Parsley Pesto with Walnuts (Low Carb Pesto Recipe)

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Parsley Pesto with Walnuts (Low Carb Pesto Recipe)

parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

Are you looking for a fast and easy low carb recipe that is super yummy, healthy and keto friendly? Then look no further!

Today’s healthy food suggestion will be my version of the pesto Genovese recipe but with more common and accessible ingredients!

I present to you my recipe for parsley pesto with walnuts and yellow cheese!parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

This keto-approved pesto recipe is super quick and packed with essential nutrients – a perfect addition to your balanced healthy menu!

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Now before we get to the recipe, here is a quick clarification.

Is pesto low carb?

Generally speaking, the traditional pesto Genovese recipe can be considered suitable for the keto diet plan.

All the ingredients such as basil leaves, olive oil, pine nuts, Italian hard cheese, etc. are keto friendly. The main problem with store-bought pesto is that it may contain other compounds which are not-so-healthy and suitable for the HFLC diet plan.

For example, producers may improve the taste of the product by adding sugar, taste enhancements, artificial coloring, unnatural preservatives, food dyes, etc.

So, it is always better to make your own pesto for keto diet followers, or read the labels carefully before purchasing!

Now, today’s variation for parsley pesto with walnuts is also 100% keto-approved. As you can see in the nutritional info right after the recipe card below, a 100-gram serving of this parsley pesto contains merely 5 grams of net carbs!

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Low carb and keto recipes

Is parsley pesto good for you?

I would say “totally, yes!”

Our homemade low carb pesto recipe is packed with:

  • leafy greens with lots of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, anti-oxidants, and micro-elements;
  • healthy fats from the extra virgin olive oil;
  • fiber from the nuts and greens;
  • proteins and amino acids from the cheese and walnuts.

parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

How to make parsley pesto?

This quick low carb pesto recipe is very easy to make and with lots of possibilities for tweaks to suit your food preferences or diet requirements!

As you may have guessed, the main ingredients are:

  • a bunch of fresh parsley,
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • raw walnuts – preferably soaked if you want to avoid any possible gut irritation. Of course, if you wish to stick to the traditional recipe, you can make your Italian parsley pesto recipe with pine nuts instead;
  • yellow cheese – you can use whatever type of yellow cheese you prefer as long as it mature. I personally love Bulgarian yellow cheese (called kashkaval), but you can substitute with grated Parmesan as well;
  • garlic;
  • lemon juice – freshly squeezed;

The exact measurements and instructions are in the recipe card below!

But there is not that much to tell really – you just basically blend all the compounds until homogeneous and that’s it!

Keep in mind that the smoother you want the pesto to be, the better and more powerful your kitchen chopper must be. But no worries, use what you have at your disposal at the moment!

How to make this parsley pesto vegan?

If you wish to make a vegan variation, you just need to remove one ingredient – the cheese. The recipe will still remain super delicious and healthy and suitable for a vegan lifestyle or a religious lent.

But there is also one more option – you can try substituting the Parmesan with the best vegan keto cheese you can find or prepare at home. I probably would have to try and test a few recipes since I have a wonderful probiotic cheese starter by Bacillus Bulgaricus I need to use!

How to store parsley pesto?

I keep mine in a sterilized glass jar with a tight lid in the fridge (mine is set at 5 ºC/41 ºF) and I always scoop with a clean utensil to avoid contamination since we haven’t used any preservatives whatsoever.

parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

How long does parsley pesto last?

If you keep your pesto tightly closed in the fridge and the ingredients are fresh, it should be good for a couple of days.

But try to consume it fresh as soon as possible (there will be a few suggestions below) and always check for bad smells or suspicious spots and coloring! If something seems fishy, throw it out ASAP!

Can you freeze parsley pesto?

I personally have never tried it but it seems like a good idea for easy keto meal prep!

My guess would be that there should not be a problem freezing your pesto since all the ingredients are totally freezable (even the olive oil). My recommendation would be to use a suitable container – in this case the glass jar may break. So, I would use an eco-friendly freezer bag instead.

Uses for parsley pesto

Ah, this keto friendly pesto recipe is so versatile you can use it however you wish! It is an excellent addition to a recipe for Caprese salad instead of the usual pesto Genovese or generally as a salad dressing of any kind. You can make spaghetti with parsley pesto or the low carb version – keto pesto zucchini noodles, etc.

The options are endless! Share your best parsley pesto recipe ideas in the comment section below! I would love to read them!

parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

Print Recipe
Parsley Pesto with Walnuts (Low Carb Pesto Recipe)
parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 15 minutes
parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe
  1. Wash the parsley and remove the stalks.
  2. Next, place the leafy greens in your kitchen chopper and mince them.
  3. After that, grate the cheese.
  4. Now, start adding the ingredients one by one as you continue to mince and blend.
  5. When you reach the desired consistency, the parsley pesto is ready! Easy, right?
  6. Transfer the pesto sauce into your glass jar and store int he fridge tightly closed!

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parsley pesto with walnuts, low carb pesto recipe

Stay tuned for more healthy gluten-free and low carb recipes and health articles!

Until next time!
Stay healthy!

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