Tenth House in Libra (10th House Libra)

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Tenth House in Libra (10th House Libra)

Libra in tenth house, 10th house Libra

Right after Virgo, the next stop on our astrological career journey is Libra. What does having Libra in the 10th house natal chart mean? Which career options would be most suitable? What kind job can you pick to have more success and recognition? Let’s find out! But first, remember to check this article if you are not sure which astrological sign is placed at the cusp of your tenth house.

Characteristics of the Libra sign

Before we jump to the meaning of Medium Coeli Libra (MC Libra) career wise, we have to dissect the Libra sign itself. By delving into its strengths and weaknesses, we can make a better judgement of the best job and career choices of a person with 10th house In Libra.

The typical Libra sign is very friendly, diplomatic, sociable, thoughtful, and polite. Since this sign is ruled by Venus (along with Taurus), Libras can be quite artistic, romantic, and true connoisseurs of beauty and all types of arts. The seventh zodiac sign has the ability to see both sides of the coin and remain impartial in a heated dispute.Libra in tenth house, 10th house Libra

On the other side, Libras can also be quite indecisive, capricious, passive aggressive, hypocritical, and superficial. Be careful not to fall prey to people who do not have your best interest at heart for your naivety and gullibility.

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What does Libra Midheaven mean?

Now that we know the typical positive and negative traits of the seventh astrological sign, let’s transfer those to the tenth house of the natal chart – the area of our best career choices, recognition, and one of the parent figures (usually the father).

The best Midheaven in Libra careers will require diplomacy and tactfulness. If your Venus is well aspected, your career might be concentrated on working for and with women.

When it comes to Venus, everything connected to beauty and art must be taken into account – beauticians, talented hairdressers, art gallery managers, etc.

If you are more inclined towards the technical specialties, architecture and design might be your calling!

Libra on the tenth house cusp could also mean having a talent for being in the field of law, since you have the ability to have astute judgments of people and situations (it is no coincidence that the judicial system is represented by the scales of justice).

More info on finding your perfect career path here! If you want more detailed instructions how to decode your 10th house Libra position, you can grab one of my favorite books on the matter – Jan Spiller’s The Astrology of Success and Vol. 2 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Also, remember that to fully discover the hidden messages about your 10th house in astrology, you need to take a look at the position and aspects of the tenth house ruler. You can read all about it in Vol. 3 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Wish you luck and success!

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3 thoughts on “Tenth House in Libra (10th House Libra)

    • Hey, Tanya, sorry for the late reply – things were pretty messy with the latest Mercury retrograde! 😀
      Now, having your 10th house in Libra means that the ruler of your Midheaven is Venus and it is sitting in its own house. I think this puts some extra focus on the traits and specifics of the Libra characteristics – everything about beauty, art, romance, creativity, women and everything related to the female energy, gardening, Earth, etc.
      Also, in my opinion, having the 10th house lord in the 10th house puts extra emphasis on the themes of the Medium Coeli (naturally ruled by Capricorn) – ambition, reputation, and having a strong sense of purpose and working on your dream job and following your inner calling.
      This could mean that your reputation and your life mission may be connected to everything Libra-related. When following your passion for creativity, making art, serving women, or everything connected to aesthetics will help your reputation and your career advancement. In other words, you have the potential and the intense ambition to make a name for yourself for being artistic, creative, feminine, and a nature-loving person!
      Good luck in your career pursuits! 🙂

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