Tenth House in Gemini

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Gemini in 10th House Natal

Gemini in tenth house, 10th house Gemini

Tenth House in Gemini (MC Gemini) – how Gemini as a career house could mean when it comes to choosing a suitable profession? We continue the astrology series in finding your best career choice by inspecting the Tenth house in the natal chart, also called Midheaven, or Medium Coeli. The third sign in the zodiac is Gemini, and today we will find out what professions are most likely to be suitable for people with Gemini tenth house cusp. If you are not sure what sign is “sitting” on your Midheaven, read this article first.

Basic Traits of Gemini sign

The characteristics of the Tenth house will be influenced by the traits of the third sign in the zodiac wheel. In other words, by taking a good look at Gemini, we’ll get a clue of the most suitable career paths for the individual with Midheaven in Gemini.

Since this astrological sign is mutable, a typical Gemini is a very adjustable person. They can fit in any type of environment with their built-in curiosity and ability to learn. Generally they are friendly and open-minded people.

Their versatility pushes them to gather knowledge and know-how in many areas of life. They are eloquent and masters of communication – verbal, written, or technological. Being naturally witty, they are famous for their strong sense of humor.

The typical Gemini person is inclined to the intellectual part of life.

On the other hand, some of the negative traits of the third zodiac sign are lack of focus and persistence.Keto Chocolate Truffles Recipe, Healthy Keto Bliss Balls Low Carb They get easily bored and quickly move to other subjects to investigate, often without finishing the previously started projects. They can be very indecisive and feeling lost in all the available information, thus anxiousness may become their constant companion.

They also need to learn to pay attention to details.

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What Does Gemini Midheaven Mean?

What is Midheaven in Gemini and how it can point us at the right direction when choosing our career path?

Now we need to translate the above-mentioned traits of this zodiac sign into career possibilities for those with a Medium Coeli Gemini in their natal chart.

People with Gemini on the cusp of Tenth house have the ability to work in cooperation with others, because of their diplomatic skills. Consider finding a job, which provides a lot of diversity, because you may easily become bored.

Since Gemini is the sign of communication, you may be an eloquent speaker and people love listening to you, or a journalist, writer, and anything media and communication related.

The IT sector is a perfect 10th house Gemini career choice for these people – Geminis are usually very tech savvy.

Another excellent option among the suitable Midheaven in Gemini careers is the teaching – this profession also requires the ability to speak and explain complex matter in more simple language.

People with Medium Coeli in Gemini may have two or more equally developed careers. This astrological placement may also mean having different professions throughout your career path – simultaneously or successively. Remember not to overwork yourself and burnout!

More info on finding your perfect career path here! If you want more detailed instructions how to decode your 10th house Gemini position, you can grab one of my favorite books on the matter – Jan Spiller’s The Astrology of Success and Vol. 2 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Also, remember that to fully discover the hidden messages about your 10th house in astrology, you need to take a look at the position and aspects of the tenth house ruler. You can read all about it in Vol. 3 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Wish you luck and success!

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4 thoughts on “Tenth House in Gemini

  • Interesting, I have Gemini in the tenth house. Saturn and Mercury are in my third, opposite the MC. I’ve been struggling to find a good vocation that fits me well for a long time and it gets more pressing as I get older. But I seem to be at a loss. There’s allot of options but I’m not sure which I the best fit. I have skills in music and painting and I have many hours of reading and study under me, mostly comparative religion, astrology, and mysticism, with a focus of jungian psychology. But I just dont know what would suit me best. The comment about working with others seems like a good direction to go in becouse thus far I’ve been thinking of a career as being a solo pursuit. Gemini may work better in situations with lots of interaction.

    • Hey, Wren! thanks for stopping by!
      Now, I am not a professional astrologer but Mercury (the ruler of your 10th house) in the third house makes even a better emphasis on the traits of Gemini. So, I would go for something related to communication, marketing, writing, even working with siblings or traveling (something like a travel blogger 🙂 ) But you are the only one who knows best what your heart desires. Maybe it’s a matter of trying out different things and choosing the one that fits best.
      You can check out a Youtube channel on astrology I really like. The guy really knows what he’s talking about. For example, this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNrV6qW6bCY&t=604s

      Also, you may need to take a look at the 6th house as well – it is where the day-to-day work is. 🙂
      Good luck!

  • Thank you for your article. It was so insightful and could understand more about my choices and why I get bored after some time at work.

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