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How to Increase Our Vibrational Level?

If you remember from my previous post The Importance of our Sexual Partners I mentioned the biological energy field around our bodies called the aura. Well, nowadays pretty much everyone more or less knows what the aura is. You can find aura cameras that show you how big the aura is and what its main Read more about How to Increase Our Vibrational Level?[…]

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Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2)

  Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2) In Part 1, we explored the nutrients needed for our body to return hair’s natural color and texture. But these days are extremely stressful for us and as we know too much stress affects negatively our whole wellbeing. Hair does not make an exception. So, in Part 2 Read more about Natural White Hair Remedies (Part 2)[…]

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Beat The Premenstrual Disorder for Good (part 2)

  Beat The Premenstrual Disorder for Good (part 2) In part 1, we discovered the main causes for PMS and some natural tools to get rid of its unpleasant symptoms and to restore perfect hormonal balance. Here we continue to explore other helpful ways to heal the Premenstrual Disorder: – The Premenstrual Disorder cured with Read more about Beat The Premenstrual Disorder for Good (part 2)[…]