The Hidden Treasures of Your Midheaven in Virgo (10th House in Virgo)

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The Hidden Treasures of Your Midheaven in Virgo (10th House in Virgo)


There is one dirty little secret to unlock the potential of your tenth house in Virgo placement that very few people are talking about!

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Table of contents:
Characteristics of the Virgo sign
The best 10th house Virgo career options
The 10th house in Virgo profection years
Virgo in 10th house in Vedic astrology
10th house in Virgo Celebrities
Recommended books


Previously, I have discussed the best career choices for those who have their tenth astrological house in Leo, and the next sign after that is the virtuous Virgo!

If you are not sure which sign resides in your Medium Coeli, read this article first – there you will find a some detailed instructions and a nifty Midheaven calculator!

Now let’s get to the typical traits of a Virgo.

Characteristics of the Virgo sign

The Virgo sign is the pedant of the zodiac. People with their Sun in the sixth astrological sign are usually very astute, serious, modest, loyal, and detail oriented. If they are assigned a job, they will do whatever it takes to do it as best as they can.

On the negative side, Virgos can be quite anxious, nervous, critical (especially towards themselves), and picky. It is also very interesting and valuable to know that this astrological sign is also related to health and it is usually described as the “apothecary of the zodiac”.

The best 10th house Virgo career options

Before we get to the job suggestions, I would like to mention something quite important. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed in the previous articles that the Midheaven point is also related to our father (or our dominant bread-winning parent), the authorities and authority figures, the government, etc. So, what that means is that by analyzing this placement, we can learn more about our own father and the relationship we may have with him. In other words, your 10th house in Virgo father may be a very meticulous, logical, practical, hard-working, pedantic, and a strict parent. It may also be possible that he is involved in some of the professions I will mention below, so that you have the opportunity to inherit the same career.

Now that we know the specific characteristics of the sixth zodiac sign (mentioned in the previous section), we can connect those to the 10th house in the natal chart – the house of your career, the authorities, your reputation, the ego, and the archetype of the father.

Let’s begin!

Probably the best trait of Virgos is their hard-working nature and whatever profession they decide to pursue, they will always strive to be meticulous and productive. They may even have two parallel jobs and/or careers in their lifetime (just like Gemini which is also ruled by Mercury).

Virgo in the 10th house natal could also mean having a profession which gives you the opportunity to organize and manage people or the environment, and to constantly challenge yourself.

Since this astrological sign is an avid learner, one very suitable career for those with Medium Coeli in Virgo (MC Virgo) could be teaching or anything science and knowledge oriented.

In my opinion, other viable 10th house Virgo career options are those connected to the Virgo’s tendencies to be nitpicky such as becoming an accountant and finance specialist/analyst, an editor, an inspector of any kind (especially a hygiene or a health inspector), a data analyst, a post office worker, etc. Basically anything that requires analytical and logical thinking.

Since the sixth astrological house is also related to our overall wellbeing, other suitable Midheaven in Virgo careers and jobs might be related to healthcare (nurses, doctors, health lab assistants, nutritionists, etc.).

However, whatever career path you choose to follow, there is one main key thing to remember. Pay attention because this is the dirty little secret I mentioned in the beginning of this article! The road to success for the 10th house in the Virgin zodiac sign is paved with self-discipline, meticulousness, logic, a strong work ethic, and organizing skills. Well, it’s not as sexy as most motivation gurus would say, but it is effective. These are the ultimate strengths of the sixth astrological sign, and they will lead you to your professional fulfillment, and to gaining the respect of the people in your career field.

So far so good! However, I do have a disclaimer to make! I would like to gently remind you that the natal chart should be interpreted as a whole, not just analyzing certain parts of it one by one. This means that what jobs you pick or what vocation you pursue will have to be congruent with your overall personality. In other words, the whole chart should be kept at the back of our minds when looking at a certain area of the horoscope.

Let me give you some examples!

The sign at the cusp of the 10th house is definitely not the only placement that would determine one’s best career field. The ruler of the MC will also play a huge part in this process. Feel free to go and check the article series on this topic right HERE!

Moreover, the planets located in the 10th house (if any) will also have a say on your career choice and development. After all, they are the rulers of other astrological houses in the chart. For instance, let’s say that you have a Virgo Sun in the 10th house. This will give an extreme focus on the characteristics of the sixth sign as well as those of Capricorn (the natural ruler of the MH). So, with such placement you may be quite the ambitious workaholic who is a powerful leader in their professional field. And that’s not all either! It is very likely that Leo is at the cusp of the ninth house which means that its ruler (the Sun) is in the 10th. That might signify a profession which is in some way related to long-distance travelling or dealing with foreign countries. I hope you can see that there are lots of pieces of the puzzle called “finding my best Midheaven in Virgo job”.

Here’s something else to consider – the Ascendant. This is quite an important chunk of our personality which will give us a deeper understanding of our character which is essential for picking the right career. For instance, a Virgo Midheaven and Scorpio rising will be very different (like having the ability to go deeper beneath the surface of the matter than other people) than having your 10th house in Virgo with a Sagittarius Ascendant (being more optimistic, open-minded, and flexible in your approach) or a rising Capricorn (being extra driven, strict, and self-critical) or even an Aquarius Ascendant (being seen as an unorthodox person or having unusual interests and pursuits). The Ascendant also shows how we are perceived by others which means that your Midheaven in Virgo appearance will also be determined by the rising sign as well.

The 10th house in Virgo profection years

According to the Hellenistic approach of astrology, the Annual Profections is a method of calculating the ruling house of any given year. What this means is that each year starting from the Ascendant (the cusp of the first house) will focus on a specific astrological house. So, in this case, your Midheaven in Virgo will be the focal point of your life every twelve years from the age of nine – your 9th, 21st, 33rd, 45th, 57th, 69th, 81st year, and so on. Here’s a really cool tool by Astroseek – an Annual Profections calculator – to make your life much easier!

From a more practical standpoint, you may have some better chances of making positive shifts in the areas of the 10th house during these periods of time.

Virgo in the 10th house in Vedic astrology

I don’t find many differences between the modern-day Western astrology and the Vedic version in that particular area of the horoscope. What that means is that the analysis in the previous chapters can pretty much be assigned to the Vedic viewpoint as well. However, there is one renowned Vedic astrologer who gives us a bit of a different perspective on the tenth house (which, of course, would include Midheaven in Virgo) – Kapiel Raaj. He attributes the tenth house as being the house of our work environment instead of our career field. And the main reason for this is that nowadays we have the freedom to choose different professions than the job of our father. You may remember that the Medium Coeli point is also deeply related to our dominant parent and other authority figures. And in the past people would simply continue the family tradition of being employed in the same field as their fathers. So now, according to Raaj, the Midheaven sign will be more related to our professional environment and our colleagues, rather than the type of job itself.

10th house in Virgo Celebrities

It could be quite helpful to check some Midheaven in Virgo celebrities for the purpose of getting ideas for your own career choice. Famous people could serve as powerful examples of how some astrological placements played out in their life and how they managed to manifest them. However, I would like to remind you that their Medium Coeli sign is just a small fraction of the whole chart! Moreover, those who gain the household name status usually have very similar occupations that generally gain popularity worldwide, like actors, singers, politicians, etc. We don’t usually have extremely famous doctors or engineers, for instance.

So, now that we got this important clarification out of the way, let’s see how this astrological placement is reflected in some popular names!

SingersTaylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Elvis Presley, Björk, Vanessa Paradis, Bob Marley, and more. Here it is useful to know that to have your MC in Virgo in a lot of cases this means having a Scorpio Ascendant. And as you may know, all watery signs are deeply connected to the area of music and expressing our emotionality.

ActorsBrad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, and more. Here we can see a similar logic but with the other most common option for having your Midheaven in Virgo – a Sagittarius Ascendant. The ninth zodiac is a fiery sign and pretty much all creatures of this element love being the center of attention, and acting is definitely something they might enjoy. This can be seen in the examples of Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansson who also have their Suns in Sagittarius as well. Also, Jennifer Lawrence has her Sun in Leo which is an even better placement for becoming an actor and generally being under the spotlight!

PoliticiansJoe Biden, Nelson Mandela, Bernie Sanders, Margaret Thatcher, Benito Mussolini, and more. I have picked an interesting bunch, haven’t I? 😀 What I think a 10th house in Virgo would have in common with the area of politics is the ability for the sixth astrological sign to be extremely logical, quick-minded, organized, and generally trustworthy (After all, the ruling planet is Mercury). Virgos also like following the rules and I think any person with a strong influence of this sign in their chart can do a great job at bringing order, structure, and perfectionism to their work place.

AthletesLance Armstrong, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton, Joe Dimaggio, and more. The connection I see here is that the sixth zodiac sign is related to our physical bodies, our habits, and overall wellbeing. I think you can agree that becoming a professional athlete requires a strict regimen, unparalleled work ethic, perfectionism, and stamina. And fortunately, Virgo has plenty of those characteristics, if the individual decides to consciously work on enhancing them even further!

Other interesting popular figures:

Leonardo da Vincihis interests in medicine (the area of Virgo) and his contributions to this scientific field are undeniable.

Thomas Edisonthe practicality and industriousness of his Medium Coeli in Virgo perfectly channeled his Aquarian Sun sign’s ingenuity in a positive way.

Andrew Carnegieas I mentioned previously in this article, the strong traits of Virgo like being perfectionists, extremely hard-working, organized, logical, and disciplined, show that the individuals with their 10th house in the Virgin have a great potential for becoming powerful entrepreneurs and moguls!

Recommended books

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

The Astrology of Success” by Jan Spiller is without a doubt one of the top books you can pick on the topic of finding your true life vocation with astrology! Well, at least in my humble opinion. This volume deals with pretty much everything there is to know about how different astrological placements are related to your best career choices, and the path to a better social status. In other words, the area of your tenth house is the star of this work. Yes, including an extremely detailed analysis of your Midheaven in Virgo placement.

So, in this book you are going to learn the meaning of the zodiac signs on the cusp of the Medium Coeli point, as well as the lord of the tenth house in the other twelve astrological houses and how that may influence your most suitable job. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to take a peek at the meaning of the planets and luminaries located in your 10th house (if there are any). And that’s not all either! Jan Spiller pays some extra attention to the lunar nodes in relation to your best career path. For instance, should you have your North or South lunar node in your Midheaven and what that signifies in terms of your professional development and your drive to climb up the ladder. This topic is also the main focus of Jan Spiller’s best-selling book “Astrology of the Soul” – see next suggestion!


Astrology for the Soul

As I mentioned in the previous book suggestion, this book also authored by Jan Spiller is dedicated to the lunar nodes. But why are they so important, and what do they have to do with our career? Well, according to the author and other renowned astrologers, the lunar nodes are connected to the ongoing cycle of re-birth and reincarnation. They may signify the lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime and the karmic debts we are here to pay (positive or not-to-positive).

Other authors (such as March and McEvers – see the following suggestions) argue that the so called Head of the Dragon is the point of our gains and satisfaction, while the Tail of the Dragon is the point where we give and where we can take the easy way out. Both viewpoints may be interpreted as being part of our overall life path here on Earth, and our true vocation as one of the major life lesson learning tools. I would highly recommend this book (in addition to the previous suggestion) to anyone, and especially to those who have one of their lunar nodes located in their Midheaven!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology series

The whole book series on learning the art of birth chart interpretation by Marion March and Joan McEvers is an absolute must-read for any astrology fanatic! It is comprised of six volumes, each focused on a different area of this ancient knowledge. However, for the purpose of analyzing your natal chart in terms of finding your true vocation in life, I would suggest you grab at least the first three installments.

The first volume will give you all the basic knowledge that would serve you as the necessary foundation to better interpret your horoscope and any of its areas the right way. Yes, this includes uncovering the potential of your tenth house! The second installment gives you a much more in-depth analysis of the chart which deals with the cusps of the astrological houses, the lunar nodes, and the aspects to your Medium Coeli point. Keep in mind that I picked a tiny fraction of the many topics analyzed in this book – only those who have a direct connection to your Midheaven interpretation. Well, EVERY part of your birth chart and the whole chart in general is directly connected to your choice of vocation (as I mentioned previously in this article), but you get what I mean. 😀 The third part of this book series is even juicier! In it you will learn how the placement of your 10th house ruler (in this case, it is Mercury – the ruling planet of Virgo) may signify the best career field you might want to pursue. Moreover, at the end of the volume you will find March and McEvers’ suggestions on your top and most suitable professional undertakings according to your birth horoscope. Bear in mind that these are recommendations coming from years of experience in analyzing the natal charts of their countless clients!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

If there is anything that Jan Spiller missed in her masterpiece “Astrology of Success”, this book by Brian Clark will fill all the gaps! Why do I think this is a wonderful volume to grab? Well, in addition to the works by Jan Spiller, Vocation deals with a few more areas that are directly related to the best career choices we might pursue according to astrology – the three houses of life (the first, the fifth, and the ninth), as well as the houses of substance (the second, the sixth, and the tenth).

As I mentioned previously, no area of our birth chart should be analyzed in isolation, and the whole horoscope should always be kept in mind when doing this type of interpretation. This notion is extremely visible when we see how the second, the sixth, and the tenth houses are linked and deeply intertwined. The 2nd astrological house can show us the immense potential for accumulating assets and valuables, the 6th – our day-to-day job, and the 10th is connected to our career. The same goes with the placements which determine our personality (for example, our Ascendant and the position of our Sun, Mercury, and Venus) – our best career option and our vocation have to be congruent with our personality traits, our natural talents and inclinations, right? So, I highly encourage you to grab this valuable and informative book and upgrade your knowledge to unlock your greatest potential!


Virgo: Harness the Power of the Zodiac

As you might have already connected the dots, the sign at the cusp of any house will color this area of our life with its typical traits and characteristics. This, of course, includes your Midheaven in Virgo placement! The type of your career and lifelong mission will be deeply influenced by the sixth zodiac sign, also known as the Virgin. So, to fully understand the potential of your Medium Coeli, it is best to get to know this zodiac sign as best as you can.

That is why I included this book suggestion. Well, it does not have to be this one in particular. Actually, Linda Goodman has some amazing depictions and descriptions of the Sun signs in her work with the same title. The goal is this – to really think about and uncover what types of jobs and career paths would suit the strengths of the sixth astrological sign. How you achieve this goal is totally up to you. However, let’s get back to the book suggestion at hand. The main reason why I included it here in this article is the section dedicated to this exact topic – the best and most suitable professional fields where Virgos will shine the brightest. I think this chapter would be of great value to you and your quest for finding a fulfilling career to pursue!


Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating this cosmic rite of passage

We simply cannot have anything related to the Midgheaven point without mentioning Saturn. I will take this opportunity to remind you that this slow-moving planet is the natural ruler of the 10th house in astrology. However, you do not need to have Capricorn on the cusp of your Medium Coeli for Saturn to have an impact on your professional development.

Anything related to our maturation process, our success in life, the social status we achieve, and the relationship with our father and other authorities will be, in one way or another, is connected to the transiting Saturn. This includes the cosmic phenomenon called a Saturn return when the transiting planet comes back to its original place during our birth. We usually experience this at least twice in our lifetime, and these periods do require our attention and focus. The Saturn return is the time period when we usually make essential (and even radical) changes in our career and professional field. This is usually done to correct past mistakes and to go into a more suitable and fulfilling direction, work-wise. So, what I suggest you do is get acquainted with this astrological phenomenon and get prepared – this may be the single most important decision you can do in your whole life! No exaggeration!


New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Finally, I would like to make a bit of an unorthodox book suggestion – New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller. Yes, as you might have gathered, I am a huge fan of this author and I really like her approach to astrology. This volume is focused on the topic of using the lunar cycles to our advantage in an effort to better and easier manifest our desires. As you might know, every new moon is a powerful time to make new beginnings and commence important ventures and activities.

This is something our forefathers had been doing for a long time, especially in agriculture. But, what does that have to do with finding your career path? Well, if you have a powerful dream of being successful in your professional field and you have a deep desire to follow your vocation, a New Moon ritual will be extremely useful in bringing these manifestations to fruition! And Jan Spiller will teach you how to use the zodiac sign in which this cosmic event would occur to laser focus your efforts and engage the mighty universal forces in this quest! I will give you a hint: if there is a New Moon in Capricorn coming up, gather up your manifesting gear and prepare for some life-changing wish-making for professional success, career advancement, and social recognition!


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