Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)

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Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)

tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert


Today’s suggestion is something I am really thrilled to share with you – a yummy tahini keto cake which is actually pretty close to the tahini halva recipe.

Just a little background – the tahini halva is a dessert popular in the Middle East, some parts of Asia, and of course – my motherland – the Balkans. But the traditional recipe is packed with sugar, so I wanted to make a vegan keto dessert easy to make and which will contain only healthy ingredients – healthy fats, lots of fiber, proteins, and very little carbs!

But first, let’s talk a little bit about the main compound in our keto tahini cake and the main question that may arise…

tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert

Is tahini low carb?

 To answer this question, we need to take a look at the carbs in tahini, and more importantly – the net carbs (total carbohydrates minus the fiber). Looking at the tahini nutrition stats from Cronometer (a very cool free app for calculating your macros!), we can take a deep sigh of relief; the net carbs for a 100-gram serving of this delicious vegan food are merely 1.9 g which make sesame tahini a completely keto-friendly food! Whohoo! BUT – always read the labels of the products you buy and make sure they do not contain any added sugar!

BTW, since we are on the topic of keto tahini recipes, make sure you check out this awesome sesame tahini bread! You are going to love it! I promise!

Low Carb Sesame Tahini Bread

Now, back to our tahini keto cake!

Making an easy and quick vegan keto dessert seems like an impossible job, but we have some amazing low carb products at our disposal to make it absolutely achievable.

First, we have something I have become quite fond of lately – the amazing creamed coconut which you may recall from the ultimate delicious gluten-free fudgy ice cream recipe I shared previously.

Chocolate and Coconut Fudgy Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

Next, to prepare this low carb vegan chocolate cake obviously we need to add some cacao powder which is a fabulous energy booster that supports the nervous system as well. But to make this tahini halva even more nutritious, I have added walnuts (again – perfect brain food!) and the outstanding superfood – chia seeds.

Now, as a result, we have a tahini halva recipe which is yummy, healthy, diet-friendly, and super nutritious with merely 4 grams of nets carbs per one 100-gram serving according to Cronometer. Not bad, huh!

tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert

How to make the sesame tahini keto cake sweeter?

I understand that the sweetness of this low carb vegan cake may not be enough for some.

So, here are a couple of suggestions to indulge your taste buds:

  1. Skip the cacao powder – although it is super healthy, this compound adds a bit of bitterness, so you can totally skip it. Well, it won’t be a chocolate tahini cake but still it would be super delicious.
  2. Add some erythritol – erythritol is one of the best tasting keto friendly sweeteners along with xylitol, and monk fruit extract. I know it is not very budget-friendly, but it is not supposed to be consumed frequently in large amounts anyway. I have described all of their pro’s and con’s in my upcoming book on healthy weight-loss using the low carb diet plan, specially designed for women. If you wish to be among the first to learn more is, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and become an insider! You will get access to many cool freebies and special surprises!
  3. Add some berries – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currant, etc. are some of the keto diet fruits you can eat and add to this keto tahini cake if you like. It will make it juicier, healthier, and much more enjoyable!

And now, finally, get your shopping list ready, and let’s get cooking! This recipe will take you about 15 minutes to make (not counting the time for the cake to set, but the cake batter is 100% consumable right away!).

Oh, I almost forgot – just like with the ice cream recipe, this mixture is very versatile and you can use it for many different creations – quick and easy vegan chocolate mousse, cake icing recipe, healthy pancake topping, coconut truffle base, fat bomb base, etc. Let your imagination run wild!

tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert

Print Recipe
Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)
tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
tahini keto cake, halva cake, low carb vegan dessert
  1. The preparation of this keto tahini cake is very easy! First, grind the walnuts.
  2. Next, blend all ingredients - you can use a hand blender, a kitchen chopper or any other suitable tool you have.
  3. Pour the mixture into a cake mold and place in the fridge for about 2 hours to set.
  4. Garnish with whatever keto-friendly foods you have - berries, desiccated coconut, hemp seeds, etc.

Nutritional info according to Cron-o-meter:

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Bon Appetite and stay healthy!

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