{Born to be James Bond?} The Secrets of Your Midheaven in Scorpio

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Uncover the SECRETS of Your Midheaven in Scorpio! (10th House in Scorpio)



What does Doctor Strange have to do with your top career choice? Find out down below!


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Table of contents:
The Scorpio Archetype – the Key to Your Success
The Best 10th House in Scorpio Career Options
The Midheaven in Scorpio Appearance
Midheaven in Scorpio Celebrities
Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Today in our 10th house astrology blog series, we will take a look at the best Midheaven in Scorpio careers you can pick from, and unlock your potential for success, professional fulfilment, higher social status, and recognition! If you are not sure which sign resides on the cusp of your tenth house, read this article first.

The Scorpio Archetype – the Key to Your Success

When deciphering the meaning of a particular astrological house (in this case the tenth house), first we need to look at the zodiac sign which “sits” on top of it. It will “color” the house with its specific traits, positive and negative characteristics (depending on which ones the individual decides to develop and enhance).

So, in this case, we have to say a few words of the Scorpio astrological sign and its particularities.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and its typical representatives are usually quite decisive, bold (even aggressive), and astute.

Other remarkable characteristics of the scorpions are their strong will, persistence, intuitiveness, and the ability to recover from both physical and emotional challenges rather quickly and effortlessly.

On the negative spectrum, Scorpios can be too jealous and possessive, unforgiving and vindictive, vengeful, secretive and reserved.

The Best 10th House in Scorpio Career Options

Connecting the aforementioned characteristics to the realm of the tenth astrological house (career, social status, and our dominant parent), we can make some assumptions about the most suitable career options for those with the Medium Coeli Scorpio astrological placement (MC Scorpio).

No matter what profession those individuals choose, their strong will, persistence and intelligence are going to help them on their way to success. If the Ascendant is Capricorn, this can make them extra driven, ambitious, and turn them into true workaholics. By the way, do you know which fictional character fits my ideal for having one’s MH in Scorpio with a Capricorn rising? Doctor Strange! We have a talented surgeon (one of the top Scorpio MC careers) who is extremely ambitious and driven (the 10th zodia), aaaand he ended up using some powerful occult knowledge to his advantage! Not bad, huh?

But still, professions in the fields of medicine and research are excellent choices, especially with Pisces or Aquarius rising (Pisces or Aquarius Ascendant).

And do not forget that the ability to keep one’s secrets well, to have quick accurate intuitive judgments on people and situations can make a person with Midheaven in Scorpio a talented detective, a spy or even a secret agent of any kind – a true James Bond. 😀

Moreover, the eighth zodiac sign is the symbol of transformation and the occult. So, other viable 10th house Scorpio job options might be related to anything spiritual which others may label as a bit woo-woo or even a little cultish. If this field attracts you, do not be afraid to develop your esoteric skills!

Does gender matter?

What do I mean about that? Well, you might be wondering whether an MC in Scorpio woman would have the same career potential compared to the MC in Scorpio man. I personally don’t think this is the case, at least not in today’s fast-paced high-technological world. In the past there was a clear distinction between the male and female-dominant professions, and we can say that the main reason for this is our undeniable differences in our physical capabilities and the general gender inequality. However, today we have a ton of technological advancements and in many cases women are seen as pretty much equal in their intellectual abilities. So, I think that there shouldn’t be a significant difference between males and females in terms of suitable Scorpio-related jobs. Let’s take the medical filed, for instance – one of the areas related to the Scorpion sign. Having your MC in Scorpio holds a great potential for becoming a talented surgeon. While in the past women with this placement would have had a much better chance of becoming nurses and nothing more. Fortunately, now we have many more females breaking into this field showcasing their abilities for precision and accurate judgment!

Lastly, there is something I wish to talk about which is not always mentioned in chart analysis when it comes to career, but I think it is important – our father archetype! According to astrology, the tenth house is also connected to our dominant parent – the breadwinner of the family, and that’s usually our papa. In the past (and still to this day in some communities) we didn’t need to choose a job that suits our talents and skills – very often we would simply continue to work in the same professional field as our fathers. This is where we have popular surnames that reflect this – the Bakers, the Shoemakers, the Smiths, etc. That is why the role of our dad in choosing a career path is so strong, even today. Nowadays, it is more accurate to say that with astrology we can see how or if our fathers would have a significant influence in our vocation choosing process. So, in this case here, we can assume that the 10th house in Scorpio father would probably play a major role. And the simple reason for this is the typical archetypal characteristics of the 8th sign in astrology. What this means is that the chances of your dad being too overbearing to the point of smoldering your creativity and the capability of choosing your own professional path are quite high! This is especially true if Pluto (the ruler of the house) is not well-placed and has challenging aspects to the Sun and/or the Moon. If that’s the case, your goal here is to be truly honest with yourself and determine whether the career you choose is dictated by your inner drive to do what you feel you were born to do or because you simply want to make your father happy. That’s a tough one, I know!

The Midheaven in Scorpio Appearance

How does that MC point relate to our physical appearance? Well, through our Ascendant! Actually, the rising sign is one of the major factors for how we look according to astrology. And since our Ascendant is the cusp of the first house, our 10th house cusp will be determined by it as well. However, as you may have noticed, in most cases we don’t have astrological houses which are exactly 30 degrees because of the oval shape of the Earth. This means that having your Midheaven in Scorpio will give you a couple of options for an Ascendant. And here I will look at the two of the most common ones – Capricorn and Aquarius.

Scorpio Midheaven Capricorn rising

This placement will give you a distinct Capricornian appearance. Generally speaking this could mean having an almost constant serious expression in your face and a proud upright gate that showcases your drive and self-discipline. Also, it is very likely that you dress for success – you may strive for a high-class dress code that would be a reflection of your powerful ambition and drive for a better social status! Another interesting thing about the Capricornian look is that people who have a dominance of the tenth astrological sign (or Saturn) in their chart seem to be getting younger with age. They tend to be very strict and serious when they are kids, and slowly getting more playful and child-like when they grow up (especially after each Saturn return). That is because Saturn represents Chronos – the god of time. Lucky you! 😀

Scorpio Midheaven Aquarius rising

An Aquarius Ascendant may make you into a real photogenic beauty! It is no coincidence that a lot of celebrities have a strong Aquarius in their charts! However, since this is the nut job of the zodiac, many folks with this rising sign may have something quite peculiar in their appearance – something unorthodox that you can’t quite put your finger on it. And if they don’t have a specific physical trait to make them unique, they will make sure to create it! That is why very often these people tend to have unusual clothes that look out of fashion (too futuristic or too old-fashioned) that not-so-surprisingly set new trends! I am looking at you, Nicki Minaj! 😀 And here’s one very interesting thing about this placement – very often you can find people with a dominance of the eleventh zodiac sign biting their nails or doing something else OCD-like. Well, the nervous system is a sensitive spot in the Aquarian anatomy.

Important! I want to underline this – the rising sign is just one of the factors in astrology that may show some typical physical characteristics. If you wish to go deep into this topic, I would recommend you check Chapter III of Volume 3 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Marion March and Joan McEvers!

Midheaven in Scorpio Celebrities

Looking at some prominent MC in Scorpio celebrities may be extremely beneficial to you as examples of how this astrological placement played out in other people. Or these can be some teachable examples of the 10th house in Scorpio fame potential. However, I do want to remind you that these suggestions should be taken with a grain of salt. And the main reason for this is for the nature of fame and popularity – there are a few professions that usually have the potential of becoming a household name internationally – singers, actors, politicians, etc. You may not see that many nurses achieving worldwide fame, right? But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t successful in their medical field. So, when it comes to prominent figures and socialites, also keep in mind that the whole chart should be analyzed as well!

OK, now that we got this disclaimer out of the way, let’s see some famous people with their 10th house in Scorpio!

PoliticiansBarack Obama, Emmanuel Macron, Ségolène Royal, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and more. It is extremely interesting to note that most of these people have either a Capricorn or an Aquarius Ascendant (as I mentioned previously, these are some of the most common ones with the Scorpion at the cusp of the Midheaven point). With Capricorn rising we have some quite ambitious individuals who possess the necessary drive and discipline to climb up the political scene with patience and dedication. On the other hand, as I have noted in my previous article dedicated to the Midheaven in Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer is tightly connected to the area of politics! So, an Aquarius rising would be a good factor for being of service to your community and ultimately – your country!

SingersAriana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Jim Morrison, Bono, Billie Holiday, and more. The water element is deeply connected to music and emotions. That means that anyone who has a water sign at the cusp of their MH point would have the immense potential to convey powerful emotional messages using music as a tool.

ActorsMegan Fox, Monica Bellucci, Zac Efron, Sean Connery, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, and more. I want to point out one thing we may have missed in this article – the fact that the eighth zodiac sign is also related to the area of intimacy. In the examples here with popular actors who have their Midheaven in Scorpio you may notice that they are not just famous – they have become true sex symbols and heart-throbs with a cult-like following! By the way, cults and generally receiving any type of unwavering support from others is right in the ally of the sign of the Scorprion and the eighth astrological house (you can read more on this topic in my previous article – 10th house lord in the 8th house). Just think about it – the main reason why some of these names are popular is because of the massive following they have and the large number of people being enamored with them.

Other interesting popular figures:

Carl Jung – I think this is one of the best examples of having massive success with your MC in Scorpio! This extraordinary Swiss   psychoanalyst became vastly popular for his works dedicated to the unconscious and the collective unconscious in particular. His achievements are basically focused on bringing out the secrets of our sub-consciousness into the light of the conscious mind – exactly what the eighth zodiac sign is all about! Moreover, Jung is probably one of the first psychoanalysts to bridge Eastern occult and esoteric knowledge (he used mandalas as tools for self-reflection) with the Western type of analysis of the psyche! MH in Scorpio in its glory!

Marie Curie – this example is bit bitter-sweet but I think it is also quite interesting! Madame Curie is also an excellent poster child of what prominence and achievements a 10th house in Scorpio with Capricorn rising can amass in just one incarnation! She won two Nobel Prizes in two different scientific disciplines! And not to mention that for a female in her times, this was an even more shocking and outwardly achievement! She also has the unit of radioactivity named after her and her husband – the curie (Ci). Which is where the sad part of the Scorpio bit comes in – radioactivity. Pluto is one of the planets associated with radiation and nuclear power, and it is only logical that we have such a prominent example of someone who has achieved their highest potential in this scientific field!

Swami Vivekananda – here we have a prime example of the eighth astrological sign being the symbol of the esoteric field and deep spiritual transformation. So, it is no surprise that Vivekananda’s early years that shaped his spiritual aspirations were connected to being a member of a Freemasonry lodge and an esoteric cultic milieu. And with his dominance in the ambitious Capricorn (Capricorn Ascendant and Sun in the tenth sign), he became instrumental to the viral spread of Eastern religious practices and teachings like yoga and Hinduism into the Western societies!

Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

If you are a regular reader of this blog (if so, thank you from the bottom of my heart!), you may have noticed that I often recommend Jan Spiller’s books. And for a reason! I do find her approach and her perspective on astrology extremely valuable and beneficial. And the main reason for this is the sheer practicality of the information and the ideas she shares with us. And to me, as a Virgo Ascendant, that’s extremely important!

So, here we go again! I will not get tired of repeating that if the topic of the tenth house (and your Midheaven in Scorpio in particular) is intriguing to you, this is the go-to book that will give you the interpretation you need to find your most suitable career path! The author does a great job at giving us loads of details related to this area of our horoscopes that may influence our decision-making process. Some of these deets are connected to the placement of the ruler of the MC point, the planets located in your 10th house (if any), the meaning of your North or South Lunar nodes in the tenth house (if one of these points is placed in your Midheaven house), and so much more! By the way, the esoteric meaning of the lunar nodes in your birth chart are the main subject of her other must-read book “Astrology for the Soul” (see the next suggestion). If you wish to get all the pieces of the puzzle called “Medium Coeli”, this is the book that will open the door to this essential knowledge!


Astrology for the Soul

As promised, I will give you a little more information about the other binge-worthy books by Jan Spiller that I think every astrology geek must read at least once in their lifetime! Astrology for the Soul is focused on the magical and mystical points in our natal charts called Lunar Nodes. The alternative names of these peculiar activations are The Head of the Dragon (the North Node) and the Tail of the Dragon (the South Node).

There are basically two main perspectives on these points that most astrologers take in their chart analysis. One of the simplest ones is that the Lunar nodes are where we take and gain (the north node) and the area in our lives where we give and take the easy way out (the south node). However, there is one other viewpoint that goes way deeper and it is perceived as the esoteric perspective on the nodes. This is where Jan Spiller’s work shines bright – the interpretation of the nodes that is connected to our past lives and the laws of karma. What does that have to do with our career? Well, the best professional path we can take or the vocation that we were born to pursue are deeply related to the life lessons and the wisdom we have gathered over our precious incarnations (the south node) and the ones that we are yet to accumulate (the north node). That is why the author pays extra attention to some suitable job suggestions and the hidden talents we can find in these points in our natal chart! If one of your lunar nodes is located in your tenth (your career), sixth (your job) or second house (your assets), then this book is definitely a must-read in addition to the previous suggestion!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology series

As I like to repeat over and over again – the natal chart has to be analyzed in its entirety. Even if you wish to find your most suitable professional calling in your Midheaven in Scorpio placement, always keep in mind the whole horoscope at the back of your mind. That is why I like to encourage people to start from the very basics of the chart interpretation process. And here is where the book series by Marion March and Joan McEvers is indispensable!

You have the opportunity to peek into the vast world of natal chart analysis in a very well-structured and logical system! So, for the sake of learning more about your immense in-born potential, I encourage you to grab at least the first three installments of this collection. In Volume 1 you will learn all the basic information and principles in this analysis process. However, even if you have some knowledge in this area, I would suggest you don’t skip this step since it is vital! It is always beneficial to get back to the basics and create a solid foundation for the more intricate parts of the interpretation process. This book will give you some synthesized information on the twelve signs, the houses, the planets, and the most essential aspects in astrology. In Volume 2 you can go deeper and upgrade your knowledge with the meanings of the cusps of the twelve houses by zodiac signs, the North and the South Lunar nodes, the aspects that planets and luminaries have with your Midheaven point, and so much more! In Volume 3 you can find the holy grail of advanced natal chart analysis – the placements of the twelve house lords. Yes, this includes the ruler of your 10th house in Scorpio (which by the way is Pluto and Mars in addition). Well, this is just a tiny fraction of the information in this book, but I think this is some of the most important part that corresponds to today’s topic at hand – finding your best career option with astrology. Also, keep in mind that the other houses, their cusps, and the lords are just as important and they do have a connection to your professional development! More about that – in the next book suggestion!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

OK, I am far from the idea that every single book on its own covers everything there is to know on any given subject! And this applies even to any of my most beloved authors. That is why we have a wide variety of books by different authors sharing different perspectives. Hence, my next recommendation is Vocation by Brian Clark. This is without a doubt an excellent addition to the equally awesome Astrology of Success by Jan Spiller. What is extremely valuable about this one in particular is that it goes way beyond the tenth house’s domain.

And that’s how it is supposed to be! I would like to reiterate because it is important – the birth chart has to be interpreted as a whole! What Brian Clark succeeds to do is to incorporate the personality of the native that would be looking for their calling in life (that’s you!). This means that we have to keep in mind the placements of the personal planets and luminaries (the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars, etc.), the Ascendant, the lord of the Ascendant, and so on. Well, it is only logical – the career that you were born to pursue has to be a reflection or it has to be congruent with your personality – your strengths and talents, right? And that’s not all either! As I briefly mentioned previously, some other houses are deeply connected and intertwined with your tenth house in Scorpio as well, like your 2nd house (the assets you can accumulate as a result of your work efforts), the 6th house (your day-to-day job, habitual behavior and work environment), the 5th house (your hobbies and one of the fame houses in astrology), etc. So, if you are really pumped about finding your one true vocation with the help of this mystical ancient system, the professional aspiration that would give you all the recognition, success and fulfillment you crave, this book would be a great addition to your personal library!


Scorpio: Harness the Power of the Zodiac

Now, I know, this book is geared towards the Sun sign of Scorpio – people born between 23rd October and 21st November. And if you happen to have your Sun in the Scorpio sign, this work would definitely be of great value to you. However, what I would like to reiterate is that the sign at the cusp of any astrological house will influence the area of our lives it governs. In other words, the more we understand the Scorpio, the better decisions we can make in terms of finding our best professional field with the 10th house in Scorpio placement.

So, I encourage you to take a deep look at this zodia and get as best of understanding of its strengths and talents as you can! Well, you certainly don’t have to pick this book in particular. Any volume that goes deep into the domain of the eighth zodiac sign will give you the necessary perspective. For instance, Sun Signs by Linda Goodman is also a great choice for the purpose of getting a handle of the typical traits of each astrological archetype. However, what I personally like about this book in particular (Scorpio: Harness the Power of the Zodiac) is that it has some actual job suggestions suitable for the representatives of the Scorpion sign. In my opinion, these can serve as powerful and practical ideas that would help you uncover the potential of your own Midheaven point!


Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating this cosmic rite of passage

There is something extremely important that I would to underline here – tenth house in itself is always connected to the planet of Saturn – this is the one true and natural ruler of the MC point. What this mean is that your career and professional development will always be deeply connected to the placement of this slow-moving planet in our birth chart as well as its transiting movement. That is why the Saturn cycles are tightly connected to our processes of maturation, career advancement, and changes in our social status.

These massive and vital changes can be quite visible during the so called Saturn returns (or Saturn revolutions). This powerful cosmic event signifies the return of this planet in its original position in our natal chart. In other words, when Saturn makes a full revolution around the Sun (or the natal chart). This happens roughly every 29-30 years and these revolutions are extremely important to all of us, especially in the area of choosing a suitable career path where we will shine! This cosmic phenomenon is quite challenging, I might say, but it also opens a huge window of opportunities for making quantum jumps in our process of growing as individuals as well as becoming experts in our fields. So, I strongly encourage you to acquaint yourself with the Saturn return in general, and in case there is one which is quickly approaching – be prepared so that you can take full advantage of this essential time period! A well-navigated Saturn revolution can be the ultimate deciding factor whether you achieve the level of success that you deserve!


New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Now, what does the lunar cycles have to do with our career? The Moon is usually connected to our emotionality as opposed to the stone-cold chilling breeze of Saturn. Well, that is correct, but some specific lunar cycles can be the driving force which propels you to your best career path! If you regularly follow this blog, you may have noticed that I like to combine astrology and the law of attraction, and I believe both these disciplines can work hand in hand creating a powerful synergetic effect.

What do I mean by that? Well, using the immensely positive influence of any New Moon phase can help you achieve your goals and dreams much more easily and effortlessly. And in this book Jan Spiller can teach you how to laser-focus your intention-setting process to fully take advantage of the Moon! Moreover, you will learn the sheer power of the actual zodiac sign in which the New Moon occurs that will give you that extra push for unlocking the treasure chest of your Midheaven in Scorpio! I will give you a hint – a New Moon manifesting ritual in Capricorn can be magic sauce to finding your vocation in life that would bring you the success, fulfillment, and financial stability you crave! And I have first-hand proof that this works! I would like to share with you the step-by-step process of becoming an Amazon best-selling author using the suggestions in this book and the potential of my own Midheaven point. However, since this would be a long and detailed guide, I am seriously thinking of creating a special report that would be available only to my email subscribers – to those who are truly serious about using astrology as a practical tool for success! So, if you wish to know when (or if) this handbook would be available, make sure you sign up for our newsletter. In the meantime you will receive some indispensable reminders for cosmic events and the latest scoop from the blog! I hope to see you on the inside!


Wish you luck and success!

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