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13 Natural Remedies for Joint Inflammation and Arthritis

  13 Natural Remedies for Joint Inflammation and Arthritis Joint inflammation is one of the most common causes of rheumatoid arthritis. It is painful and extremely discomforting. But the most worrying thing about his ailment is that if not treated in time, it continues to deform the joints leading to severe stiffness and immobility. Unfortunately, Read more about 13 Natural Remedies for Joint Inflammation and Arthritis[…]

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Natural Sunburn Treatment

  Natural Sunburn Treatment Ah, summer is almost here and I cannot wait to hit the road to the beach and relax with a smoothie and a good book in my hands! But as we know proper preparation for the sunbathing season is a must to preserve our healthy skin and young appearance! (You can check out Read more about Natural Sunburn Treatment[…]

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Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss

  Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss Hair loss is a serious problem- not just for our appearance, but for our health as well! Certainly, there are loads of anti-hair loss products on the market. But most of them are either ineffective or packed with artificial toxic ingredients that only make things worse! So, here Read more about Homemade Hair Treatment for Hair Loss[…]

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DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy

  DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy Looking for a non-toxic natural acne remedy? Fear not! With the help of essential and carrier oils, we can significantly improve our skin condition! And remember – by using natural skin and hair care, we help decrease the toxic imprint on our precious beautiful planet! DIY Organic Pimple Home Read more about DIY Organic Pimple Home Remedy[…]