{The Diplomat!} The 1st House in Libra Personality

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The 1st House in Libra Personality (All About the Libra Ascendant, Libra Rising, and Tula Lagna)



What’s Harrison Ford’s secret to success? Find out – down below!


Table of contents:
The Meaning of the Rising Sign
The Libra Rising Meaning
The Libra Ascendant Woman
The Typical Libra Rising Man
The Typical Libra Ascendant Appearance
Best 1st House in Libra Compatibility
The Libra Ascendant in Karmic Astrology
1st House in Libra Celebrities
Additional Books and Must-Reads

The Meaning of the Rising Sign

The rising sign is the zodiac sign which was on the horizon at the time of our birth and it is one of the most important parts of the human personality according to Astrology. This is the so called Ascendant and represents the cusp of the first house in the natal chart. It is interesting to note that the 1st house in astrology does not just give us information on our character traits, but it is also connected some specific areas of our lives. Let’s take a quick look at them!

The first house is the domain of the following aspects:

  • The part of our personality that we show to the world. The Ascendant is often called “the mask” we wear in front of others, especially those who are not very close to us.
  • How we want others to see us. The rising sign can show us how we want to be perceived, and to put it simply – how we “market” ourselves.
  • How we see the world. The cusp of the 1st house also can signify our viewpoints and how we perceive physical reality. For example, for a person with their first house in Libra the world may be perceived through the lenses of human relationships – it’s all about who you are connected to!
  • Our childhood. Logically, this is the house of the beginnings and that also includes the beginning of our life and our early childhood years.
  • How we start. Another aspect of the 1st house is to show us how we like to begin new projects. To continue the example with the Tula Lagna folks – they may like to start new projects with a partner. Or commencing new endeavors may come from suggestions from others in the form of a potential partnership.

And before we get to the nitty gritty of the Libra Ascendant, let’s address an important subject – how you determine your rising sign. Sometimes people ask questions like “Which are the Libra rising dates?” and that’s a signal that there may be a bit of confusion around the natal chart calculation process.

It is important to note that the cusp of the first house changes very quickly and you can have multiple different Ascendants in one single day. So, to be absolutely sure about your rising sign, you need to have your accurate birth time – as precise as possible! Then you can input this data in any reliable astrology software or an app, and you will have all the 12 house cusps calculated. The Ascendant is located at the very left side of the natal chart and it is usually marked as ASC.

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The 1st House in Libra Personality

To fully understand how the 1st house in Libra may manifest, first we need to take a dive into the typical characteristics of the 7th sign in Astrology. These traits will give us information how the areas of the first house will be influenced, and how they might look like. In other words, the characteristics of Libra will have an impact how the individual with this rising sign shows up into the world, how they dress, how they want to be perceived by others, their physical appearance, their childhood, etc. So, let’s get to it!

Libra is the second air sign (after Gemini), and the third cardinal one (after Aries and Cancer). The Scales are the natural ruler of the seventh house – the house of our relationships and partnerships (both personal and business ones). Libra and Taurus both share the same ruling planet – Venus – the goddess of beauty, harmony, art, and indulgence.

The main keyword we can attribute to this astrological sign is “harmony”.

Let’s see what the other typical traits of the Scales are!

The positive Libra rising characteristics are: diplomatic, refined, persuasive, amicable, peace-loving, communicative, polite, sensible and judicial, a great companion, artistic and art-loving, etc.

On the not so bright side, some of the typical negative Libra rising traits include: indecisive, intriguer and gossiper, capricious, apathetic, fence-sitting and having changing opinions depending on the surroundings, etc.

However, I do wish to make an important disclaimer! These are merely potentials and usually represent the typical archetypal traits of Libra. All of these can change depending on the position and the aspects of the ruling planet Venus, as well as the natural ruler of this house – Mars. So, keep this in mind, and take the descriptions in this article with a grain of salt.

Now, let’s see how the Libra Ascendant people may often be seen by the outer world and how they want to be perceived as!

A while back a very popular TV personality born under the sign of Libra said that who you know is more important than what you do. And this could be the perfect motto for everyone with a strong Scales and the 7th house in their charts. And that of course also includes those folks with their 1st house in Libra (also called Tula Lagna in Vedic astrology). On a very deep and unconscious level everyone with this rising sign knows that connections are everything to them – they can be the key to their success, happiness, and love! That is why the Libra Ascendant people are so diplomatic and peace-loving. Creating chaos, dramas, and unnecessary quarrels with others may hinder their opportunities and ruin the harmony they deeply desire.

Unfortunately, as the wise men said “the dose makes the poison”. Everything put into the extreme can turn things sour. Being too nice, polite, and easygoing may turn these powerful creatures into chameleons who change their opinions depending on the people they are surrounded by. These natural peace-makers may have such strong conflict-aversion that they may not be able to take any stance on any subject. And sometimes this may come off as being sheepish, insincere, and unreliable.

But what you can always rely on the Libra rising people is their unparalleled ability to bring people together and find the common ground between even the most opposing opinions. These skillful communicators make awesome mediators who can resolve any kind of conflict with poise, grace, and exceptional diplomacy!

And this brings us to another great quality which is part of the Libra rising personality that all of us want to possess – being persuasive. The Libra Ascendant person can be the absolute most impartial, objective, and persuasive person who can see both sides in everything, and this helps them excel in sales, law, and mediation. Given that the folks with this rising sign are often quite good-looking, charismatic, and attractive, makes this job even easier! But we will talk a bit more about the physical appearance down below in the article!

However, on the negative side of this trait, people with Tula Lagna may be too indecisive. Being highly intellectual, and having the ability to see the pros and cons of every decision, may lead to total freezing when having to choose only one option. The more alternatives are available, the harder the decision!

Lastly, I have one important recommendation for the awesome folks with their first house in Libra. Be mindful of indulging in unhealthy foods, especially sugar and carbohydrates. After the Saturn return, this may cause some challenges in the areas of your general wellbeing. Also, keep in mind that this topic has to be analyzed by including the 6th and the 8th houses. These will be the focus of future entries, so stay tuned!

The Libra Ascendant Woman

The Libra rising woman might be a true manifestation of the female goddess energy of beauty, harmony, and finesse. These are usually some of the most attractive and appealing females of the zodiac! Even if they don’t check all the boxes of the standards of beauty, they certainly exude a certain vibe of attraction and grace. But we will talk a lot more about the typical physical appearance of the Tula Lagna people a bit later in the article.

There is one important thing to remember about anyone with a strong Libra (or 7th house) in their chart – they are in love with love itself. And that applies in full force to the women with their first house in Libra! And as usual, this can manifest in a positive and not-so-positive way. On one hand, this tendency might make the Libra rising female extremely delicate and diplomatic, constantly idolizing her partner. On the other hand, this might also manifest as making too many compromises just to be in a relationship. A huge lesson for this graceful goddess is to set high standards, set healthy boundaries, and not settling for less.

However, the stars have her back! One thing we should never forget about the 7th astrological sign – it is a cardinal sign and people with a lot of Scales energy in their charts can truly manifest all of the typical tendencies of this quality – being initiative, motivated, ambitious, and even despotic at times. No matter how gentle this feminine creature looks on the outside, be sure that she will be the “iron fist in a velvet glove”! With her unparalleled persuasive abilities, she sure knows how to make things go her way!

The Typical Libra Rising Man

I have some good news and some bad news (well, usually that’s how life is). On the bright side, the Libra Ascendant man can be one of the most attractive and charismatic males we know. Just take a quick look at the drool-worthy male celebs with this rising sign – Leonardo DiCaprio, Alain Delon, Gerard Butler, Dwayne Johnson, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme… Women can’t get enough of these guys! The typical male with their 1st house in Libra often manifests as being a full-fledged womanizer. The seventh astrological sign is the sign of beauty and aesthetics, and these attractive guys sure have a soft spot for hot females! Given that the Scales is the sign of relationships and the typical representatives of this Ascendant have an idealistic idea of love… you might already sense what I am about to say… it might be more difficult for them to settle down.

However, I do wish to make an important reminder! The whole chart has to always be taken into account when making such assumptions! Moreover, the position and the aspects of Venus can completely change the whole picture. And for men this is even more crucial. Venus (along with the Moon) in a male’s chart is the significator of women and romantic relationships with the opposite gender. So, if the Libra rising guy’s Venus is in Taurus, for instance, this situation might be much better in terms of building long-lasting and loyal relationships. Keep in mind that significators and the dominants will be the focus of future posts, so stay tuned by becoming a member of our community and receive all fresh new updates!

The Typical Libra Ascendant Appearance

Are Libra rising attractive?

The short answer is “yes”, and here’s the longer version. As I mentioned previously, even if the appearance of these folks is not necessarily beautiful, they certainly have a powerful charisma that attracts people of the opposite gender like moths to a flame! Just look at some of the names down below in the list of celebrities: JFK, Bill Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few!

And there’s more to that attractiveness! These people usually walk and behave in a very delicate and graceful manner. They possess that inner finesse that draw people’s attention. And this effect is even more reinforced with their broad charming smile which perfectly shows their teeth that shine like white pearls. According to March and McEvers, President Carter has the ideal Libra rising smile along with his Sun also in the sign of the Scales. I would also add Matt Deamon who has a very similar charming grin – he has his Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Libra, and Mars (the natural ruler of the first house) is in the 7th house.

One import thing to remember when it comes to the Libra rising physical appearance is the weight. As I mentioned previously, these delicate folks might be quite slim and elegant in their younger days, but later on in life they might start putting on some extra weight. That’s because Venus is associated with indulgence, and without a proper healthy diet plan, things may get out of hand. One of the soft spots of the Scales is the adrenal glands. And as you might remember from the previous section, the first house is associated with our wellbeing (along with the 6th and the 8th). So, be mindful and make sure you get all your annual checkups.

How to spot a Libra rising person?

Well, the typical rising Scales are often quite stylish with matching clothes using their best suited color shades, etc. Even males might secretly know a thing or two about their skin tone season, so they always pick the correct tints that go best with their complexion! People with their 1st house in Libra would try to look their best even when grocery shopping. To put it to the extreme, these folks might be very brand conscious and a bit vain when it comes to looks.

One of the most typical physical features of the Libra Ascendant people are the dimples – on the cheeks as well as the chin. Some celebrity examples are Jon Bon Jovi and Aaron Erkhart.

However, I do wish to remind you that the topic of physical appearance is vast and it incorporates lots of elements to be analyzed. The Ascendant is just one of these aspects. For instance, people with Venus in their first house (or in the 12th which makes a conjunction with the first house cusp) might also have well-pronounced dimples. Cameron Diaz is a great example of that! So, stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on when this topic will be covered in detail!

The 1st House in Libra Compatibility

Compatibility according to Astrology is an intricate subject which encompasses a lot of elements and details. That is why we have a whole branch of this ancient system dedicated to relationships called Synastry. I am saying this as a form of disclaimer to give you an idea that solely based on someone’s rising sign we cannot make a full compatibility analysis.

Nevertheless, the Ascendant can actually give us some important information about the potential partners we might be interested in – both intimate and business ones. The simple reason for this is that right at the opposite side of the 1st house cusp is located the Descendant. The Descendant (or DSC) is an extremely essential point which represents the cusp of the 7th house – the house of relationships and marriage. This house is one of the first places to look at when it comes to compatibility with potential partners.

So, what does that mean in our case here with our 1st house cusp in Libra? It means that the 7th house is in Aries, and to put it simply, the typical Libra Ascendant life partner might exhibit the archetypal characteristics of the Ram – dynamic, adventurous, motivated, ambitious, headstrong, initiative, etc. Does that mean that people born under the sign of Aries would be suitable for the Libra rising person? Technically “yes’’ but it is much more complicated than this!

Having your Descendant in Aries means that people with lots of planets in the Ram might really be compatible with the 1st house in the Scales person. Here it is important to note that the personal planets and luminaries have an advantage. These are the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Mars. Also, keep in mind that usually the signs and houses do not match perfectly, and some folks might have planets in Taurus which may also be located in your seventh house! The same goes with the 6th house. If a planet (or planets) is placed very close to the 7th house cusp (within 7 degrees), this might also be quite beneficial for your potential partnership.

And that’s not all! Look at the partner’s first house.  Are there any planets there, especially the personal ones? Having lots of activations in the house of the Ascendant also has a similar effect as planets in Aries, since this is the native house of the Ram.

Another aspect of compatibility is proposed by two of my most favorite Astrology teachers – March and MacEvers. This is the compatibility based on similarities. What this means is having a relationship with someone who has a strong Libra or seventh house in their chart. This usually manifests as the couple having similar character traits and a deep sense of mutual understanding and respect. It is possible for you to have similar values and viewpoints which may give you the opportunity to create a long-lasting and joyous bond!

However, as usual, I do wish to make an important note. If the partner has planets in Libra, some of them might fall into your 12th house. And this may be quite uncomfortable at times. This is the house of our unconscious fears, traumas, and emotional pain. So, this person might involuntarily illuminate some of these sensitive areas which might be painful sometimes. On the bright side, the last astrological house is also the source of our inner strength. So, if you both possess high level of awareness and willingness to process these issues, this might be a great basis for personal growth and self-development. But the 12th house will be the sole focus of future entries, so stay tuned!

Lastly, I have one more recommendation on my part. When analyzing the potential for compatibility also look at the placements of the Medium Coeli (this is the cusp of the 10th house). If any of the MCs is located in the partner’s 12th house, this might be a really challenging bond. The 10th house governs our egos, and in such cases one of the partners might feel overshadowed, unseen, and unrecognized by their spouse (or intimate partner). The direst situation is to be treated as a side chick/dude or to be kept a secret from their friends and family members. Keep this in mind and observe how this astrological placement plays out in your life.

The Libra Ascendant in Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology is one of these mysterious and intriguing parts of this ancient system that draws people like a magnet! So, I think it would be interesting to do a little bit of analysis on the Ascendant through the lenses of our possible past lives, previous incarnations, and life lessons we are bound to learn. Since the first house cusp is definitely one of the most significant aspects of the natal chart interpretation process, it also plays an important role in the Karmic Astrology analysis. One of the most esteemed authors in this realm Martin Schulman calls it the gateway to the massive potential of our whole horoscope. According to him, how well we master our rising sign will determine how much of that potential we can bring forth into the material world. It is one of the most important keys in achieving success and learning the karmic lessons in this current incarnation on Earth.

So, what does having a Libra Ascendant mean based on this esoteric branch of Astrology? Here’s what another popular Karmic Astrology specialist Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont says on this subject! In her book “L’astrologie karmique” de Bizemont points out that many people with their firs house cusp in Libra might actually exhibit lots of the typical traits of the Virgo – being too shy and with low self-esteem, anxious, critical, detail-oriented, too abiding and even servile. These tendencies might be even more reinforced if the cusp of the 12th house is indeed in the sign of the Virgin. No matter what we do, we circle back to the twelfth house, don’t we? 😀 According to de Bizemont, if you recognize these traits in you, this may be a clear sign that you are still under a strong Virgo influence as a remnant from many past lives exhibiting and practicing these characteristics. So, it may be beneficial to you to become more aware of these tendencies and get into your new skin being a Libra rising! In other words, to practice the traits of the seventh astrological sign more often, and to work on building beneficial and harmonic relationships. Well, this definitely requires making efforts into letting go of this inner criticism.

Lastly, I do remind you to always keep in mind the whole chart. For instance, someone with some placements in Virgo and/or the 6th house might naturally exhibit these characteristics as part of their current life path and life mission!

1st House in Libra Celebrities

Musicians – Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Frank Sinatra, Doja Cat, Jon Bon Jovi, and more

Politicians – John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Marine Le Pen, Bill Clinton, François Fillon, Charles de Gaulle, François Mitterrand, and more

Actors – Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Alain Delon, Gerard Butler, Dwayne Johnson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Aaron Erkhart, and more

Harrison Ford

Upon seeing the natal chart of Harrison Ford you can’t help but think he was definitely not meant to be a carpenter his whole life! And I really like this example of “late blooming” because it showcases how success can come a bit later in life, and that’s perfectly OK. Well, to be fully honest, according to Astrology you are supposed to reach your best achievements after your Saturn return (the first one is around 34 years of age). That’s because the 10th house of success and social status is the domain of Capricorn and the slow-moving planet of Saturn. Even though your 10th house cusp may be in a different sign (and the ruling planet may be different), Saturn should always be considered a significator of achievements in addition to the main house ruler. But we will talk a lot about this in my upcoming FREE career guide book which will be available only to my email subscribers. So, make sure you reserve your seat!

OK, back to Mr. Han Solo! What’s remarkable about his birth chart is that all of his planets and luminaries are located above the horizon. That’s really impressive, and it is a powerful sign of a personality which is quite sociable, outgoing, objective, and ambitious. Such individuals usually thrive under the spotlight. The career and social status advancement may be extremely important to such people. That is why I was saying that remaining in his job as a carpenter wouldn’t have been enough for him. (As opposed to that, we have another Libra Ascendant celebrity – Britney Spears – who has many planets under the horizon. And as you could see, she didn’t handle her star status all that well.)

And that’s not all! Harrison Ford may be a Cancer, but his Sun along with the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto are in the 10th house – the native house of Capricorn. So, we have a person who definitely exhibits some of the archetypal qualities of the Goat – ambition, responsibility, strong work ethic, and… late blooming. However, I do wish to note that the exact planets also matter greatly when we do such type of analysis.

A lot of celebrities and influential people have their Moon in the tenth house. The Moon is not just a significator of our emotions and the feminine energy in general, it also signifies the masses. So, folks with this placement usually have a great deal of influence to a large number of people. Moreover, this also points to having ups and downs in the professional path, and also his mother having a strong impact on his career and achievements. I think the following quote may support this assumption: “As a man I’ve always felt Irish, as an actor I’ve always felt Jewish.” (His mother was an Ashkenazi Jew.)

At the same time, Pluto in the tenth house shows that Ford also possesses an iron will to pursue his goals and to become the best in his field. This is also a powerful signal that his career may undergo a complete transformation – from a carpenter to a household name! Right? Stay tuned, because later on on the blog we will take a deeper look at all the placements of the planets and luminaries, including those in the house of career and success! Moreover, we will also take a peek at the aspects to the MC point. This part of the career analysis should not be skipped since it may give us a whole new perspective of our potential for success, achievements, and a better social status.

So, in our example here with Harrison Ford, he does have some beneficial ones to help him out in his quest for stardom – Mercury and Jupiter in conjunction with the Midheaven cusp. In this position Mercury is excellent for people who are under the spotlight to express their ideas and hold people’s attention. Marion March and Joan McEvers literally say that this is an aspect for actors and politicians! What about Jupiter? Well, this aspect is what every ambitious person would want to have in their chart! This larger than life planet has the excellent reputation of being “the great benefactor”, and as it nickname implies, it does have the potential to add luck, success, and expansion to the house it is placed in and the area it governs. We can’t deny that Ford does indeed have the astrological basis for his enormous success! In addition to his hard-working, ambitious, and perfectionist personality, of course!

Not to take away his role in his own success, I just wish to add some important details. The tenth house of career and success is related to the father. Also, his 10th house cusp is in Cancer – the sign related to the female energy and motherhood. Also, the ruling planet – the Moon – is in his 10th house. Moreover, the Jupiter placement signifies receiving help from one or both parents in the realm of career. Since both his parents were actors, it is no wonder Ford has the necessary background (even from a purely energetic and genetic standpoint) to have a thriving career in acting! Again, it does take a great deal of hard work and talent to achieve this in this cut-throat business! If you are interested in how we follow the footsteps of our parents and ancestors in the areas of profession, relationships, finances, etc., I highly recommend you take a look at the topic of family constellations. This may be some of the most eye-opening piece of information that will give you the answers why some people succeed, and others fail, despite their enormous potential, talents, and hard work!

Additional Books and Must-Reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 2

A couple of times in this article I mentioned two of my most favorite Astrology teachers – Marion March and Joan McEvers. So, here’s where you can learn this mysterious ancient system directly from them! Their book series is definitely one of the best for the purpose of studying Astrology, and you may safely consider these volumes as textbooks!

Regarding today’s topic of the Ascendants, I think volume 2 would be quite suitable to add more valuable knowledge to your arsenal of making your personal natal chart interpretations. However, keep in mind that this installment is a bit advanced, and if you lack the necessary basis, it is a must to start from the first volume! Tome 2 will give you all the secrets of the in-depth analysis of the horoscope, including the cusp of the 1st house as well as all the remaining 11 houses. Do not miss this opportunity!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 3

As far as birth chart interpretation goes, volume 3 is the last installment which deals with this topic. The rest of the series is dedicated to other intriguing areas of Astrology (such as compatibility and predictions). What you can find valuable in this book is the interpretation of the house rulers. As I mentioned previously in this article, the placement and the aspects of Venus can change the whole picture.

So, if you wish to learn more about your personality, grab this volume ASAP! And that’s not all! Keep in mind that Mars also plays a huge role in this process as a natural ruler of the first house. So, do not skip this vital planet! Moreover, at the end of the tome you can also learn some trade secrets on how to best analyze certain important areas of the birth chart, such as meaningful relationships (as an introduction to Synastry), wellbeing, career and best job options, physical appearance, etc. This is a must-have in every Astrology fan’s collection!


Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

Linda Goodman is considered to be one of the most popular and best-selling Astrology authors of all time! And for a good reason! In my opinion, she is probably the first astrologer to include ideas like the free will and the even more powerful forces that shape our lives, like karma and unconditional love. So, this is what you can get from this book – a non-fatalistic and more optimistic view on Synastry.

There is also a whole section of how the male and female Ascendants typically express themselves, so you can expand your knowledge on this subject as well. However, I do have one significant point of criticism – the section on calculating the Synastry aspects is not quite accurate. So, I would advise you to pick reliable Astrology software or an app to create your composite chart. Then you can come back to this book and check the interpretations!


Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

This is one of the very first Astrology books I read when I was beginning my journey in this intriguing esoteric realm. And still to this day, this volume is considered to be one of the classics and a must-read for any aspiring astrologer or an Astrology fanatic. I agree. I think anyone should read this book to solely get an idea how the 12 zodiac signs usually behave and express themselves.

I believe that this is one of the best and most comprehensive collections of the archetypal descriptions of the astrological signs, divided by genders and age. How may this help you in your interpretation of the Ascendant? Well, the characteristics of the Scales will apply to your 1st house in Libra cusp as well. All you need to keep in mind is that these are the traits that other people see in you, and how you wish to be seen by others. If your Sun sign is different from your Ascendant, the characteristics of the Sun sign may not be that obvious to people who do not know you intimately.


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