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More Herniated Disk Natural Remedies (Part 3)

  More Herniated Disk Natural Remedies (Part 3) In previous articles I shared some tips about nutrition and exercising, now it’s time for medicating. 🙂 1. Pain control – having a slipped disk means dealing with very strong pain. When the disk itself is protruded, the jelly-like content leaks and starts to press the nerves Read more about More Herniated Disk Natural Remedies (Part 3)[…]

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Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2)

  Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2) In Part 1, we explored the nutrients needed for our body to return hair’s natural color and texture. But these days are extremely stressful for us and as we know too much stress affects negatively our whole wellbeing. Hair does not make an exception. So, in Part 2 Read more about Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2)[…]