{The Honest!} The 3rd House in Aries

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The 3rd House in Aries Communication Style (Third House in Aries)



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Table of contents:
What is Third House in Astrology?
The 3rd House in Aries Meaning
Celebrities with Third House in the Ram
More Information

Third House in Astrology

Before we get to the meaning of the 3rd house in Aries placement, we need to get a full understanding of what the third house in Astrology is! In a very concise way we can say that this is the house of communication, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Every astrological house governs many more than just one area of our lives, and communication is merely one of them. So, let’s take a peek at the nitty gritty of this section of the chart, so that we can analyze the third house in Aries more easily!

  • Our consciousness – actually “consciousness” is the main keyword associated with this house. This portion of the chart shows how we think, how we absorb information, how active and adaptive is our mind, and how we acquire new skills and abilities. For instance, your 3rd house in Aries can signify having a really active mind and the ability to take in new information rather quickly. Like Jane Fonda who is known to have “a strong analytical mind”;
  • Communication – this is the house of any kind of communication – writing, speaking, even singing in some cases. This is our ability to share our ideas, our thoughts and how well (or poorly) we can transmit them to other people or persuade them of our opinion. That is why this is also the house related to selling, because it requires exceptional communication and persuasive skills. For example, in our case here, the Ram can give you the tendency to speak quickly and energetically, to be quite assertive and confident of your opinions, and you may tend to initiate conversations with other people;
  • Our siblings – this is where we can see our relationships with our brothers and sisters, if we have any. Moreover, this is the house of our immediate surroundings in the early years of our life – classmates, neighbors, etc. So, this placement of the 3rd house cusp may signify having an extremely active and dynamic environment in your early years. Also, you may have a powerful bond with your siblings and you may be the perfect “partners in crime”, so to speak. 😀 But, there’s also the possibility for rivalries and fights, and down below in the article you will find in which cases this is more likely to happen!
  • Primary education – well, we can say that the third house is generally connected to the education we get, but it is a bit more associated with primary education. College degrees and higher levels of academics can be seen in a different house! So, as a natural consequence of having a very active mind, here we can assume that the 3rd house in Aries may point to not really having any troubles with absorbing information fast and acing your primary education. For instance, Carrie Fisher (may her soul rest in peace!) was known as the “bookworm” in her childhood! Well, she was a Capricorn Ascendant and that often signifies having a tough childhood, and being a child of divorced parents, this was probably her way to deal with the inner turmoil. (Capricorn rising people often tend to isolate themselves and experience loneliness and depression.)
  • Travelling – again, this can be all sorts of travels, but here we can make some assumptions about short-distance travels – other cities and areas in our country. If we wish to see our potential for long distances, other countries, cultures, and exotic trips, we need to look in the opposite direction! So, if we combine the tendency of the Ram to be quite active and dynamic with the house related to travels, what can we get? Well, it is highly likely that such individual may move from place to place or go on frequent trips, especially in their early childhood years. A lot of people with this placement also enjoy fast cars and competitive driving, like Ayrton Senna, for instance.

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The 3rd House in Aries Meaning

Before we get to the interpretation of the 3rd house in Aries placement, we need to take a little tour on the typical traits of the Ram. And we do this in order to use these characteristics to make the appropriate assumptions of the most likely communication style of the individual with their third house in Aries. In other words, the areas that the third house governs will be influenced by these archetypal traits of the Ram – namely, the person will communicate like a Ram!

So, what can we say about the first zodiac sign in Astrology, in brief? Some of the most positive characteristics of Aries are dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, initiative, quick, independent, assertive, competitive, courageous, adventurous, etc.

On the slightly more negative side of the spectrum, Rams can be rather impulsive, impatient, aggressive, arrogant, intolerant, irritable and rude, tactless, and temperamental.

Now, how do we apply these tendencies to the 3rd house in Aries placement? As usual, I will make a quick clarification and a sort of a disclaimer – I don’t believe that there are true positive or negative placements in Astrology, and anything can manifest in a wide variety of ways from both sides of the spectrum, and anywhere in between. And this will depend on many factors (I will discuss some of them here), but also, one of the biggest of them is your level of self-awareness and free will choices!

OK, now that we got this out of the way, let’s see the bright side! On a sunny day the person with their third house in Aries can be extremely quick-witted and sharp-minded (like the IMMENSELY talented comedian Amy Poehler!). The ruling planet here is Mars and this is the planet associated with energy and energetic impulses. So, we can say that in this case you may have a really active and energetic mind that is often preoccupied with all kinds of stuff. And that stuff may often be what you wish to initiate and achieve. Since this is the house of education (especially primary education), you may be a really quick learner, if, of course, Mars is well-placed. (I will describe what that means a little later down below.) There may also be a tendency to speak really fast and to try to out-talk your interlocutors.

Your communication style can be rather assertive, and you may love initiating conversations where you will try to dominate. You may be extremely good at stating your point of view and defending it like your life depends on it! It is no wonder we have lot of strong and independent women with this 3rd house in Aries position (such as Nicki Minaj, Zendaya, Marie Curie, Carrie Fisher, Rosa Parks, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, etc.) who are the absolute true role models how to stand up for yourself in a male-dominated field.

On the darker side of this placement, there may be quite some aggression and even brutality at some points in terms of communication and how you share your thoughts and ideas with the world! Again, it will greatly depend on the position and the aspects of Mars, but the potential is there nevertheless. The third house in Aries may cause quite a few troubles if you keep talking too fast, driven by every impulse, rather than thinking well what needs to be said and how it is best to be communicated.

There may be a tendency to be tactless and you may have some issues in your personal relationships, if you do not take a second to think things through before you speak. At times you may be rather irritable and instead of initiating constructive dialogues, you may just ask for a verbal fight. And you are good at it!

I think that in a lot of cases, there may be some bottled feelings which come out at some point in a quite destructive form through being provocative and rude. This may be especially true for those who have a Capricorn rising, since the Goat always tries to look serious and responsible, and often suffers from inner insecurities, depression, pessimism, and loneliness. However, we need to also take a look at the position of Saturn to make this judgment. It would be advisable to have some sort of a positive outlet for your natural aggression. I think that this is one of the reasons why we can find quite a few rock and metal musicians, as well as some athletes who utilized these impulses into their SUCCESSFUL careers (like David Goggins, Novak Djokovic, Dennis Rodman, Ronaldinho, Logan Paul, Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, Shirley Manson, Joan Jett, etc.). By the way, I think I am not revealing any secrets here, but Novak Djokovic has been caught swearing once or twice on the court. Talk about a fiery communication style! 😀

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The negative side of this placement may help you push your ideas onto other people, but you may be unable to accept different opinions, let alone to make any compromises and concessions. After all, Aries is a very competitive sign and they LOVE to win!

Moreover, since this is the house associated with travelling (especially to short-distances), there may be a powerful tendency to drive really fast and to be quite competitive on the road. (No wonder celebs like James Hetfield and Nicki Minaj have quite the sports car collections!) In some extreme cases people like Ayrton Senna turned this in their career! Needless to say, this potential can be rather dangerous, and it would be wiser to find a safe way to channel this Martian energy!

In terms of your siblings, this third house in Aries placement can be interpreted in two different ways (as usually, depending on Mars). On one hand, you may have a really positive and energetically stimulating and invigorating relationship with your siblings (if you have any). This also applies to your early surroundings and social circles in your childhood. You may be extremely adventurous and a bit mischievous. However, if Mars in not placed or if it is afflicted, you may have a bit more difficult time with your brothers and sisters. After all, this is the God of war and sibling rivalries are definitely not out of the question!

Now, I need to remind you that we can’t just take one piece of the natal chart and analyzed it in isolation. One of the core principles in Astrology, I was taught to follow, is to always take the whole chart into account. And while we can’t do that here, we can still make a few assumptions. So, one of these important elements we need to look at is the Ascendant. This is a pivotal cusp in the horoscope and it will be a determining factor in a lot of interpretations. Because this is roughly half of our personality and how we want to be perceived as by the outer world!

So, the most common variation is to have an Aquarius Ascendant. This may give you an IMMENSE potential to stand out in the crowd and to try to look different than other people. This position may turn you into a very sociable and outgoing person who loves to spend time in mentally stimulating conversations. Yes, the 3rd house in Aries placement may help you poke the bear a little too often in an attempt to drive more attention to your unique persona!

If Capricorn is rising, you may be much more reserved, and as I mentioned earlier, you may bite your tongue sometimes to preserve your image of being serious and level-headed. This position may also give you a competitive edge for business and entrepreneurship. The ambition of the Goat and the quick and courageous nature of the Ram may be an unstoppable combination! However, I do remind you that this has to be backed by other elements of the chart related to career. So, I encourage you to download my FREE guide on profession and social status!

Finally, as I promised, I will talk a little bit about the ruling planet since it will play a pivotal role on how all of this can manifest! The positive side of this third house in Aries placement is more likely to play out if Mars is well-placed. This means that Ares is located in the sign of the Ram, in Scorpio (Mars is the co-ruler of the Scorpion), and Capricorn (in exaltation). The other fiery signs Leo and Sagittarius may also work well. The positives will also be further reinforced if Mars has lots of positive aspects (sextiles and trines, as well as conjunctions with the benefactors like the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter).

On the negative side, the not-so-favorable positions of Mars would be in Libra or Taurus, as well as in Cancer. Moreover, if there are lots of challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and quincunxes), especially to the malefic Saturn, the dark tendencies of this placement may be exacerbated!

Third House in Aries Celebrities

Looking at some prominent celebrities who have the same astrological placements can be beneficial, so that we can have a point of reference how they manifested in real life for them! In this case, since the third house in Aries is about communication, we can use these popular people as examples and observe their communication styles and their ability to share and “sell” their thoughts and ideas. However, keep in mind that these types of assumptions should be done with a grain of salt since every natal chart is unique, and everything happens in the light of the whole horoscope and its full potential! So, let’s see some interesting public figures with this astrological placement!

AthletesDavid Goggins, Novak Djokovic, Ayrton Senna, Dennis Rodman, Ronaldinho, Logan Paul, and more.

As I mentioned previously in this article, the sign of Aries is about energy and impulses for action. And wherever we can find it in the chart we can expect a lot of dynamics and movement. So, no wonder why some people find sports to be an excellent outlet for this POWERFUL energy! However, I would like to remind you again that in terms of choosing a profession according to the potential in your natal chart, there are other elements related to career that need to be taken into account as well. So, I encourage you to grab my FREE guide on professions and achievements!

But for the sake of clarity, let’s take David Goggins as an example! We see that he not only has his third house in Aries, but he also has his Sun and Mercury (one of the rulers of the 3rd house) in the house associated with the Ram – the first house. So, he does naturally possess some of the typical traits of Aries as part of his personality. This is an excellent predisposition to being involved in the military (he was a Navy seal!) and sports by being extremely action-oriented, energetic, and competitive! Plus, we can see that his communication style will also be influenced by the impulsive nature of the Ram! Moreover, the ruling planet Mars is placed in exaltation in the ultra-ambitious and persistent Capricorn! I remind you that he is an extremely popular motivational speaker and an author in the field of confidence and personal development. This perfectly aligns with his Aries type personality and the positions of Mars and Mercury! He is the author of the Cookie Jar method which is a favorite tool of mine for establishing your sense of self-esteem, endurance, and resilience! His Aquarius Ascendant and Uranus in the house of high ideals and academics, perfectly aligns with his mission to share his ideas of empowerment with the world to help humanity in his area of expertise. Just to clarify, Aquarius is the sign related to the betterment and advancement of the human species, and people who have a lot of Water Bearer energy need to look at themselves as tools for the greater GOOD of our kind! And he achieves this perfectly!

MusiciansAriana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Jim Morrison, Gwen Stefani, Trent Reznor, Billie Holiday, Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, Nina Simone, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, and more.

ActorsMegan Fox, Monica Bellucci, Zendaya, Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, Sean Connery, Dakota Johnson, Jane Fonda, Zooey Deschanel, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman, Jonah Hill, Val Kilmer, Jenny McCarthy, Tom Selleck, Amy Poehler, and more.

As I mentioned previously, there are some very powerful and independent people with their third house in Aries with their unmistakable ability to assert themselves and to stand their ground – regardless if we agree with their opinions or not. And one of these celebs, I think embodies this tendency the most, is Jane Fonda! Let’s take a look at her chart and see how this placement plays out!

I think we can all agree that whether we approve or disprove of her stances in the past (and present) she does have a lot of strong personality traits! She not only portrays POWERFUL women, but she is one indeed! So, the first thing that gets my attention is how many of her planets are located in the Eastern half of the chart. And that alone is an indicator of an iron will, being initiative, and extremely action-oriented – someone who believes that they decide their own fate! But there’s more! Just like in the case of David Goggins, one of the lords of the third house (in this case this is the powerhouse Mars!) is also placed in the house of the identity. So, she not only speaks like a Ram but she also has a lot of the archetypal characteristics of Aries! The other planet associated with communication (Mercury) is placed in the driven and resilient Capricorn (which is also her Ascendant!). Given that her Sun is in Sagittarius, we get and even better idea how FIERY and driven this woman is! Plus, the Sun is in the house associated with Aquarius (and Mars is also placed in the sign of the Water Bearer), so being rebellious and being involved in some kinds of causes is also part of her nature (again – we don’t have to agree with these causes). I hope this short summary can give you taste of what an example analysis can look like and how one single element (like the 3rd house in Aries) is part of the whole picture!

Other popular people with their 3rd house in Aries: Doreen Virtue, Prince Harry Prince William, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, and more.

More info on 3rd house in Aries

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As I mentioned earlier in this post, we need to take into account the whole chart when making any assumptions on any particular segment of the horoscope. And to achieve this we need to have the necessary foundation to make all the required judgments and interpretations. So, you may have noticed that the analysis of the 3rd house in Aries placement started with the core archetypal traits of the first zodiac sign. This is one essential part of the basic astrological knowledge so that we can grasp all the elements, aspects, and placements in the chart. That is why we always start from there – the characteristics of the signs, the planets, and the main aspects. Volume 1 will give you all this information in a very concise, organized, and structured way, so that you can use it for further reference when making your own interpretations! Don’t expect any voluminous descriptions! This book series works with keywords which make the process so much faster and easier.

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The Only Way to Learn Astrology vol. 3

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What else there is to learn? Well, you may have noticed that we touched on the ruling planets and their significance in this process. Just to remind you, if you have your 3rd house in Aries, the lord of the house is Mars. On top of that, every house has a natural ruler as well. In this case, since the third house is the native house of Gemini, Mercury will also be ruling this house! Now, what do we do with this information? We need to look at the placements of these cosmic bodies and make a judgment whether they are well-placed or not, or whether they have mostly positive or challenging aspects. You can see these placements by signs in Volume 1, but there is more information we need to gather – the placements by houses. And that’s the main topic of Volume 3!


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RELATED: How we communicate and how we express our thoughts and ideas is tightly related to our rising sign! This is the part of our personality that we want to show to the world, and the basis of our reputation! So, to fully understand your third house in Aries, I would also recommend you check your Ascendant as well! ↓↓↓

The 12 rising signs in Astrology

3rd house in Aries, third house in Aries

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