Vegan Lenten Cookbook (Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners)

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Vegan Lenten Cookbook (Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners)


Vegan Lenten Cookbook, Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

The vegan diet plan has gained a lot of popularity these days. But it is nothing new to mankind.

For thousands of years people all over the world have preserved the ancient knowledge of vegan fasting (lent) for a set period of time.

Now it is considered mostly a religious practice, but I think the real reason behind this ritual is that it holds many health benefits.

Following this regimen, even once or twice a year for a month (or the canonical 40 days), will still boost the body and cleanse it from a lot of organic waste and toxins.

Here are some of the most prominent and common benefits of the vegan diet:

  • Supplies lots of essential carbohydrates – excluding all the meat, dairy, and eggs, leaves this diet plan with a lot of carbohydrates. I know a lot of people a concerned about weight gain from all these carbohydrates in the vegan diet, but this is easily manageable. Simply add more low crab fruits, veggies and fiber to your daily menu. Exclude refined sugar and white flour products and your body will take care of the rest. This vegan recipe bundle follows these guidelines and does not contain recipes with those unhealthy ingredients. Plus, I have excluded the frying method to make the meals even healthier!
  • Lots of fiber – I have quickly mentioned fiber in the previous point, but it deserves a little more attention. When consuming lots of fruits and veggies, we take a lot more fiber with them. The fiber slows down their absorption process and does not allow any radical blood sugar spikes. This prevents from diabetes development, weight gain, and keeps the cardio-vascular system in good shape!
  • Supplies with essential vitamins and minerals – a healthy vegan diet contains produce that supplies our bodies with indispensable nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Folic acid, Vitamin B complex, Vitamins C, E, and A. These substances protect the nervous and cardio-vascular systems, boost the kidneys and the regeneration processes, reduce the acidity of the body, prevent from embryo deformations for pregnant women, and much more!
  • Rich in anti-oxidants – vegans consume a lot more anti-oxidants than people following the traditional Western diet. These chemicals prevent from various ailments (including cancer), fight the free radicals, and preserve our health and beauty for longer.
  • Healthy fatsthis vegan lenten recipe collection contains meals and suggestions for adding healthy fats to your menu and avoid the detrimental trans-fats coming from fried and highly processed foods!
  • Healthy proteins – we come to the evergreen discussion about proteins and the vegan diet. Where do vegans get their proteins from? And the answer is easy – legumes (beans, lentils, peas), nuts and seeds, pseudo-grains (quinoa, amaranth), even some soy products consumed in moderation (tofu, textured soy protein, soy milk, etc.). Nature always provides plenty of nutritional sources which have the prefect ratio between carbohydrates and proteins! So, in other words, this could be an awesome vegan recipe book for athletes and physically active people as well!

Who is this vegan and gluten free recipe book for?

No matter the reason why you became a vegan, or if you just want to try it out for some time, this lenten recipe ebook will help you with lots of ideas.

It will be the perfect companion for:

  • Part- or full-time vegans;
  • Those who follow the religious fasting (lent);
  • People with health issues who want a healthier diet plan, especially for those with high blood pressure and cardio-vascular disease;
  • If you have any respiratory issues and high mucus secretion – low lactose consumption alleviates these symptoms;
  • Animal lovers who care for the fauna and the environment;
  • Anyone who wants to a little diversity in their meal plan.


This vegan lenten recipe book is the ultimate cooking bible using no animal products and ingredients whatsoever!Vegan Lenten Cookbook, Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners You can find everything from quick and easy snacks, appetizers and dips, to tasty main course meals and desserts!

Need ideas for your vegan cooking adventures?

Look no further!

Here’s what’s in store for you! Part 4 of the The Healthy Vegan Cookbook Series will give you:

  • Healthy breakfast ideas;
  • Mouthwatering cakes and pies;
  • Delicious muffins and brownies;
  • Cheesecakes recipes, terrines, and cookies;
  • Vegan bread and buns for your veggie burgers;
  • Pizza crust ideas (I mean, who doesn’t like pizza, right?!);
  • Quick snacks and bites;
  • Irresistible appetizers and side dishes;
  • Comforting soups for cozy winter evenings;
  • and more!

This omnibus is comprised of:

Jump-start your healthy vegan lifestyle with “The Healthy Vegan Cookbook Omnibus”!

Vegan Lenten Cookbook, Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

Now here’s what the readers have to say about this vegan lenten recipe bundle:

★★★★★ Perfect when you’re in a pinch!

I referred to this recipe book several times over the past week to get some healthy, tasty recipes for my vegan/vegetarian friends. The author definitely has first-hand experience preparing these dishes, provides clear tips and alternatives, and also imparts knowledge about the health benefits. I’m short, it’s a practical recipe book, but it’s also an insightful read. I’ll be reaching for this book over the holiday season for more inspiration. I’m thinking of pulling together a raw nut loaf and I’m pretty sure I saw a recipe in here I could swing! I know it won’t disappoint! (I’m considering purchasing a hard copy this Xmas for a raw food friend!)

~ Cynthia T. Luna

★★★★★ Good reference book/cookbook

This set has over 200 recipes. Even though I am not vegan, I found the recipes interesting and easy to prepare for the most part. I like having a set of recipes for meatless Anyday or to enhance my menu. I found the kindle version easy to use.

~ Kathleen Kendler

★★★★★ beautifully-presented recipe book for vegans and anyone aspiring to a healthier lifestyle

First of all, this is a lovely cookbook with some heft to it (lots of great recipes)! I received it as a gift and I’m pretty excited that it came in time for holiday cooking. What I really like is that the recipes are written in a way that makes them easy to do. A straightforward list of ingredients, followed by directions written as if the author, Milica Vladova, is standing next to you. In trying the recipes (Homemade Hazelnut Spread and Raw Coconut Cake) I felt encouraged and supported. And, wonder of wonders, my recipes turned out! They were delicious! Also, there are scan codes for free ebooks on detoxing, immune boosting and more, making this omnibus an incredible value. And I love the space given to add your own notes to every recipe. I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes good food or who might need some encouragement on a quest for a healthier lifestyle. The omnibus would make a great gift this holiday season.

~ Bookish

★★★★★ tasty and easy to make

Milica Vladova’s “The Healthy Vegan Recipes Cookbook” is a great starter resource if you are:

Part- or full-time vegans; follow religious fasting; have health issues and want a healthier diet plan (high BP, diabetes, CV disease); have any respiratory issues and high mucus secretion; are an animal lover; and/or looking for meal diversity.

So, let’s get into it because what we care about are the recipes. This book assumes that you know your way around the kitchen and doesn’t handhold. That said, it’s still fine for a beginning and I really like the way Ms. Vladova mixes in information on the different foods and their nutritional value. For the most part, the ingredients are easily obtainable, at least for me, at my local grocer and a Middle Eastern store I frequent with the exception of Stinging Nettle. Didn’t see that anywhere. Of note, many of these recipes do have different types of wholegrain flour in them, so if you eat gluten free, you’ll need to make adjustments with a nut flour or skip those recipes.

Of the recipes I tried, I enjoyed the ones with chick peas, lentils, the lasagna was tasty with some modifications as I didn’t have all the ingredients, and I loved the Coconut Cookies, Carrot Fiber Cookies (dog loved these too), and I do want to try the two vegan cakes.


★★★★★Healthy Vegan Recipes

Great mix of recipes for healthy meals

~ Kelly Pfister

★★★★★ Try these recipes

Lots of wonderful recipes that I cannot wait to try. Healthy and nutritious meals! Snacks!

~ Aisha K.S. Hashmi

Vegan Lenten Cookbook, Good Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

Stay tuned for more articles on healthy cooking, wellness, and fitness!

‘Till next time!
Stay healthy!

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