Midheaven in Pisces (10th House in Pisces)

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Midheaven in Pisces (10th House in Pisces)

Table of contents:
Choosing a Pisces career according to the typical characteristics
10th House Pisces Career Options
Recommended books for choosing a career based on astrology

Pisces in tenth house, 10th house Pisces, 10th house in Pisces

Finally – it is time to close this astrological series with the last sign of the zodiac – Pisces. But before we dive into the most suitable career option for people with Medium Coeli Pisces (MC Pisces), we need to discuss the most common traits of this sign. Remember, being a Pisces (which means having your Sun in the Pisces sign) is not the same as having your tenth astrological house in the last water zodiac. If you are not sure about this placement, check out the following article which will give detailed instructions on how to find out!

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Choosing a Pisces career according to the typical characteristics

The typical traits of the Pisces sign will define the natal’s tenth house and their best job choices. So, let’s take a look!

“The fish” of the zodiac are a watery mutable sign with rich imagination and they usually exhibit compassion, tolerance, and care towards others (especially animals).

Pisces can also be very spiritual, religious, mystical, charming, and courteous.

But on the negative side of the spectrum, representatives of this watery sign have a lot to work on in terms of being too dreamy and unpractical, avoiding all kinds of arguments, having low self-esteem, and being easily influence by others. Also, be extremely aware and careful with addictive substances which help you avoid reality – these can be detrimental to your mental health and overall wellbeing!

But always remember that we as humans have free will and these are merely some predispositions and it is our decisions that define who we become. Here comes our natal chart which gives us the road map to what we can focus on and what to let go.

Also, some astrology teachers have mentioned in the past that since this is the last zodiac sign, it can be a collective image of all signs of the zodiac combined. Just like there are countless types of fish in the water, there are all kinds of Pisces in the world, which only adds to their mystical nature! My personal experience confirms this – all the Pisces I know are completely different! And that’s definitely the most intriguing sign of them all!

10th House Pisces Career Options

Now that we know some of the most typical characteristics of the last zodiac sign, let’s take a look at how the tenth astrological house will be transformed with Pisces being at tenth house’s cusp!

The first thing that pops to mind is everything connected to the medical profession since Pisces are naturally caring people (especially with a Cancer ascendant – another watery sign). If you are not fond of being social with people, the veterinary filed might be just for you!

Also, since Pisces are a watery sign, and money is associated with this element (thing about all the terms we use like “currency” and “liquidity”), Midheaven in Pisces can be good for having a profession in the financial and banking arena. But I would prefer the natal to have an Earth ascendant (such as Taurus) to give them more stability, trustworthiness, and responsibility; because Pisces on their own may be good at making money, but they can also be irresponsible spenders as well (especially if Neptune has lots of negative aspects).

On the other hand, if the tenth house ruler (in this case Neptune) has good aspects, the person’s 10th house Pisces career can be centered around art – music, writing, acting (again, Taurus as an ascendant will do a wonderful job here!).

If your ascendant is Gemini or Cancer, you may be indecisive about your preferred career choice and have more than one job or a project going at the same time!

P.S. Keep in mind that the whole natal chart will play a part in your best career choice.

More info on finding your perfect career path here! If you want more detailed instructions how to decode your 10th house Pisces position, you can grab one of my favorite books on the matter – Jan Spiller’s The Astrology of Success and Vol. 2 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Also, remember that to fully discover the hidden messages about your 10th house in astrology, you need to take a look at the position and aspects of the tenth house ruler. You can read all about it in Vol. 3 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology.

Wish you luck and success!

Recommended books for choosing a career based on astrology

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon  store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

As far as astrology books for career success go, this one is my absolute top choice! I personally am a huge fan of the author Jan Spiller and I think her books are really practical and helpful. And this one is no exception – it is a well-written guide into the world of professional development and choosing a suitable job which not only pays the bills, but it is a true life vocation. If you are in the process of changing your work place or you are just starting to look for a meaningful fulfillment, this volume is a great manual to help you out in this process. The main focus of the book is indeed the tenth house and everything related to the area it governs – social status, our highest achievements, our father and the father figures in our life, the government and the authorities. You will learn a lot about your personal 10th house is Pisces – what it means and what the best opportunities and your potential for career growth is, and even leaving a legacy. So, if you have your birth chart at hand and you have some basic knowledge of astrology – like how to determine where the cusp of your Medium Coeli is placed, which is the ruler of your Midheaven sign and where it is placed – this book will give you all the remaining valuable information you need for finding your vocation in life!

Any good astrology professional has to look at the birth chart from a holistic point of view. This means that the 10th house alone is not the only place we need to take a look at when choosing a suitable career path. One of the other important aspects of our horoscope is two essential elements – the Lunar Nodes. These are not exactly planets or asteroids, but more like specific locations of interest – namely, the points where the Moon’s trajectory crosses the Sun’s ecliptic path. They are called the North and the South Lunar nodes or the Head and the Tail of the Dragon (or Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology). Many astrologers (including the author Jan Spiller) argue that these intersection points signify our karmic path as well as past incarnations and our current life path as well. If that’s the case, this will definitely have a significant impact on every aspect of our existence, including the vocation we came here on Earth to express (or our Dharma). So, if you wish to take a peek at your special and unique talents you decided to develop in this lifetime, do not miss this awesome book focused on the topic of the magical Lunar Nodes!

As I mentioned previously, it is always a good idea to take a look at our natal charts from a holistic point of view. Every good astrologer has to always keep in mind the whole chart even when analyzing a certain aspect of it (like in this case it is the best 10th house in Pisces career options). But if you decide to go through this process by yourself, you need to know the basics of astrology – the celestial bodies in the Solar system and their astrological glyphs, the typical characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs and their ruling planets, the twelve astrological houses and the areas of our lives they govern, and much more! And if you are a complete newbie in this ancient knowledge, you will need a practical guide which would give you the necessary information. That is why my next book recommendation is this super useful and pragmatic textbook on some of the most important astrology foundations! And even if you are already familiar with these concepts, it could be a good thing to have a guidebook by your side for reference. I myself always keep this astrology book series at hand when I need to check some important details. And you never know – you may become your family’s personal astrologer who loves reading the birth charts of your friends and close ones!

Let’s say that you know all the basic stuff about astrology and you wish to take a deeper look at some of the aspects of your birth chart. This is where my next book suggestion comes into play. The second installment in this series is a great guide into the magical world of astrology and some of the intriguing parts of the potential we came here to express. This is a book which is focused on some of the techniques for calculating a birth chart, but the more important part is related to the analysis. Namely, what does it mean to have a missing element or planets without any aspects? Moreover, you will learn more about the significance of the retrograde planets in the chart, as well as intercepted signs and houses, decans and duads, the meaning of your North and South Lunar Nodes (as you may have noticed in the previous book recommendations, these points in the natal chart can be quite influential to our whole life on Earth), some interesting points of interest (like the Arabic points), the position of Earth (it is considered by some astrologers to be the true ruler of Taurus), etc. But what’s most important in this volume with regards to finding a suitable career path is the section dedicated to the cusps of the houses. This is an extremely vital part of the chart analysis. In this case, you will find in detail what your Midheaven in Pisces means and how it may influence your professional development. Moreover, you will take a peek at the meaning of your Ascendant, the cusp of the second house (our material gains), the sixth house (our day to day job and work routine), the Descendant (our relationships, including professional ones and business partners, etc.), the eight house (other people’s money and assets).

This amazing astrology book series consists of six volumes, but for the sake of getting all the basic knowledge for analyzing the career opportunities in our birth chart, we would need mostly the first three. So, this would be my last book recommendation by Marion March and Joan McEvers. And I would advise you to grab this one along with the others since it contains some essential info you will need. I am talking about the rulers of the houses. So, the previous volume was focused on the cusps of the houses and their placement in the zodiac wheel. And here in book 3 you will take a look at the ruling planets of these houses – where they are ‘sitting’ and the aspects they have with the other celestial bodies and interesting points in the natal chart (like the Lunar Nodes, the Ascendant, Imum Coeli, and of course, the crown jewel – Medium Coeli). This analysis is extremely important if you are to take a deeper look at your inborn potential for professional success. But that’s not all! Work is usually tightly connected to our material gains, our day-to-day job, our business partnerships or other people’s assets. So, this book will show you the rulers of these important houses as well – the second, the sixth, the seventh, and the eighth. And last but not least, at the end of the volume there are some super cool and practical guidelines and specifics when it comes to deciphering your career potential according to astrology and other specific areas of delineation including wellbeing, vocation, personal appearance, marriage, and more.

As you may have probably noticed, I really like Jan Spiller as an astrology author. That is why I would also recommend this book if you have an open mind and you wish to try everything in your quest of finding your vocation. This is not exactly a traditional astrological book but it could be assigned into a more spiritual, Wiccan or New Age category. But I still think it would be a valuable read to anyone who is interested in how the Moon’s movement around the zodiac wheel can help us pick the right timing or performing certain rituals for success and prosperity. And when it comes to finding your best career opportunity and professional potential, you can take a look in this book for the right moment to set a powerful intention to find what you are looking for. For instance, New Moon in Capricorn can be a magnificent and magical moment to focus on your search for your vocation and meaning in life. Jan Spiller will show you lots of practical and intriguing details how to take advantage of the power of the Earth’s natural satellite, just like our forefathers and foremothers did!

Let’s get back to the topic of finding your best career potential with astrology! My next book recommendation is this simple guide into the world of the tenth house, and your personal 10th house in Pisces as well. If you wish to learn more about this specific part of your natal chart, this is a great read you can definitely take a look at! The volume is dedicated to not just finding a suitable job that pays the bills and keeps you alive. Here in the Midheaven point we are looking for our highest achievements and our vocation – what we came here to do and to leave as legacy, the meaningful work that keeps us motivated and inspired through the impact it has to other human beings on Earth. So, let’s see what the author has prepared for us! The book will show you your whole chart through the lenses of finding your best profession and life calling – the placement of the planets in the chart in signs and houses, the significance of the most influential celestial bodies and points (the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant), the meaning of your Descendant, the Imum Coeli, and of course Medium Coeli, some interesting Arabic points which signify luck and success, the meaning of particular natal houses which would also have an impact on your career (like the houses of life and substance, etc.), you will also learn some cool stuff about your destiny through the Lunar Nodes, and so much more!

To fully understand your professional potential which lies in your 10th house in Pisces, you need to have a very good understanding of the zodiac sign itself. In this article I did a quick summary of some of the most typical characteristics of the last astrological sign and what types of career fields might be suitable to you. But this may not be enough. And to get the full picture and find more interesting ideas, you can grab this manual which is specifically dedicated to the twelfth zodiac sign of Pisces. By getting deep into this subject you may feel inspired into pursuing a profession which might better suit your needs and natural-born talents. This volume is also suitable to anyone who has a strong Pisces or Neptune influence in their chart to help them learn more about themselves, such as having an Ascendant in Pisces, Moon in Pisces, stellium in Pisces or a stellium in the twelfth house (a stellium is when you have several planets in the same sign or a house), etc. And that’s what finding your vocation is all about – you find your best strengths and weaknesses and see how they can be put into good use in a particular profession that will give you satisfaction and fulfillment.

Saturn is an extremely important planet in our birth chart, especially when it comes analyzing our professional potential and best career opportunities. This is actually the natural ruler of the tenth house and its position and movement through the zodiac wheel will have an impact on our work life as well. However, there are some specific times in our lives when the significance of Saturn in terms of professional development is even greater. These are the so called Saturn returns or Saturn revolutions. They happen about every 29 years when this transiting planet conjuncts with our natal Saturn position. This means that Saturn makes a full circle around the zodiac wheel for 29 years. This phenomenon is extremely important and can be a turning point for many people and their career development. Changing jobs and even our overall professional direction in life is very common in these challenging periods of time. That is why I would strongly recommend to anyone who is even remotely interested in astrology, to learn more about the influence of this transit and to be prepared as best as possible. And for those who are indeed searching for their life’s calling and vocation, navigating through their Saturn return may be truly life-changing! This book not only gives you valuable information about what a Saturn revolution is, but it also gives you some extremely valuable and practical tools to take the most out of it as well through “meditations and manifestations to help you through (using crystals, candles, and bath magic)”.

As I mentioned in the previous book suggestions, it is best to always keep the whole picture in your mind, even when analyzing particular areas of life (in this case, the professional potential which lies in the 10th house). I noted that the book series by Marion March and Joan McEvers are absolutely amazing starting points for getting acquainted with the ancient knowledge of astrology. However, some people may prefer to have all the basic concepts nicely condensed and arranged in one single book to keep as a constant reference guide. If you prefer this variation, I would like to suggest this awesome book by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. This volume will help you learn more about yourself and the great potential that your astrological chart holds. You will decipher the meaning of each planet and celestial body in the various signs and houses, as well as the planetary aspects, the significance of your Ascendant/ Descendant and Imum Coeli/Medium Coeli axis points, etc. Here you will take a look at your most suitable jobs, but also interesting and valuable information about all areas of life – relationships, finance, physical wellbeing, etc. Even if you already have accumulated lots of data on these astrology basics, it is always a good idea to get a different perspective and some fresh new ideas from different authors.

I like looking at things from different perspectives and using different methodologies to solve a particular problem. That is why I wanted to include a book which is a bit unorthodox for an article dedicated to astrology. Well, let’s not forget what our main goal here is – to use this ancient knowledge to learn more about ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and our potential. This valuable information will then help us determine which our most suitable career would be. That is why I decided to include a book which aims to do exactly the same but from a different perspective and using a different methodology. Pathfinder is a useful guide for determining your vocation in life and your best professional field through multiple interesting and practical exercises and questionnaires. But for this career guide to work for you as well, you need to actually do the work necessary as honestly and diligently as possible. The volume is based on the “breakthrough techniques developed by Rockport Institute, an innovative and award-winning career consulting and coaching network that has changed the lives of 18,000 one-on-one clients since 1981”. And should you decide to give it a chance, make sure you follow all the guidelines and recommendations. The book is suitable for people who are looking for a job change, a total shift in their professional life or students who are just starting out their journey! It is definitely worth checking out!

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  • Hey I’d like to point out if pieces is in the 10th house your ascendant will be Gemini. You can not have any other ascendant.

    • Hi, Sandra! Thank you for your comment!
      Although this is generally true, it is not always the case. If the birth time is unknown, we can use the Equal House system where each house is exactly 30°. Then if we have Pisces on the cusp of the tenth house, Gemini will always be the Ascendant.
      However, when the birth time is known the calculations are very different and the sizes of the houses may vary greatly. This is because of the tilted axis of planet Earth and its peculiar shape which is not a perfect sphere. So, the farther the birth place is from the equator the more distorted the sizes of the houses will be. In some cases the house can be so large that it includes more than one sign – a phenomenon called “interception”. Consequently, the Ascendant will vary accordingly.
      I hope that helps. 🙂

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