What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?

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What Are the Vegan Diet Benefits?

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If you find the traditional diet plans (which include lots of animal products) too heavy for you, or you have a specific health issue, the vegan diet offers lots of advantages.

One does not necessarily need to be a full-time vegan to reap those benefits! Let’s think about how many ancient spiritual or religious practices involve abstaining from animal products for a set period of time. Such as the Christian fasts and the Hindu Ekadashi cleansing.

I know there are numerous reasons to go vegan – like feeling compassion for animals, for environmental, or purely for health reasons. And for whatever cause you are choosing this lifestyle, the potential vegan diet benefits will still be evident.

Although there are some spiritual and emotional positives for excluding the animal products from your menu, today I am going to focus mainly on the physical side of the topic.

What are the potential vegan diet benefits?

  1. Ease on the liver

Animal products such as meat and dairy are packed with proteins. And although humans need these macronutrients, often the amino acid consumption exceeds the recommended daily quantities.
For example, the amount of consumed proteins daily should be about 0.36 grams per pound body weight (or 0.8 grams per kilogram weight). And that’s not that much! If you weigh about 50 kilos, your proteins must be around 40 grams a day.

The results of overindulging with protein for the liver are not so pretty – the biggest internal organ becomes overworked, exhausted, sluggish, and it can potentially lead to serious tissue damage!

So, as a general recommendation for every type of diets (especially the notorious Dukan diet) is to take it easy with the proteins and stick to the healthy daily dosages. The vegan diet happens to be the gentlest one for the liver.

  1. One of the many important vegan diet benefits is the reduced mucus secretion

Our body constantly produces mucus – it is our natural moisturizing system to keep our tissues well lubricated. But more often than not, this mucus secretion is overstimulated and gets out of control. If you wake up in the morning with your nose full of snot, your eyes have lots of dried mucus, you regularly cough out phlegm, or your skin is constantly covered in pustules, these symptoms can be a result of excessive mucus secretion.

This may not seem like a big problem, but it should not be underestimated. Too much phlegm gathered in our body is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Not to mention all the people suffering from respiratory issues (like asthma, bronchitis) have a very difficult time when dealing with excessive mucus.

Unfortunately, the biggest culprits for these discomforts are the artificial junk foods, white sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners, colorings, trans fats, and dairy products. That is why cutting down the animal foods (even for a certain period of time) may significantly reduce the mucus secretion!

  1. Excellent for lactose intolerant people

If you have lactose intolerance, it is logical that the vegan diet may be just for you!

Excluding all kinds of animal products, including all dairy foods, will have a beneficial effect on all those who have difficulties digesting lactose.

On the other hand, if you have this issue, do not feel obliged to go straight into veganism. There are countless healthy and delicious options for lactose intolerance!

For example, substituting cow with goat milk since it is the closest dairy product we have to human breast milk and it is very low in lactose.

Moreover, Bulgarian yogurt and cheese are also lactose-free, because the specific bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus “eats” all the dairy sugar and transforms it into yogurt!

Learn how to make your own Bulgarian yogurt in the article below:

Make Your Own Bulgarian Yogurt

  1. And last, but not least in our vegan diet benefits list is – healing constipation

It is not a secret that the main cause of constipation is the lack of fiber.

And what a better source of this healthy carbohydrate (yes, fiber is a type of carbohydrate) than fresh fruits and vegetables. And the vegan diet is probably the most robust eating plan when it comes to produce rich in fiber – both water soluble and insoluble.

So, if you have any trouble doing number 2, the first course of action is to boost your fresh fruit, veggie, and seed consumption!

The best choices for beating constipation are prunes, apples (with the peel), bell peppers, and ground flax seeds!

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If you are ready to tip your toes into the vegan waters and you are wondering “What the heck am I supposed to cook?!”, check out my healthy vegan cookbook:

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In this volume you will find:
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– and much more!

The Healthy Vegan Recipes Cookbook” is your guide to the world of healthy vegan cooking!

Next, we will explore the pitfalls of the vegan diet as well!

We always have to look at both sides of any diet plan!

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