see for yourself if it is worth repeating the procedure. 😉

Now, first let’s clear something up – Bulgarian cottage cheese is a bit different from the western one – it is much drier and suitable for making a poultice. It looks like the picture below. ⇓⇓⇓

swollen tonsils remedies, tonsillitis home remedies

If this product in your country is a bit runnier, just strain it with cheesecloth until you achieve the desired consistency.

If you do not have access to such products, you can always make it on your own at home. The process is very easy and straightforward:

Take 2 liters (4 cups) organic milk and warm it in a metal pot on medium heat.

Add 2/3 cup plain yogurt (or lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc.) and stir nicely.

Do not let the mixture start boiling. The best temperature for the process is about 190°F (90°C).

The milk will quickly start to coagulate and the cottage cheese will be floating on top. Stir for a couple more minutes and then, extract it with a slotted spoon.

Finally, strain the dairy product once again with cheesecloth overnight until you remove the most of the liquid from it.

And that’s it!


Now that we have the cottage cheese, it’s time to prepare the poultice.

It’s also very easy and simple.

Take an old scarf or a large long piece of cloth and cover it with one layer of kitchen wrapping foil (stretch foil).

Then, spread some cottage cheese (at room temperature or slightly warm) on top and gently place it on your neck. Remember that the goal is to cover the lymph nodes with the cottage cheese.

Fixate the poultice and leave it to work for several hours or for best results – leave it overnight.

Repeat the procedure until you see significant improvement – this remedy has not shown any negative side effects so far.

Feel better yet?

I certainly hope so! I know how awful and painful tonsillitis can be, so I keep my fingers crossed my swollen tonsils remedies to prove their effectiveness to you, too!

Stay healthy, guys! And remember that prevention is key, so building our immune system is the foundation, and one of the best swollen tonsils remedies to begin with!

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Until next time!

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